Yesterday I announced the release of Peach Pump happening on September 5th and as promised here is a glimpse.
The program will feature a hybrid of basic strength training principles along with additional aesthetic-based integrations. My goal with the program is to provide trainees with the ultimate hybrid: strength and aesthetics.
This program is for anyone who wants to get strong, but also wants to achieve a certain look aesthetically. My personal philosophy as a coach, Trainer, and athlete is WE CAN HAVE BOTH 💪🏻🍑
Ladies, you can be strong without looking manly. You can have curves and lift heavy sh*t. You can be empowered and still look beautiful and sleek in that perfect red dress. The days of being “one or the other” is gone; I’m determined to initiate and cultivate that movement.
If you have questions feel free to message me or head over to the link in my bio.
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Happy 🍑 day people! 🐪

Don’t forget to CRUSH it today 💪🏼 #gympic #humpday #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphorm

🍑It’s cominggggggg🍑
Yes, the program you have been waiting for. I brought you Quad Dam and now I give you Peach Pump.
Here’s another 6 week Glute Focused program designed to lift, shape, and grow that booty. This 4 day split will target those trouble areas and give you that Peach you desire. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I’ll be sharing teasers and insight in this Bootiful program 😉
DM me with questions or click the link in my bio.
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The goal is to shrink the waist & grow the 🍑 😏 #peachpump #funkypants #fitness #girlswholift

Did you squat till it heart today? 😭💯❤️🖤#ilovemybody #heartleggings #peachpump #legpump #bangenergy #heat #fitgirllougirl

Got the 🍑 pumpin' this morning. I know my nutrition isn't going to be on point this weekend and most likely even next weekend because I'm going to be busy celebrating weddings🎉 but I still turn up and get a workout in because I know I'll feel better for it! #peachpump #phase3 #nojoke #idoitforme

Butts & Guts 🍑🍑🍑8:30am every Thursday and 9am every Saturday! #buttsandguts #bootywork #peachpatrol #peachpump #fitnessfun #werkandtwerk

Likeeee what ya meannnn by color??? Dark black, light black, pastel black, pitch black, neon black, matte black?
LOLZ this leg dayyyy killed me⬇️⬇️⬇️
🖤Warm up:
10min stairmaster
Single leg quad extension 4x15 each leg
🖤Exercise 1:
Leg Press (feet shoulder width)
4x5normal reps, 5 slow reps, 5sec isometric hold, 5 normal reps, 5 slow reps
🖤Exercise 2:
Hack squat (feet together, toes out) 5x8-10
🖤Exercise 3:
Superset: sissy squats and weighted lunges
4x20, 12 each leg (20 for sissy, 12 for lunge)
Short little workout, but the pump was insane 🌚
What's your favorite superset on leg day??? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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🖐🏻 Tip Tuesday
🥚 🐠 Protein Edition 🍗 🧀 🥜
I’m sure you have been told to get more protein in your diet and I’m sure you’ve told that person you get enough protein. The truth is...I bet you don’t unless you track it or you’ve tracked it in the past. So to keep it SUPER SIMPLE for you...men have 1-2 palm sizes and women 1 palm size of protein per meal (no less than 4x/day). Now this is very general so if you have questions or want to dive more in depth shoot me a DM.
Here we go!!!
1. Eggs: 6g/ 1 large egg. They are one of the most perfect forms of high protein foods because they’re packed with BCAAs and have Omega-3s. If you need a straight protein source, egg whites are my go-to. Both are so versatile🙌🏼 sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onion, Brussels sprouts and asparagus for a killer omelette!
2. White fish: 20-25g/ 3oz serving. Contain high quality protein with very little fats and no carbs which makes them easy to fit into your day. You can pair them with quinoa or sweet potatoes, side of veggies drizzled with olive oil for a perfectly balanced meal 🥘 Tip: Make sure to always get Wild Caught 🎣
3. Lean Meats: 24g/ 3oz serving. When choosing your cut of chicken or turkey make sure it’s boneless and skinless along with it being antibiotic free. Both are great sources of protein for a low calorie count! Toss some lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles in a low carb, high fiber tortilla to make a perfect on the go lunch.
4. Greek yogurt: 23g/ 8oz serving. Can you say bang for your buck?!? Greek yogurt has 2x more protein than most of its sugar filled yogurt buddies in the supermarket cooler. It’s also filled with calcium and probiotics. Look for plain or vanilla non fat Greek yogurt and let your imagination take you on a flavor train 🚂 top your yogurt with fresh or frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, nut butters, powdered PB, honey, cacao or sugar free pudding. What are your favorites?!
5. Nuts/Seeds: 6g/ 2 oz serving. These beauties are also full of unsaturated fats and fiber to stop those hunger pains in their tracks 🛑 some of my favorites to toss on a salad, my egg whites or in my smoothie bowl are almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnut, chia seeds and flaxseeds.

