I had a very proud moment last night that involved this gem right here. Our Before, During and Aftershave is the ONE product I've been able to convince my husband to use and last night he told me (because he ran out) that he could tell a huge difference in his face healing after shaving without using this aftershave. I played it cool but that was a #winning moment for me. Its not that he doesnt believe in me or my products but my husband is a creature of habit that runs deep. The fact that he tried it was huge, the fact that he now can't live without it is #epic #beforeduringandaftershave #pamperyourman #pamperyourskin #skincare #shavingessentials

It would be wrong NOT to put oils on these paper flowers. What a great use for our diffuser blends. Choose from one of our blends or have me make something custom for you. $20 for a 1 dram bottle of undiluted essential oils. #paperflowers #oilylifestyle #oilygifts #diffusingessentialoils #diffuserblend #smellsamazing #flowerstagram #flowersmakemehappy

My three golden beauties! I love that there are now three ways to protect, moisturize and heal your skin. Every day is an opportunity to take care of ourselves in the best way with the best products. Know that when you choose Peacock and Pear you are choosing quality products with pure, simple and whole ingredients. My heart and soul goes into developing products that make little impact to our earth but a huge impact to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Know that taking care of you is my reason for making. I'll never claim perfection, but I will claim to strive for it every single day. #forfacesake #liquidgold #faceserum #moisturize #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty

I'm so excited about this new #foreveryoung blend of For Face Sake. I've had several people testing this for me over the last 6 months and it's met with great reviews. ❤
We reved up our original formula to help you better protect and moisturize your skin and restore that dewy glow. ❤
We added two new powerhouse ingredients: Vitamin C Serum (a natural collagen booster and antioxidant) and Argan Oil (a fast absorbing oil high in vitamin e and fatty acids). ❤
In addition to Frankincense, we've added Myrrh, Jasmine, Geranium, Rose, Palmarosa, Lemon, Coriander, Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

This week is a great week to get any of our three For Face Sake serums bc they are 20% off until midnight on Valentine's Day. And if you buy one of each blend on the same order, you'll receive 30% off. #forfacesake #faceserum #naturalbeauty #naturalskincare #liquidgold

The first of our two new face serum blends: Blemish Buster was formulated to help those of us that continue to fight the good fight with breakouts.
I began testing this formula about 6 months ago and have found significant improvements in the severity of my breakouts. It wasn't until about 3 months ago that I decided this blend needed to be incorporated into our For Face Sake moisturizing serum.
It's the perfect combo to moisturize and heal your skin every morning and night.

Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Vetiver and Lemon essential oils are blended with Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin E Oil to create this #amazing #gentle #healing #blemishbuster

Valentine's day is coming and I've been teasing a launch of our new For Face Sake blends so let's celebrate both together!!! Starting today, all For Face Sake blends are 20% off (ending at midnight 2.14.18). If you buy all three blends on the same order, you will get 30% off your total order. I'll introduce you all to our two new blends very soon so you can know which is most appropriate for you. Each one is originally priced at $24 (+tax and shipping). #kissme print designed by the very talented @newloncollection and @bettingerstudio ❤❤

Sorry I've been silent on Instagram lately. Life has me in all directions right now. But I have been testing something for you guys. Our No. 1 seller continues to be our For Face Sake moisturizing face serum with rave reviews. So, I thought why not expand on this #liquidgold and enhance this formula to target more specific skin needs. Think #foreveryoung and #blemishbuster Stay tuned! #forfacesake #skincare #allnaturalbeauty #productlaunch

I've had 4 days off; work starts back tomorrow; can't get sleepy. #help #nightnightmysweet #totherescue #brainwontstop #naturalsleep #backtothegrind

Doing research for a project and ran across this...Who knew? Great name! #peacockandpear #peacock #pear

Is it weird that I hear Flo from Alice saying 'Kiss my Grits' every time I use my Kiss My Lips Peppermint Pout Polish? Well, weird or not it makes me smile and that starts the day off right?! This scrub is awesome at making your lips smooth and moisturized. And don't we all need that in these winter months? $2.95 1/4 oz jar/$8.95 1 oz jar. Order yours or your special someone this polish today! #lipscrub #kissmylips #kissable #lips

Trying a new technique to mix our Perfectly Polished Body Scrub. I think I like it!!! Almost #teatime Our body scrub comes in four scents (tea time, zip zow!, peace of mind and coffee talk). They are full of all natural, yummy ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and new! Perfect for the shower or by your sink for a quick hand exfoliation. Message me for all the details! #perfectlypolished #bodyscrub #saltscrub #exfoliate #pamperyourskin #mortarandpestle #mixinitup

Don't forget this #liquidgold is 15% off until midnight. Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed rosehip seed oil with undiluted therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil. It's simple and effective and perfect for your every day skincare regime. (Originally $24 for a 4 dram bottle) #sale #cybermonday #specialoffer #forfacesake #faceserum #rosehipseedoil #frankincense

Let's send some love into the universe with these two. From now until midnight tomorrow, our For Face Sake and Night Night My Sweet serums are 15% off. Let these two be a part of your gifting this holiday season. You'll be thanked, I promise. #forfacesake #faceserum #allnaturalbeauty #nightnightmysweet #naturalsleep #giftideas #holidaygifts #oilygifts #discount #specialoffer

Don't forget your #bearded love ones and this very special gift set offer. Set includes a 2 oz balm and 4 dram oil in scent of your choice plus an engraved beard brush. All for $20. What a perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, best friend, boss..you name it!! 7 days before this special price is gone. Don't miss out! #beardedmen #beardlovers #beard #naturalbeard #pamperyourman

Let's have a GIVEAWAY! I'm on a mission to find all the ways to use our diffuser blends. I just gifted this gorgeous felted wool garland to my sister for her Christmas decoration. It is doused in essential oils and smells like winter and all things holiday! Do you want to win a bottle of this blend of pine, clove, cinnamon bark, orange, lime, and spruce essential oils?? Ok, so here's how:

1. Like this pic

2. Follow @peacockandpear if not already

3. Comment below a fun idea for how to use essential oil diffuser blends other than in your diffuser

That's it..easy peasy! Happy Black Friday GIVEAWAY day! I'll announce winner tomorrow. #blackfriday #giveaway #free #ilovefreeshit #gametime #diffuserblends #diffusingessentialoils #holiday #wintertime #smellsfresh #smellsamazing

You best believe I'll have a little something special for all you weary Black Friday shoppers tomorrow. Stay tuned. #believe #staytuned #tobecontinued #essentialoils #myoilylife #oilylifestyle

Mixing fun tonight! Making something new for someone special! #mixologist #mixology #myideaoffun #oilylife #oiltherapy

Don't forget about our #movember special. Choose from any of our 7 scents of Looks Real Real Good Beard Oil and Balm to receive a 2 oz balm, 4 dram oil and beard/mustache grooming brush with custom engraving all for just $20. Order directly by messaging me or emailing me at pea cockandpear@gmail.com #beardedmen #beard #beardcare #naturalbeard #giftideas

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