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What weird places does your kitty like to hang out in? Every time I open the fridge, Oliver Taco thinks it's time to hang out and become a #ColdTaco 😹❤️🌮❄️

The dopest shoulder press machine I have ever used 😍💪🏾 Found only at @thewarhousegym 💕
@killrobbailey ----------------------------------------------------------
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If I ever come to #pennsylvania and disappear I'll just be living in the basement of @danalinnbailey and @killrobbailey s gym... and daring anyone to intrude my space... 💁🏼🙈🏋🏼‍♀️🗡🔪🔫 #takeitaway #idareyou ⚔️ Some #dumbellworkout ideas and a piece of my leg day.
1. Lateral kicks for when a machine or cable isn't available (these can be done laying on your side also I just chose not to )
2. Stiff leg short ROM deadlifts (working only in a range of constant hamstring tension - once you master that try doing it single leg before jumping up the weight )
3. Single arm full depth overhead squats (great for shoulder mobility with light weight and focusing on Glute engagement at the bottom half of the squat )
4. Single leg Glute Bridges or hip thrusts - notice the full rom... I see all these people / coaches doing it with a million pounds (make sure you master form first ) and try single legs like these to make sure you're activating equally! 👌🏼🍰🍑 Outfit @firepowerapparel 🔥
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Spring may be here, but it's been a cold week. I'm ready for better weather 🌞🌡⚘I've got flowers to plant and veggies to grow. #Friday #Spring #Pennsylvania #SavetheBees

[ #MyClimateAction]
Early Morning Chores | Photograph by Al Haring
“Daily life on a small organic produce farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania includes doing chores when the time is right. On a perfect day for planting, this young man was out and setting onion plants soon after sunrise,” writes Your Shot photographer Al Haring. “He explained to me how he grows the onions sets from seed… sometimes from the seeds he has harvested from last year’s crops.”
Join @natgeo in our The People vs. Climate Change initiative by using #MyClimateAction to share a first-person perspective on how we as humans are taking positive steps to protect the Earth. #YourShotPhotographer


Our chariot for the Acid Mine Drainage trip in the Pittsburgh area last week. It's just a car, but it's a neat shot! #pittsburgh #pennsylvania #fieldtrip #geology #mines #regionalgsa #springbreak

This #whitetaileddeer wandered into my job site to do some grazing (I guess the grass was greener here). By moving slowly and stopping, I was able to get within 10 feet (about 3 meters) of this #deer Pretty good considering I am in the #countryside on the Washington/Greene County line and not at some park where the deer eat out of your hand. //// #nature #pennsylvania #wildlife #whitetail #fauna #odocoileusvirginianus

Rainbow Lovebirds!🎨🍷🌈👯
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Lewisberry #35mm

Lewisberry #35mm

General Lee on horseback with all four hooves on the ground denotes that he was not injured in battle. One hoof off the ground means injured, and the horse rearing back means KIA. Very, very cool. #gettysburg #pennsylvania #civilwar

Lewisberry #35mm

Over the last 2 years, I've learned that I'm much happier and productive when I'm near a body of water. And I'm talking any body... creek, lake, pond.. and the ocean is really my tipping point.
I also learned it takes me about 3 weeks away from water for those happy & productivity levels to start dropping... a water withdrawal, so to speak.
I felt that drop all this week, and so today, I carved a window of time in a day of adulting to get that dose of H2O. Even with the gloomy drizzle, it was exactly what I needed. And yet another reason I know the move to San Diego is right. 💯

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First #bonfirenight of Spring!

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