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|| Another day at the office... well... in Ibiza 😏🌴 ✖️ @officialbuddhatobuddha ✖️ @belmodobelgique 🔥||
#buddhatobuddha #letscelebratetogether #belmodo

The Hour and a Half Altar Call at the Morning Rally involved literal Miracles and Healings! Students were used of God to pray for Students👊
#OHcamp17 #CoverTheEarth

Sem perder a elegância no friozinho 🍁 e lembre-se: "Se for falar da vida de alguém, fale da vida de Cristo, pois está sim vale a pena falar." 😉 Bom dia, virtuosas!

🙌🏻🙌🏻 This is INCREDIBLE!! 😂😂 TAG somebody!!

// Dark Eyes & Sunrise.
(darling, i'm lost between the two.)
#HappyTuesday Fam 🖤
PC: My Daddio (haha, not bad Dad for a non-photographer 👏🏼)

“Deus é o nosso refúgio e fortaleza, socorro bem presente na angústia. Pelo que não temeremos, ainda que a terra se mude, e ainda que os montes se projetem para o meio dos mares”; Salmos 46:1-2

Deus não é apenas nosso protetor; Ele é nosso auxiliador. Mesmo quando nosso mundo parece estar desmoronando ao nosso redor, Ele está presente. Ele nos libertará da morte ou através da morte. Ele nos libertará do mal, ou nos libertará para vencer o mal. Nossa tarefa é confiar que, no meio dos terremotos e tsunamis das nossas vidas, não estamos sozinhos, nem abandonados.

Santo Deus, eu oro por aqueles que hoje estão no meio dos terremotos da vida. O Senhor sabe os nomes deles. O Senhor sabe que eu me preocupo com as lutas deles, que são grandes demais para eu mitigar, e dolorosas demais para eu realmente confortá-los. Peço agora que o Senhor os abençoe, esteja com eles e, por favor, liberte-os rapidamente. O Senhor é a única verdadeira esperança, e Jesus é nosso único verdadeiro redentor. No nome do Senhor Jesus Cristo eu oro. Amém. 🔵MARQUE SEUS AMIGOS🔵
#Deus #Jesus #cristo #Senhor #igreja #oração #céu #Biblia #feliz #palavra #Espiritosanto #amém #amemsenhor #amem #pai #pentecostal #devocional 🔵MARQUE SEUS AMIGOS🔵

⛪️🚒🔥(♻️ @goldmynetv) "Video: Fire broke out on Sunday at the House on the Rock Church in Abuja.

The church is located close to the National stadium Abuja and close to the City Gate.


Reports says that the building was visibly ablaze while fire fighters were struggling to put out the flames. The cause of the fire is yet unknown.


A member of the Church who spoke to the press said that the main building had not been in use for a while now as renovation work was going on.


Mr Joseph Peter who sounded sad said that he just left the church at about 1:00P.M. Sunday afternoon after the day’s service and all was well.


According to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abayomi Shogunle, head of the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU), there were 7 fire-fighter trucks at the church premises trying to put out the fire. Shogunle also tweeted a video of the burning church.
#houseontherock #church #nigeria #pentecostal #houseontherockchurch"


|| Giving some nonchalance to @dirkalexanderphotography 📸 along with @somers_yannick aka Belgian Tarzan or Davidoff or simply... The Beast 🔥 ||
#DirkIsTeamNicki 😒 #HeCoolTho #Ibiza

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🇺🇸Happy Independence Day!🇺🇸
**************************************************LOCALS: Don't forget about the pop up tonight from 6-8pm! You can use this promo tonight as well as online now through July 5th!
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This verse instructs us to not love people only by telling them that we love them, but to love them enough to SHOW our love to them. We must love by our actions in order to show others that when we say we love them, we mean it. If we walked through life speaking everything but never doing anything, nothing would ever get done. This is why we must SHOW love by our actions so that others can see that our love is real. When we show love to others we are helping them to see that God loves them as well if we continue to be a witness while loving them. Show others you love them with your actions, not only by telling them of your love.

The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.
Isaiah 60:19 #praisegod #apostolic #pentecostal #holyhoroscope #photography #photographer #blessed

Praise the Lord Jesus!

I have the opportunity to lead a team from the Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance, Inc. for a National Deliverance Crusade (December 13-19, 2017) in MONROVIA, LIBERIA 🇱🇷!!! In an effort to make a lasting impact and to share this Acts 2:38 Gospel with the World. The cost of this trip for my wife & I exceeds $10,000 that we are personally responsible for. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially for this Missions Endeavor? Your support will provide us with the opportunity to plant/develop churches overseas and provide aid to those who are in distress and need relief. If you can not partner with us, please pray with/for us.

Cash App:

Make all checks payable to:
P.C.O.D. or Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance, Inc.
Memo: Missions

For the Sake of the Gospel,

Overseer J. D. Charlot, General Presbyter
Lady Latosha Charlot

#Missions #Donations #ApostolicMissions #Pentecostal #WorldEvangelism

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Igreja do Senhor, que nossa vida seja sempre levada a uma adoração diária a Deus. Presença eterna do Espírito Santo. ▶@ADTradicional .
. ....................@Gospel.News.................... .
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Join us Tonight @7 PM as Pastor Myers brings forth the Word! #wakeupthewarrior #church #wednesdaynightbiblestudy #pentecostal #Gospel

A very special person recommended this book to me a while ago. Because my existence made them remember their #Pentecostal upbringing and their childhood. You never know who your earnest life may reach kids! But thinking on our world today, stumbling across this passage on the true source of terrorism couldn't come at a better time. We try different things to help us with our tasks, reach goals, achieve some peace, blah blah blah. But true chaos comes from the same source. And if you earnestly seek truth, (there is an #AbsoluteTruth, #Jesus is that truth... A reminder and #Shoutout to my #GradSchool followers! #HoldOnToYourFaith) you'll find it. Thankfully Jesus doesn't give all the gifts of understanding to one individual (though He sometimes gives big chunks to select individuals. I.e. thorn in flesh having #Paul. I rest my case). This is what kinda makes God's children interact out of necessity, while He laughs when the frustration makes us come back to Him in #DEEP #Sustained prayer at an alter... If the focus stays on the truth that Jesus is the true source of Light and peace, He's like 'There is more where that came from, keep following me. Not that #HasBeen terrorist named Satan... Be still, know that I'm God, Duh!' ^_^ #BloodAndGlory #BillyeBrim #ApostolicGeekGirl #POTSWarrior4Jesus #College #CollegeStudents #Absolute #AbsoluteTruth #Graduates #Humble #StayHumble #StaySensitive #SensitiveToJesusThatIs #IKeepItReal

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