Entry for @starryarts #pearlshinecontest
So I saw this really pretty hairstyle on Google Images and thought it would work well, but I did it without reference during school and its... ew. xD Excuse my inability to draw braids as well. Never learned. But yeah, for @starryarts the freaking fabulous

For @starryarts #pearlshinecontest . All I did was added some curls and a braid at the bottom. I also added in a but of purple to match her cutie mark and eyes and to add more of a shine. :) Tadaa!

#pearlshinecontest im bored so yea <33

#pearlshinecontest i changed my entry because the other one sucked. @starryarts hopefully this is better!

My entry for @starryarts contest :3 I hope you like it!

#pearlshinecontest not my my best but here's my entry 😄

#pearlshinecontest @starryarts
Yay! Done! You have no idea how proud I am of this. I used an awful lot of gradients, and I think it looks okay? Please tell me your thoughts below so I can improve!

Just a little something for the @starryarts contest #pearlshinecontest! I didn't have the right colors for the flank but I really had fun with the hair. The pearls are done in silver sharpie, so there's that 😆 I really like it :) #pony #pone #pon3 #mare #horse #pearlshine #starryartsfanart #braid #headband

Lineart took forever ;0;
My entry for @starryarts's contest #pearlshinecontest
Added a green tinted gradient to Pearl's mane and a string of pearls wrapping around it :3

This is my entry for pearl shine #pearlshinecontest

Here's a little something for @starryarts #pearlshinecontest , Hope ya like it, btw it's still WIP & this is a rough sketch, i might add color in it so pardon me if this is messed up. :D
#mlp #sketch #art #doodle #pearlshine

My entry for #pearlshinecontest •-• yup. Her mane folds behind her neck and feeds into the big ponytail (?) on the other side of her head. The little strand that feeds out of the tail is dark grayish blue :)

Quick thing for #pearlshinecontest

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