just as the leaves change color, the city is getting ready for the winter season ❄️ beyond thankful for this quick trip & amazing opportunity to be here! until the next adventure, New York! 🍎 #beyondwhatwecanimagine #Godisgood #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopechristmasny #penelopegoeseast

Last stop! What a great way to end the friends & family weekend at @bloomingdales Walt Whitman in Long Island, New York. The best part is always meeting people from cities & countries all over the world, from all different walks of life. Thank you for your support! 💕 #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopechristmasny #penelopegoeseast

Thank you to this fabulous team of ladies at @bloomingdales Willowbrook, New Jersey! It was such a treat to do a book signing & reading with milk & cookies! 🥛🍪 #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopechristmasny #penelopegoeseast #grateful

Thank you @bloomingdales North Michigan Ave for the coloring station, cotton candy selection & hospitality! 💕💕💕 & thank you to a grown up Ms. Penelope who came all the way out to meet me! I love that you love Bloomingdale’s & this is your childhood dream book! 🙌🏻💗 #beyondblessed #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopegoeseast

From Chicago ✈️ to New Jersey. Thank you @bloomingdales Willowbrook for hosting this event! #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopegoeseast #friendsfamilyweekend

✈️ Penelope's in Chicago next weekend for the Friends & Family sale event! Thank you @bloomingdales North Michigan Avenue store for hosting my book signing! ❤️🛍 #penelopeatbloomingdales #penelopegoeseast #friendsfamilyweekend

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