Oh zoats how I've missed you💚 The other day when I was grocery shopping, zucchinis were on sale and I thought wow I haven't made protein zoats in a while...so I made them this morning😊 Easy way to get a vegetable serving in right in the morning, without having to taste it! It just gives great texture to your usual oats🤗 Step by steps of how I make it is in my IG story📸 & the sun actually came out while I took this pic🌞

Another day spent studying at the library, only 5 more days left till I write my LMCC and the stress is starting to kick in😧📑 It's hard to put 4 years worth of material and all the medicine specialties and subspecialties in your brain😣 However I'm really enjoying studying peds especially cause now it's things I'll have to deal with in real life all the time👶🏻🙌🏻
I did not want to go to the gym tonight but after sitting on my behind for over 8 hours straight, I knew it would do me good🍑 Decided to have fun and do a quick, sweaty #tabata circuit 🏋🏻💦Full details also in my IG story, try it...guarantee it will get your HR⬆😉
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I'm very proud of my brother second from the left as he works towards helping his patients as a Doctor. whether its in the Hospital, or out at the Senate. The family is very proud of you brother. #doctor #medical #pediatrics #senate #government #usa #merica #doctors #medicalfield #workhard #hardwork #hardworkpaysoffs #work #proudfamily #proudofyou #newmexicotrue #instalike #instagood #instagram #country #redwhiteandblue #doctors

#strengthmonth Make sure your diary is clear for Member's Catch Up on the 24th of March, 7pm. Antoni is one of our consultants and doing research on strength in kids. For those who can't make it, it will be uploaded into the members group after. Leave questions in members area! #pediatrics #alliedhealth #childrenspodiatry #podiatry

Hi everyone! My names Krista and I'm a new grad nurse so I decided to make this account to follow my career 😊 I start my first job on Monday as a pediatric long term care nurse 💉💊 #nurse #newgradrn #pediatrics #pedirn

Ever felt “off balance” or dizzy with a new pair of glasses? Even when the only thing you changed was the frame (same prescription?). You’re not alone. Same thing happened to me. I have only recently started to wear glasses for computer/reading and I had a really hard time adapting to new pair of glasses, even though the prescription was the EXACT same as my old one. So, here’s a few things I was doing wrong, that you might be doing too.
1️⃣ Stop switching back and forth between your new pair and old pair of glasses. That “off balance period is a NORMAL experience, referred to as the adaptation period. Nearly all first-time glasses wearers experience initial dizziness and a sort of “off-balance” feeling. This is the time when the brain needs a chance to get adjusted to what the eyes are now seeing in crystal clarity. This is very common, and sometimes it takes a few minutes, a few days, or even a few weeks, before you can fully enjoy your new glasses. So don’t be discouraged! Take breaks when you experience dizziness, but do your best to put them back on and wear them as much as you can. Switching back and forth can actually prolong the adaption period. Practice wearing your new glasses in a safe environment
2️⃣ Keep your head movements natural. Often times, first time wearers stop moving their head as they normally would and move their eyes only. Let your eyes and head work together, turning your head towards something you want to look at rather than just moving your eyes. This will usually help to reduce headaches and dizziness.
3️⃣ Clean your lenses. Smudges on the lenses are distracting to anyone wearing glasses, but especially to a first-time wearer who is adjusting to a new prescription. Keep your lenses clean with a small drop of liquid soap and water, and wipe the lenses dry with your microfiber cleaning cloth.
4️⃣. Be patient! Even patients who have been wearing glasses for years can go through an adaptation period. Changes in prescription, slight changes in the inner curves of the lens, or even changing into a different frame style can create the need for an adaptation period.
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Ainda sobre essa campanha maravilhosa: a experiência de conversar com a população e passar um pouco das orientações que recebemos em sala de aula para além do concreto da universidade é incomparável. A ação, por mais impressionante que seja, acaba por exercer um impacto maior sobre nós, ligantes, ao nos permitir vivenciar momentos como esse. Mais uma vez a LAPUP promovendo saúde de forma lúdica! 🍊😍🍌 #lapup #ligaacademica #shopping #liga #campanha #pediatria #puericultura #medicina #picoftheday #children #child #kid #crianças #campaign #medicine #pediatrics

O friozinho está chegando e muitas mães se preocupam em agasalhar o máximo possível seus bebês. Mas será que estão fazendo correto?
Morte Súbita do Lactente é a principal causa de morte em bebês menores de 1 ano, o pico de maior incidência é antes dos 6 meses, mas calma, é muito raro e totalmente inesperado. Ainda não possui uma causa identificável, mas especula-se que pode haver um atraso na maturidade do tronco cerebral do bebê, local onde controla a respiração, associado a outros fatores.
Seu diagnóstico é de exclusão, revelado na autópsia, após descartar outras causas externas como agressão, envenenamento, entre outros.
É importante lembrar que não deve ser considerado negligência dos pais, mas há formas de se evitar...
▪️ Dormir sempre de barriga para cima; Nunca de lado ou para baixo.
▪️ Não dormir na cama junto com os pais, a incidência diminui quando o berço está no quarto dos pais.
▪️ Gemelares não podem dividir o berço ▪️Não use cobertas ou algo que envolva o bebê. Preferir agasalhar com roupas ou fazer charutinho (Foto 2- lembrar de deixar mais frouxo nas pernas para evitar displasia de quadril)
▪️Dormir SEMPRE com a cabeça descoberta e NUNCA próximo a algo macio que possa causar sufocamento.
▪️Prefira colchões mais firmes
▪️Não fume durante a gravidez e evite o fumo passivo
▪️Chupeta pode ajudar a evitar a morte súbita principalmente nos primeiros meses (Sociedade Americana de Pediatria recomenda que seja usado após o 1 mês para não atrapalhar a amamentação)
▪️Mantenha vacinação atualizada.
Texto por dra Ingrid Almeida
Fonte: SBP
Ilustração: Mil dicas de mãe
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Looks like I’ll be spending some more time here. Does this make me an Aggie @alwaysfree1996 ... #ob #scrubs #medical #pediatrics

✨ T H R O W B A C K ✨
UCLA School of Dentistry graduation.
One of my proudest moments to date...
Dental school just would NOT have been the same without you @baby_dds ...thanks for keeping me sane. 💋 #tbt

I’ll continue to shout it from the rooftops... DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T.. #drigwedds

When my beautiful nephew was born. This is me marveling and adoring him, after his very first adjustment, his second day on earth. I love and miss these two so much! @seviljc ****
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Our goal is to educate our practice members and provide hope for those seeking to better their health through principled chiropractic care! We see entire families in our office! .
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Developmental assessment paper for clinicals 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️😩it’s the end of the semester and the burnout is reall!!!! But I’m gonna keep pushing because we’re getting closer and closer!!! #keepchuggingalong #nursegrind #nursingstudent #almostthere #collegelife #pediatrics #doitforthebabies

Children have a special way of adding joy to life’s most simple moments. Pediatric nurses get to endure the cries and pains but there’s nothing as rewarding as bringing a smile to a child’s face 😊 P.S. Did you smile today?

Does your job makes your heart glow? 💖✨ mine does! #pediatricdentistry #pediatrics #dentistry #dental #kids #dental4kids #elgalleta

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