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Pelikan Amethyst M200 F Fountain Pen
Pelikan Amethyst İnk
Rhodia Bloc coloR N16 Lined Notebook
Rhodia Bloc coloR N12 Lined Notebook

Gratitude makes the soul sparkle.. ⭐️


Life is so much easier when you just chill out.. 🦄

Don’t ever doubt the beauty of your unique and true colors just because some people are color blind.. 🌦
by: @princesssassypantsandco

Kindness.. 🌿


Morning essentials ~ Traveler’s Notebook, Pelikan Amethyst and a dose of sunshine.. ☀️

Heaven.. 🦋

Fountain babies.. 💜 happy fountain pen day! 🦋

Essentials.. ❤️

You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars.. 💫


This J. Herbin anniversary ink is 💙💙💙 and that shimmer~ hmm.. ❤️

Please ignore the bad lighting - this is the limited edition Pelikan M205 Amethyst pen with an F nib. Because of the recent car expenses & the tires we still have to get, I have to sell some of my pens. I have only inked this pen once, with Sailor Bungbox Mandarin Orange. I think I've managed to clean it out well. I've also barely written with it. I'd like to get US $125 plus shipping. If anyone is interested in it please comment below & DM me. #pelikanm205 #pelikanamethyst #pelikanforsale #penforsale #fountainpenforsale

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