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So I got some new pencils that I’m really excited about! I’ve been waiting to purchase these (idk why) and I’m so glad I finally got them. Here we have the Camel HB pencils. The lead goes smoothly across the page without scratching. I was suspicious about the eraser, thinking that it was more for the design than for utility, but actually it’s a pretty good eraser! As much as I love pens, sometimes a good pencil makes ones handwriting look just as beautiful. And this pencil does just that.
Happy writing! 📝

Some new pencils just came in! Testing them out now

Lol when you want to highlight important passages in a Shakespeare play and you end up highlighting the whole damn page
Highlighter: Sharpie Clear View

A little cup of tea can help immensely while studying. Taking some notes with the trusty Muji .5mm Gel Pen

Reading Death of a Salesman. Using a Uniball Jetstream ballpoint pen

Yes I know not a pen post BUT I’ll be using a lot of pens to fill out this awesome Traveler’s Notebook! What I love about this Planner is that it has dates on one side and then a blank page next. I use the blank page to draw, write down goals, make list, reminders. I even put in ticket stubs and pictures! It’s really a space to add anything you want! Happy writing ✍️

Don’t you just love the sound of that click?

Some goods from Goods For The Study

1. Pentel Tradio 05
2. The second pen has no name, brand or any information on the pen body itself. And like a doofus I threw away the receipt :(
3. Zebra M701 Stainless
4. Pigma FB
5. Faber-Castell B PITT artist pen black 199

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures showcasing how each pen writes!

よかったら読んでください^ ^


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写真は箕面ビール代表取締役の大下香緒里 社長。
大下さん、もといカオリちゃんとは十代の頃からのオールドフレンド、いわゆる “やんちゃ仲間”です(もちろん健全な方の😉)

New to fountain pens? Maybe just new to vintage pens? Want to get into the world of vintage? Check out my new blog post where I talk about three pens that are great for starting put in the vintage pen world! (Link in my bio)
I'm trying to put the link in the post this time, let me know if it works plz

Today’s review: Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara provided by @andersonpens !
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