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Playtime is over son 👊🏻 Getting down to work with my #pizza crew🚶🏻and ALL the brand new #vegan pies 🍕🍕🍕 courtesy of the one and only @purgatorypizza🔥 - #RosesEggplant🍆 #BuffaloBill🌱 #SloppyVegan🧀 & The #GlutenFree #ShugahMamasTacoFiesta🌮 - Check my #InstaStory 🚶🏻for the live breakdown courtesy of my man Dane 👊🏻 - #PurgatoryPizza 👹 #HellAintABadPlaceToBe🤘🏻 #PenanceThroughPizza 🙏🏻 #NoPizzasWereWasted🍕🍕🍕🍕 #CauseFoodWasteAintCoolMan👍🏻 #LetMeKnowWhichOneIsYourFav #DoYouEvenNo🍍InSightBro❤️

Gabbing over pizza with good people never gets old. 🍕✨🍕#purgatorypizza #penancethroughpizza

Drinking beer and searching for aliens.. #cheers #pizza #craftbeer #penancethroughpizza #alien 🍕🍻👽

Why knot come in for some of this tasty goodness? Friendly reminder to y'all that tomorrow is indeed Hump Day Happy Hour where we're serving you up $2 slices from 12-5. Also, as a side bonus, @koonsii will be playing an extensive variety of 90's classics for your nostalgic ears. #penancethroughpizza #purgatorypizza

Pizza no one had to die for 😊 #VeganPizza #PenanceThroughPizza 🍕❤️


I couldn’t have asked for a better work familia. Thank you, @jester1r & @koonsii 🍕👪 • #WorkFam #Coworkers #Polaroids #Pizza #PurgatoryPizza #GetItWhileItsHot! #NikkkThePhotog #PolaroidQueen #PenanceThroughPizza

@purgatorypizza kickin ass tonight! Thanks for the garlic knots y’all!! #penancethroughpizza #purgatorypizza #vegan #lavegan 🍕

Drinking beer and searching for aliens.. #cheers #pizza #craftbeer #penancethroughpizza #alien 🍕🍻👽

The only thing better than pizza is cruelty free pizza ✌🏽#purgatorypizza #vegan #veganpizza #penancethroughpizza #animalsarefriendsnotfood #crueltyfree @purgatorypizza 👅💦

#penancethroughpizza #purgatorypizza

1. Must try buffalo cauliflower! Digged in before taking a pic so there are some pieces missing.
2. Pizza with vegan cheese, tempeh bacon, etc.
3. There may or may not have been a second pizza
#yummypizza #penancethroughpizza #purgatorypizza #vegan #bekind #leaveanimalsoutofit

All that really matters is the mouthwatering 'za inside, but thinking "outside the box" never hurt anyone either. Brace yourselves; our newest pizza box is coming at you with your next order! #penancethroughpizza 🙏🍕 📸 @rigorigorigo @pizza.boxes.guy

Got me a pizza slice and shirt from the best pizza place in Los Angeles. Hell fucking yeah 🤘

#PurgatoryPizza #PenanceThroughPizza #LosAngeles #666

An excellent pair. #coupleoftheyear

PIZZA AIN'T A GAME #wedontplay⚡

VEGAN CHICKEN PESTO: Spinach, pesto, tomato, completed with @gardein chicken and topped with @daiyafoods mozzarella. Pro tip: Add avocado to take things next level. 🏆

Purrrsuading you to click over to our website and check out some recent additions to our online store! We have a few 🆕️ goodies available, including these smashing new tote bags👍PC: @elysekern

Pizza no one had to die for 😊 #VeganPizza #PenanceThroughPizza 🍕❤️

🔥eatpurgatorypizza.com 👊

Ask and you shall receive! Deep dish will be available today from 12-5! 🤤 These bad boys take considerable time in the oven so be prepared to wait about an hour from the time you place your order. Vegan version is on deck as well. DINE IN ONLY. Slices will also be available. While supplies last. ✌

Full House minus the Tanners.

Pro tip: Never a bad idea to place your orders ahead of time. Friday's can get a little wild over here.🤘 FYI, we will be open Monday! But how many of y'all are blessed with a 3 day weekend??

🌅 ALL DAY ♨️

@veganfoodshare coming 'atcha with that smooth composition ☝️ ALSO <side note> that pizza featured in the photo is called the "Buffalo Bill". It's off the new menu, and it is 🔥🔥🔥

Sliding $2 slices outta the oven til 5 o'clock today! 🍕 #penancethroughpizza

Shirts are available in house or you can order through our online store via our website! 🤙🏼eatpurgatorypizza.com



Sup y'all? This is our brand new t-shirt. Modeled by our guy Patrick Nolan. Sometimes goes by the name Bruce. Sometimes delivers pizzas. Sometimes goes on tour with #themeatbodies or @waltergreatband 🎸Anyway, this black long sleeve is just in time for summer. Sweat in it, drink in it, love in it. Available now. $20 #tuckintuesday

DEEP DISH 😱 Toying with the idea of offering these bad boys one day a week. What do y'all think?? 🤔


Here's a pro tip for having an incredibly successful weekend: In between brewery visits and bar shenanigans, stop by the shop and crush a few slices! 💯 Our doors JUST opened! Word. 📸: @demetriuswren

Y'all know that song "Fantasy" by that one diva @mariahcarey ? This photo is kind of like that, but with pepperoni. Happy Thursday to all your lovely faces 🤙🏼🍕


Our #pizzaoftheweek ladies and gents! Grandpa sauce, pesto, Italian sausage, red onion, and green peppers, and rosemary! $2.50 by the slice of $18 for the full size XL! Delicious is as delicious does. 😋

🌇GOOD MORNING!😎Doors open in 15 minutes!


Someone call @nph because we're making magic over here 💫 Guacamole base, mozzarella, tomato, cilantro, and a fresh cream drizzle to top things off! L👀K for this as a new slice option every Tuesday! While supplies last! Vegans, don't freak, we didn't forget you. We'll have a dairy-free version for y'all to get down on too 🤙🏼

FUN FACT: We found this really obscure chef from Naples to come to our humble restaurant and paid him BIG MONEY💰 to craft our meatball recipe. Just kiddin' y'all. We just make them here, taste tested and fine-tuned by our staff. Hashtag DIY. Try 'em as an appetizer or send a meatball sub straight to the depths of your belly💪🏼

Need a pick me up after a long day? Dive into a cold brew courtesy of the good people @stumptowncoffee 🙏🏻

Vegan 'za by the slice! 🍃

OPEN UNTIL 11 TONIGHT. 😎 @one_buck will be shelling your pies proper! @evenkeelimagery with the photo goodness! Close out the weekend in a strong way 🏋🏽💪🏼🍕#abc #alwaysbeclosing #ALWAYSBECLOSING

Prepping our wall for a large scale mural by @ksandoval_ & pieces by many other talented local artists. It's definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to the awesome pieces this wall has collected over the years! A lot of tagging left things a bit of a mess, so we figured it was about time to start fresh! Hashtag spring. Hashtag new beginnings. 🤙🏼

$2 SLICES | 12-5 🍕

CALZONES. A rare life occurrence where less is actually more. @evenkeelimagery coming in 🔥with the 📸

Think we gotta go ahead and name this one the Kevin Bacon, in honor of the dude. Garlic and olive oil base, bacon, Canadian bacon, and goat cheese. Slangin' it all week by the slice for just $2.50, or take the whole shabang home for $18 flat! 🙀



Sometimes garlic knots are all you need.👌🏼Now serving them for all the vegans out there as well! 📸 by @vegangirl4ever 🙏🏻

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