DOUBLE TAP if you remember when @joehartofficial saved @leomessi Penalty 👀🔥
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Penalti vuruşunda yeni era: uçaraq vurmaq 🦋
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Fantastic win in Bracknell against the Bees on penalty shots. Andreas Siagris with the winning shot. #streathamredhawks #Streatham #oneNIHL #penaltyshot #cookiejar #icehockey #ukhockey #london

Mac was awarded a penalty shot in his atom game tonight! Nice little stop move to get the goalie to bite. Atom Blazers are 1-1 after day one of Kamloops tourney. #hockeylife #penaltyshot

Yesterday game was a success! Won yesterday Score ended 8-1⚽️👌🏼
Excuse my sister yelling in the video😂 #penaltyshot

Ice Hockey day with best company 😊
Fun to see 1995 World Champs ”in action” 👌
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After Mud Bruneteau in 1938, Erik Cole becomes the second player in NHL history to be awarded two penalty shots in one game. He scores on the first one, helping the Hurricanes to a 5-3 road victory against the Buffalo Sabres. The victory is the eighth in a row for the Hurricanes, a franchise record.

Source & photo credit: NHL.com

Here a bit of inspiration for the BEST SAVE COMPETITION!
Check these saves out! Maybe inspire some futsal GK's to enter England Futsal Keeper @crofty_19 competition

It has has begun 👀
Head over to England goalkeepers' page @crofty_19 for all details of the BEST SAVE COMPETITION, in partnership with @pulseroll and @thefutsalshop 🔥
Get the cameras Rolling, rolling, rolling. It can be training saves or even better, during the match 🎥🎥🎥
It's running throughout November, so make sure you enter. Prizes to be won 👏👏

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