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Hi so I’m a co-owner if this AC! My name is Adriana and I have watched criminal minds about 3 times (yes literally all the seasons 3 times) so I’m obsessed. I know Maddie in real life so that’s cool! Ok ok that’s good enough so bye! ~Adri🔦 tags: #criminalminds #criminalmindsedit #spencerreid #matthewgraygubler #derekmorgan #shemarmoore #aaronhotchner #penelopegarcia #jasongideon #ajcook #davidrossi

A new Garcia’s dress🧡 (@kirstenvangsness)
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“Most species bare their teeth as a threat, as a display of aggression, of leadership. It is a reminder that these clenched jaws can and will open your yielding throat. I want you to think of this next time I smile.” Thank you guys for 300+ ❤️😘

this is war |

(I am so sorry this is the only update tonight. It’s 1 AM, My dad is in the hospital with something quite serious and my mother and I just got home to rest for a few hours before going right back up there. The good news is, I will most likely be home tomorrow where the internet is fast and I can post all the updates I already have written. Again, I am so sorry that this is the only update, but at least it’s something.)
Where to find all the parts to this story: #htextingtiw
Backup: @htextingbackup |108 Days Before| “How is she?” Derek asked softly as Harry rubbed his face, shrugging as he did. “Still in surgery.” “You try call-“ “Voicemail.” He murmured, Derek letting out a long sigh as he sat down beside him. “Tell me what you need.” Derek spoke after a stretch of silence, Harry took in a deep, shaky breath as he rubbed his face in an attempt to rub away the unshed tears. “I just...I need her to be okay...but you have no say over that...do you?”
“I just feel so helpless.” Penelope whispered, wiping away her stray tears as she stood in the ladies bathroom, Emily Prentiss and Jennifer Jareau mere feet behind her. “Pen...you and I both know there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent this.” Jennifer spoke in her soft, soothing, motherly voice. “Jj, is right. Penelope we did the best we could given the information we were given-“ “I should have saw the signs!” She exclaimed, alarmingly loud as she turned to face her two best friends. “You’re not the profiler, Penelope, you didn’t know what to look for.” Emily tried to reason, laying a soft hand on her shoulder as she shook her head. “No, but I am a friend. It is my job to know when my friends are not okay. I could have...I should have prevented this.”

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