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Rehearsal dinner for the Nicks 🥂 #2nicksarebetterthan1 #penizottolivin

Apple picking in the most beautiful weather with people I love more than words #2NicksAreBetterThan1 #penizottolivin #syracuse #NY #weddingtime #family

Sailing in NY harbor on a three hour tour with Ginger, Gilligan and the Professor. #penizottolivin @apen27

National Siblings Day? Who knew? I might have missed the official day but we celebrate that every day of the year! #penizottolivin

Annual tradition comes to Summit - making Easter bread with two of my favorite beautiful ladies. @annaabowyer #penizottolivin

Nothing like 🎩👰🏻on New Year's Eve... just more #penizottolivin @pjpenizotto @annaabowyer @abowyer59 @natedogwuff @babyj930 @waterforsanity

Roomies got married 🍾 #penizottolivin

Wedding ready✨🍾 #penizottolivin

From oldest to youngest - happy birthday to the bookends of the #penizottolivin cousins squad . 15 years and two weeks apart. Happy Birthday girlies! @babyj930 @annaabowyer #sweet16

No win last week but it sure was a great day with @abowyer59 and @annaabowyer and all the rest of the #penizottolivin crowd.

Kicking off wedding season with the best date👫 #penizottolivin

Great night for a game no matter who your team is - especially if you're a Yankees fan at a Mets game! @chef_bowyerdee @natedogwuff @waterforsanity #penizottolivin

Omg those Capone genes tho...looks just like her great grandma...
Lucky Milania will be gorgeous her entire life. #thanksgram #penizottolivin

Cheers to you dad - it's been 20 years today - we miss you every bit as much as day 1. We still celebrate you and carry on your traditions. "Every day is Christmas and every night is New Years Eve!" Our beautiful mother has done a great job keeping us all in line... #penizottolivin

Butter sculpture at the New York State Fair never disappoints. Especially since it features another one of my favorites...Lady Liberty. You can take the girl out of NY but you'll never take NY out of the girl. Missing @natedogwuff @chef_bowyerdee @annaabowyer @paulbowyer #givemilktoo but the other 20+ family will keep me company. #penizottolivin

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