Last night’s Peach Pump 🍑⁣

🏋🏻‍♀️ Wide Leg Press: 4x15⁣
🏋🏻‍♀️ Barbell Hip Thrust: 4x12⁣
🏋🏻‍♀️ Sumo Deadlifts: 4x10⁣
🏋🏻‍♀️ DB Pulse Deadlifts (Heels elevated): 4x20⁣
🏋🏻‍♀️ Single Leg Ham/Glute Extension: 4x10⁣
🏋🏻‍♀️ Hip Abductors: 4x20⁣


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A prayer for my fellow gymaholics tryna grow the chesticles, bicepticles, tricepticles, quadrilaterals, latitudes, ham sandwiches, or whatever else🌚

Our brothers, who art in LIFTING 🏋️
Hallowed be thy VEINS. Thy GAINS will come 💪
Thy will be done on LEG day as it is on CHEST🍑 Give us this day, our daily MACROS,
And forgive our CHEAT MEALS 🍱
As we forgive those with great genetics 😑
Lead us not into CARDIO, but deliver us from curling in the squat rack 🌚

Anywhats, try this exercise on yo next titty Tuesday! •

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Omg I can’t believe it is already August 🍂 Do you guys prefer the fall/winter or spring/summer? I prefer fall/winter — sweats, oversized crop sweatshirts, slippers, warm fire, cup of tea, and a movie 🍿 plus pumpkin 🎃 season #WhiteGirlStatus

Butttttt nothing beats the beautiful, warm sunshine, nature walks and hikes, and lounging in the beach 🏖 ✨
Anyway, here is another #PeachPump workout for you all! Not all movements are recorded. Getting back up on those #ThrustIsAMust hitting 255 for 5 reps 🤟🏽 ✨
➡️➡️ SWIPE ➡️➡️ (#ShamelessPeachSelfie)


#PeachPump WORKOUT ✨
1️⃣Hip thrusts 5x5 (2 warm up sets, 3 working sets) — 6th set lower the weight by 10% and go to failure (optional) ✨

2️⃣Heels elevates goblet squat 4x12
2️⃣Barbell glute bridge 4x20 ✨
3️⃣Single leg press 3x10 each
3️⃣Single leg deadlift 3x10 each ✨

Band finisher 🍑 Quadraped banded kickbacks 3x15 each
🍑 Banded cha chas 3x15 each
🍑 Banded squat bouncers 3x30
PS ✨ don’t forget about my giveaway with @organikahealth!! (Couple posts back) 🙌🏽 FOLLOW, COMMENT, & TAG YOOO FRIENDS! ————————————————————
📧 Coaching inquiries: jordynkreller@nlpfitness.ca
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2013: The year I decided to commit to fitness and started lifting weights.
2015: 2 years into weight training (I was solely focused on building my arms and butt at the time and knew very little about what I was doing but I just wanted to keep learning). 2018: 5 years into weight training, still learning, still committed and now helping others along my journey! .
•This is something I’m very passionate about, & I even though I always thought I’d end up doing law and my entire studies were focused on that...(I’m still thinking about continuing to law school maybe when I’m 35😂 it’s never too late!) for now my goals are to continue growing, helping you beautiful people in any way I can and rescuing as many animals as possible all the while trying to maintain a healthy plant based lifestyle! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 ✨✨✨& on that note I have some great news for #PeachPump A “Green Edition” class will be launching soon- which will include all natural post workout “recovery sessions”, plant based alternative education, meditation & so much more!! I am plant powered in every way, I strongly believe in Mother Nature’s natural remedies, and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to spread some love and light through fitness & health. Thank you all 🙏🏼💚🤗

Umm HELLO THERE GAINS 💪🏻💪🏻 miss @sherryhoover is a beast in the gym...obviously 👀 she is currently 14 weeks out from her first NPC Figure Show and is right on track to crush it 👯‍♀️ we started her on the fast track to some growth back in May while keeping her lean and this is what we’ve got to work with now! I’m so excited to watch her crush this prep and get shreddy 💪🏻 proud of you girlfriend👏🏼🔥
This is her take on things and where she’s at...
I started working with Lauren in May, after taking a new job and learning of her competition experience. It was something I had attempted once on my own, years before but knew I needed professional guidance if I wanted to compete seriously. It has been such a blessing to have her coaching and accountability! Even as a fitness professional, I’m still human! Having her to check-in with has helped me keep moving forward, when I’ve quit so many times before. When I’m uncertain of my progress, it’s nice to know I have someone in my corner with a plan— that takes so much of the stress off me! Always grateful! 💕 ••
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✨30 min leg workout + VA humidity = Sweaty AF & booty sweat everywhere 😅 YES! This workout only took me 30 min and in just one corner of the gym! 🎉
andddddd recover with some @bodybuildingcom BCAAs and protein 💙😉 link to shop bbcom’s supplements always in my bio ⚡️ Got any questions on supplements? Drop a comment! 💪🏼
👟sumo deadlifts: 5x8, 70% 1RM
(Last clip)
✨TRISET, Repeat 4x✨
👟wide deadlifts w/ db: 15
👟sumo db squats: 20
👟narrow db squats: 15
✨SUPERSET, Repeat 4x✨
👟single leg RDL: 15 per side
👟bw squats onto db: 20
outfit: leggings @forever21 // sports bra @victoriasport
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I'm still standing!😝 .
Two hours/double session of ‘Booty Building’ over and done with. 50 glutes on fire and the ladies now went home tired and happy🙌🏻🍑 After yesterdays leg session and tonights classes, I didn’t think I would survive, BUT I feel GREAT! Good night 2 you all!🖤See you in the morning for some bench pressing 😝🙌🏻
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