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I've been driving Lyft for a while now to get some extra cash, but I never in my life thought that I would be driving an actress from the Orange is The New Black, one of my favorite series. I just couldn't believe Pennsatucky was in my car today. Living in LA definitely has its perks. Thank you @tarynmanning for being the nicest person ever! It was a pleasure to meet you!!! Eu tenho feito Lyft (igual Uber) para ganhar uma grana extra, mas nunca imaginei que eu iria dar carona para uma atriz do Orange is The New Black, uma das minhas series preferidas. Eu ainda não estou acreditando que a Pennsatucky estava no meu carro hoje. Morar em LA tem seus privilégios! Hahahah Ela foi a pessoa mais gente boa e normal desse mundo, puxou papo comigo o tempo inteiro, perguntou da minha vida, me contou da dela. Já somos melhores amigas. Hahahahahha A gente tira foto mesmo com cara de quem acabou de acordar pq n da pra perder a oportunidade. #orangeisthenewblack #oitnb #pennsatucky #lalife

Soooo it took me years and I found vauseman screencaps SUCK ITTTT
•do you ship vauseman ?•

Merry Christmas, y'all! #merrychristmas #pennsatucky

welcome to the club @kristenjorgensen 3️⃣0️⃣ #badsanta #tara #pennsatucky

Uma das mais belas amizade que aconteceu 😍
#tarynmanning #pennsatucky #leadelaria #bigboo #lauraprepon #oitnb #oitnb5

I've been asking myself the same question for years 🤔 #oitnb #orangeisthenewblack #pennsatucky #bigboo #tarynmanning #leadelaria


Soooo it took me years and I found vauseman screencaps SUCK ITTTT
•do you ship vauseman ?•

Pre show beer flight Pennsatucky style at Shawnee Craft Brewing Company. 🤣 #ratt #eaststroudsburg #pa #pennsylvania #brewery #shawneecraftbrewery #pennsatucky #halfass #goodbeer #beerflight #presentation

Uma das mais belas amizade que aconteceu 😍
#tarynmanning #pennsatucky #leadelaria #bigboo #lauraprepon #oitnb #oitnb5


I've only seen like half of the first season of this show. I found it kinda funny & I liked it at first but then I was just like bruh, & I stopped watching it. ·

q o t d: old or new music?
a o t d: old music 100% ·

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Dear homophobes, let me tell you something that you probably haven't got yet. Homosexuality is natural. It's in this world since the beginning. It's always been there, before you were born, and it will always be there. Even animals are homosexuals. There is not a cure, and homosexuals are not confused, I am gay myself, and I'm very sure (thanks @allyhills for your inspiring songs).
If you are afraid that a gay person will flirt with you, it's just stupid. It can happen, but it's not because that person is gay that he/she will flirt with every person of the same sex. And maybe he/she doesn't even like you! You, straight person, are you going to flirt with every person of the opposite sex that you will see? If the answer is yes, then it's another problem and I suggest you go see a psy.
You think homosexuality is unnatural because of your religion? Then let me tell you something : 'Only God can judge.'. You can't watch same sex people kissing? You think it's disgusting? Then look somewhere else! Is it so hard to do? If it is, then I repeat, it's another problem, go see a psy.
You are against same sex marriage? Let me ask you why? Why couldn't we marry the person that we love? What would you do if straight marriage was illegal? You'd act the same way, 'cause we ALL want only one thing. Love. You say that we should be ashamed but we can be proud! We can be proud to be different, to not be like you.
And about adoption, if we cannot adopt children, what are you going to do for the thousands orphans child who pile up in orphanages? If you don't take care of them and you don't let us do it, then who will?
And I want you ALL to finally understand that, LOVE IS NOT A CHOICE.
Homosexuality is not a disease, and it's not a choice. But homophobia is!
Well, if after all of it you still think gay people are sick, then all I can say is that I was born sick, and I love it.
Have a nice week and go to hell! 😁
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Because this scene cracked me up. #pennsatucky #appreciationpost #oitnb @tarynmanning

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