Artist Week! We recently got to meet up with our friend @scottykunkel as he rolled through the OKC with @mikeleemusic band. Besides being an awesome guitar player, he is a heck of a nice guy as well. He has been field testing some products we'll reveal soon. In the meantime, you should check out the band's latest release "Worth It". You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Youtube!

Artist Week! Drummers need a high quality DI too! And our friend @schmidtydrums is no exception. You'll find Jason using his SWDI onstage when he plays with the legendary @pamtillis or @jasonmichaelcarroll. Be sure to check out their artistry on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube! Love that 4th photo...be sure to swipe to see this guy rockin' the skins! 💥⚡💥

Artist Week! Hailing from S Africa, The Sound Monger @marcpautz is an Uh-mazing musician and multi-instrumentalist. (Really, we think this guy could coax music out of a rock!) You HAVE to check out his videos to understand how talented and creative he is! Back in early 2000s, Marc was a touring musician in a band, The Benjamin Gate who were on Forefront Records and nominated for 4 Dove awards.

Artist Week! Do you like: fingerstyle guitar? Alternate tunings? Players who play multiple parts simultaneously and turn a guitar into a percussion instrument? A dude that names his guitars "Mary" and "Marge"? Check out our friend @paul_finley! His releases, The Butterfly and An Evening of Epiphany are available on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby and you can listen on Spotify and Pandora!

Enclosure Quality Inspection going on today! Something exciting might be happening soon!
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Konečně! Kluk, co mi tu krabičku prodával, povídá: “Mě to v kapele zakázali používat ...” Tak to by mohla bejt dobrá výzva! 🙂 #fuzzface #fuzzfacemini #pedalboardfriendly #classic #fuzz #siliconfuzz #siliconfuzzface #gearwhore #blast

Look what our creative dealer @lunarmusicsupply posted! The LBPB micro pedalboard with a mini tuner and mini verb pedal. This would make a great board for acoustic, but our friend @chasenation gave it a workout on electric that rocked! The audio is a mix of the DI output and the mic'd amp. Thanks guys for the feature!

Aqui está nossa versão do Klon! Buffered Bypass como no original. Foi adicionado uma chave para alternar a clipagem entre: Diodos de germânio 1n34a(original) ou LEDs(modificado). Montado em uma caixa 1590B que ocupa bem menos espaço tornando o pedal mais "Pedalboard friendly"! #targinocustompedals #pureoverdrive #overdrive #klon #vintagefx #mojo #mojotones #geartalk #knowyourtone #guitargeek #pedalboardfriendly #handcrafted #boutiquepedals #stompboxes #diyfever #diy #handwired #pedalgram #handmadeinbrazil

A happy photo of our friend @raisaywhat. ☀️ We hope that she is happy about using our products but I think the photo said something about pizza... 🤣 Meanwhile, we are working on something special for her to take on tour this summer! 💥💥💥

From our friend and Pinstripe Pedals artist @instuhran !
As a worship leader I love my new DI by the good folks at PinstripePedals! Talk about a clean and quiet signal chain and a perfect companion for my Boss Tuner. Fits perfectly on my Pinstripe Pedal board too!! Don’t waste time or money on any other brand. Contact @pinstripepedals and check out their products that best fit your needs today!

We just got this lovely diagram drawn up to show how to connect the SWDI for bass guitar with one channel for the clean sound with no FX, then loop thru all those crazy cool pedals and back to the DI for a separate FX output, thus allowing the front of house mixer to keep all the power and dynamics of the original sound intact and to mix the best blend of the pedals too! If you run subs on a separate Aux feed, you can just send the clean signal to the subs only! 💥💥💥

Our friend and newest artist @meesh.lee lovely new board! It features the TXRX to bring her signal from her wireless into the board and the SWDI set up for clean and FX signals to the mixer. Thanks to @ross.stratton for all your work to make this happen!

Pinstripe Pedals artist @marcpautz is getting ready to throw down some amazing acoustic guitar aural treats with our SWDI at the end of his pedalboard chain! Get over there and follow this amazing guy now! 🎶🎹🎶🏋️

@marcpautz makes beautiful noise with his Roland FP-7 feeding into our SWDI stereo direct box! Looks good, sounds great!

We are so proud to be a part of the uber talented @marcpautz setup! Check out this shot of our SWDI stereo direct box in his lair of musical creativity. Be SURE to check out his videos on his Insta and YouTube channel! 💥💥💥

We have the most talented artists using Pinstripe Pedals direct boxes! And they say the nicest things! Thank you @marcpautz for the great review. 💥👍🏋️

🔌 Expand your Strymon power supply with new expansion kits Ojai and Ojai R30 just in @effektpedaler 🎛 #strymonengineering #expansionkit #ojai #ojair30 #powersupply #pedalpower #pedalboardfriendly #effektpedaler

@marcpautz just oozes talent. Check out this amazing video he just released featuring our SWDI direct box. Wave back at the kitty! (...or is the kitty doing a fist pump...?)

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