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Meckel's diverticulum attached to the umbilicus during appendectomy for a 14-year-old male!
Diverticulum simply means an abnormal pouch or sac formed due to a congenitally weak point along the intestine.
Meckel's diverticulum is the most common congenital abnormality of the small intestine; it is caused by an incomplete obliteration of the vitelline duct (ie, omphalomesenteric duct). The duct undergoes progressive narrowing and should disappear by 7 weeks' gestation. When the duct fails to fully obliterate, different types of vitelline duct anomalies appear, such as this diverticulum.
Definitive treatment of a complication, such as a bleeding Meckel diverticulum, is the excision of the diverticulum along with the adjacent ileal segment. This can be accomplished through laparoscopy or open surgery.

After 3 coffees, multiple patients, and 12 hours I am beyond ready to go home... and study :| #doctordays #medstudent #pediatrics #selfie #bagsfordays

Artificial Womb Gives New Hope to Preemies⠀

@childrensphila scientists have developed a fluid-filled womb-like bag known as an extra-uterine support device that could transform care for extremely premature babies, significantly improving chances of survival.⠀

In pre-clinical studies with lambs, the researchers were able to mimic the womb environment and the functions of the placenta, giving premature offspring a crucial opportunity to develop their lungs and other organs.⠀

Premature babies can be suspended in fluid-filled chambers for a vital few weeks to bring them over the 28-week threshold, when their life chances are dramatically improved.⠀

Image courtesy of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ⠀

Around 30,000 babies in the U.S. are born critically early, between 23-26 weeks of gestation. Death rates are up to 70% and those who do survive face life-long disability.⠀

It may take up to another 10 years to develop the device but it could establish a new standard of care.⠀

More on Medscape.com.⠀

Sabah 9 da başlayan yoğun tempo sonrası kısa bir es..Hava çok güzel..Severek yaptığım bir işim ve birbirinden tatlı meleklerim..Her sabah sağlıkla uyandığımda varlığına şükrettiğim ailem..Ve hergün pozitif enerjisini bana yansıtan siz değerli takipçilerim var hayatımda..Binlerce şükür duam dilimde..En büyük zenginlik aile,sağlık ve huzur ..Dualarınızın kabul olduğu sevdiklerinizle birlikte kahkahalarla dolu bir cuma dilerim...Sevgiler❤#drbanuincedemirpencemelekleri#drbanuincedemirpencecom#drbanuincedemirpence#cocuk#baby#cocukdoktoru#pediatrist#izmir#pediatrics#doctorlife#doctor#health#alsancak#

🍇🍷 #nightnight #friendshipgoals #bff #pediatrics #obstetrics #emergency Geçen yine vaka tartışıyoruz .. 🤔🙄😅

Shoulder x-ray in an adolescent athlete shows widening of the lateral aspect of the proximal humeral physis (arrowhead). What is your diagnosis?

Spent the day seeing kids in the Pediatric ER! Despite getting less than four hours of sleep last night (switching from night shifts to days is hard), I really enjoyed taking care of patients and learning today. I think I picked the right specialty 😊

It's not a real pediatricians office if the sticker game ain't 💯👶🏽👧🏼


our team at peds clinic #abstract #team #pediatrics

STEPHANIE's been a member of the WP billing department for three years now. “I’ve loved getting to see the babies and little ones that have come into our office over the years grow up”. An avid music lover of all genres (“if it sounds good, I like it!”), Stephanie enjoys going to music festivals and concerts around Chicago all year long, and never leaves home without her iPod. For Stephanie, it’s dogs over cats, thin crust over deep dish, and Ariel is her favorite Disney Princess (redheads stick together). Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? “Keep it simple,” says Stephanie: vanilla.

Motor planning, sequencing, quad strength, stability,self regulation, and heel-landing instead of toe-landing! Our friend is making SO much progress in OT! Listening to Vital Links Regulation and Movement #occupationaltherapy #pediatrics #vitallinks #therapeuticlistening

This spring, over 2,500 students participated in @DanceMarathon to raise funds and awareness for @AllChildrens, raising over $207,000 for the kids. Thank you, @BullsForKids, @FGCUDM, @USFSP_MDM, St. Pete High School, LCC Day School, @Chargerthon, @NaughtsForKids and @Tampa_Prep for all that you do #FTK!

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Fun Filled Family Friday here at Life Within Chiropractic! ... ☺️👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾😊 This beautiful little guy has had an auto-immune rash for over 2 years. Mom and Dad have tried numerous specialists but nothing has seemed to work... We are excited to share that after a few weeks of care, his nervous system is figuring it out! His rash has shown improvement and Mom reports he just seems happier overall. 🙌🏽😊 Side note: younger brother (who's not pictured bc he was busy getting his kid sticker fix 😜) also gets his nervous system checked- not because he has any symptoms but Mom just knew that she wanted his health to be functioning at 100%... to live life in High Def....now that's pretty amazing! Families get IT. Boom! 💥 ------------
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Kliniğime gelen her ebeveynin olmazsa olmaz sorularından biridir "Hocam bizimki düztaban mı?"..Sizlerdende çok gelen bu sorunun cevabı ise; ""Ayağın longitudinal arkı (yani iç boşluk kısmı) 6 yaşından itibaren oluşur. Ayağın altındaki yağ torbaları nedeniyle 18 aylıktan daha küçük çocukların hepsinde düz tabanlık vardır. 6 yaşından daha küçük çocuklarda görülen esnek düz tabanlık ise gelişimsel bir çeşitliliktir. 10 yaşına kadar bunların büyük bir kısmı düzelirken çok küçük bir kısmında düz tabanlık sebat edebilir. Erişkin dönemde de mevcut olan düz tabanlık nadiren yürüme bozukluğuna veya ağrıya neden olabilir.""
(Hacettepe Tıp Dergisi 2009; 40:199-204)

Today is National Superhero Day, and I can't help but think of Dr. Snyder, who passed away nearly a year ago. Dr. Snyder was the chief of GI at @childrensnational when my GI issues were at their worst. We expect a lot out of healthcare professionals...we expect them to function without sleep and spend time away from their families to fix us, heal us, help us, save us, but in the end, real superheroes are humans who care. I pray often that the Snyder family is comforted by the fact that Dr. Snyder lives on in every patient he helped, and I'm carrying them, and all my superheroes, many of whom choose stethoscopes over capes (or in Dr. Snyder's case, scrubs. I think I only saw that man in a tie once), in my heart today! #morelikepooperheroes 💙💩❤️ #nationalsuperheroday #childrenshospital #peds #pediatrics #gastroparesis #pancreatitis #chronicpancreatitis #chronicillness #spoonie #childrensnational #cnmc

Whatever you do, do it with passion. #Pediatrics #DíadelNiño #HRAEB

Read more about Dr. JoQueta's approach using the link in the bio.
#holistic #autism #pediatrics

May 2nd is just around the corner! Spend a moment of downtown during #jazzfest to check out our #giveNOLA campaign page and help support our kids! 💙🎺🎷💙 (Link in bio!)

Peds QI Forum! Improving care for patients with limited English proficiency 👩🏻‍⚕️👶🏼👦🏽👧🏻🏥 #wedidntmatchonpurpose but #greatmindsthinkalike 💁🏻#pedslife #50daystilgraduation

@speechroomnews sharing her Throat Scope haul with us! Check out that bling! 💍

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