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😍Omg!! I need this 🍪
🍴 @shortandsweetcupcakes

Reece's Peanut Butter Cake @thescranline
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50g cocoa powder⠀
175g all-purpose flour⠀
½ tsp salt⠀
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda⠀
225g caster sugar⠀
175g unsalted butter, softened⠀
2 large eggs, at room temperature⠀
1 tsp vanilla extract⠀
175ml milk⠀
3 tbsp peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)⠀
10 reeses peanut butter cups cut into half⠀
Chocolate sauce to drizzle⠀
500g softened unsalted butter (room temperature)⠀
1020g soft icing sugar mixture (sifted after it’s weighed)⠀
2 tbsp milk (room temperature)⠀
1 tsp vanilla extract⠀
3 tbsp peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)⠀
FULL RECIPE -> Tastemade.com⠀
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Banana boats 😜🍌🍫 1, 2, 3, or 4? Topped with: peanut butter, frozen blackberries & blueberries, kiwi slices, chocolate and sprinkles 💖💖 Love this easy snack! ✌🏽✨

#Repost @soyummy
Molten almond butter chocolate lava cake😋
Justin's is giving away a HUGE box of goodies to one lucky commenter! To enter:

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- 1 jar almond butter
- 1 box brownie mix
- 3 eggs
- 1/3 cup oil
- 1/3 cup water
- 12 peanut butter cups

1. Set your oven to 400*F. 
2. Using a 1" scoop, scoop 12 mounds of almond butter onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for 30 minutes, until hard. 
3. Meanwhile, seperate the yolks from the whites and place yolks in a small bowl to reserve.
4. Whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form - reserve for later. 
5. In a large bowl, combine the brownie mix, egg yolks, oil and water until a smooth batter forms. 
6. Gently, fold in the egg whites until they cannot be seen any longer. 
7. Divide the batter evenly into a greased muffin tin. 
8. Press one frozen mound of almond butter into the center of each cake, and smooth batter over the top. 
9. Top each cake with a peanut butter cup and bake until cake is just set, about 8-9 minutes.

When you can't jump into a pool of H2O💦, a pool of PB will have to do 😏
Try this refreshing combo: blend a couple of frozen bananas 🍌with cinnamon, almond milk and your fave protein powder.
Top it off with a generous pool of PB 🥜, cacao nibs and a homemade energy bite.
Thanks to @beazysbites for sharing your #wildfriendsfun 🐿

This sandwich proves your go-to childhood lunch can (and should) be your go-to "adult" lunch. 📸 @fiftyshadesoffoods #spoonfeed

Having one of those days where everything seems extra hard, and I'm wishing I had a slice of this No Bake Peanut Butter & Jelly Tart hidden somewhere to eat 🤔🍓 it's sweetened with JUST dates, in the peanut date crust, and filled with a delicious berry chia jam. All topped off with strawberries and peanut butter...yasss! Only 7️⃣ ingredients total 🙌🏻 please make + eat a slice of this ASAP for me while we count down to the weekend...😊 find the recipe link in my profile or get it here: http://www.bakerita.com/no-bake-peanut-butter-jelly-tart-gluten-free-refined-sugar-free-vegan/
Happy Thursday loves! 😘 pssst - keep it paleo with almonds instead of peanuts.

When in doubt, brunch it out 🙋 I had a busy morning on campus and forgot to pack snacks (dangerous situation), so by the time I got home I was hangry! Indecisiveness led to a breakfast-for-lunch plate that made my sweet and savory-loving heart happy 🤗.
#whatsonmyplate: sourdough toast topped with @buffbake white chocolate peanut butter + a @heavenlyorganics honey drizzle 🍯; #zoodles sautéed in @primalkitchenfoods avocado oil + garlic & herbs + cherry tomatoes, then sprinkled with parm, and crispy sunny egg 🍳.
Happy Thursday, friends!! 💗 It's my first paper-writing free day for awhile, so I'm planning to spend the rest of the afternoon checking off items on my to-do list, then probably treating myself to sweetgreen for dinner because it's waaayy too hot to cook tonight 😅 Hope you're all having a great day! 💕

Via @thisisinsider: @greatharvest makes bread like you've never seen! 🍞#bestthingsinceslicedbread #insidertravel


🍦 homemade peanutbutter ice cream 🍦
#ilovecooking #peanutbuttericecream #peanutbutter #icecream

#Repost @heitorgalvao (@get_repost)
Dieta à base de @superpower_pb 🥜⚡️ Fica mais fácil, mais gostosa, melhor em nutrientes e gorduras boas. Experiente também diminuir os carbos e utilizar a @superpower_pb; no balanço energético final as gorduras boas irão gerar mais ATP (energia) do que os carbos. 💪🏽🥜⚡️ SUPERPOWER, A MAIS POWER ⚡️🤜🏽 ENERGIA QUE VOCÊ PRECISA PARA O SEU DIA 🤛🏽⚡️#ProvouAmou #teamsuperpower #aMaisPower #peanutbutter #dietalowcarb #dietasemsofrer #dietacetogenica #gorduraboa #amendoim #pastadeamendoim

All kind of carbs for breakfast 🍳 .. and a bit of #peanutbutter ... heute gibt es die Süßkartoffel Pommes aus dem @live_it_lift_it Programm. Eigentlich kein Frühstücksessen, aber wer um kurz vor 1 die erste Mahlzeit isst, kann auch Pommes haben ✊🏻🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻 .. gestern habe ich mein erstes 10-Tage-Feedback abgegeben! Ein Riesenlob an die Betreuung durch das Team!! #teamlili #teamliveitliftit #carbsideoflife

Naughty but nice cream. Peanut butter flavour. Topped with granola and more peanut butter. 🥜 That's how it's done @nanabarlondon 🍌 #naughtybutnicecream #thatbananalife 🌱🍌💕🌈

Dieta à base de @superpower_pb 🥜⚡️ Fica mais fácil, mais gostosa, melhor em nutrientes e gorduras boas. Experiente também diminuir os carbos e utilizar a @superpower_pb; no balanço energético final as gorduras boas irão gerar mais ATP (energia) do que os carbos. 💪🏽🥜⚡️ SUPERPOWER, A MAIS POWER ⚡️🤜🏽 ENERGIA QUE VOCÊ PRECISA PARA O SEU DIA 🤛🏽⚡️#ProvouAmou #teamsuperpower #aMaisPower #peanutbutter #dietalowcarb #dietasemsofrer #dietacetogenica #gorduraboa #amendoim #pastadeamendoim #

• Amino acids ✔️
• Green tea ✔️
• Vitamins ✔️
• L-carnitine✔️ Tastes awesome, get on it ☝🏻🤙🏻

I'm having some quality (and much needed) me + rest time tonight. So if anyone needs me, I'll be in bed with a chilli hot chocolate, peppermint tea, cookies, and Netflix 👌
How was your Friday? 😌
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Perks of working from home: tea and snacks ❤
I never take non dairy milk into the office because I won't get through it fast enough, so I only have black coffee or herbal tea when I'm there. Also at home I can use my super special one of a kind mug made by one of my oldest friends.
And of course, I can customize my snacks! This is a cracker from the batch I made yesterday with peanut butter and raisins. Simple, yet satisfying 😊
#sugarsmart #sugarsmartuk #sugarfree #vegan #workingfromhome #tea #ricedream #plantmilk #favouritemug #home #homemade #peanutbutter

Definitely wouldn't say no to another @pipandnut peanut butter snack today! Their #pipnic pop up is so cute 🍞🌰

Cookie crumble pancakes 😋
Nice cookie stack today filled with chocolate PB2, @one1brands cookie n creme bar then topped with a baked @gookiedough cookie and @jimjams_spreads 😍😋😍😋
Used @one1brands bars supplied by @powerbodycouk
Use code "PETE10" for more discount!
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Graduation day @vivolife chocolate brownie oats with medjool dates, topped with berry compote, @sumawholefoods peanut butter and @montezumaschocs. :)

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