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Quand tu te prends les pieds dans le tapis ...de cactus pendant une vidéo🌵😂! Je vous présente le jardin du Paradis! Plus de 1000 espèces de végétaux y poussent grâce aux travail passionné des habitants du kibboutz qui arrosent , chérissent et entretiennent chaque plante ici. Dire que je n arrive pas à garder une orchidée chez moi plus d une semaine sans qu elle ne meurt de soif😂🙈🙊 #einguedi #israel 🇮🇱☪️✝️✡️🕉⛱. #peacePlease

🇫🇷 The Love Wall! ❤️💙 #paris #culture #love #peaceplease #france #lovewall

Thinking of Barcelona 🙏🏽💔
Repost @carmenjorda

Mood. AF Vandevorst reminding me of Urs 💫🖤2011?

#afvandevorst #sleepplease #peaceplease #mybrainismelting #itshotinhere

Break up, patch up, alia spending time with her ex Ali, sid liking her pic, some sidians accusing alia=total CONFUSION fr me! 😒my friends n some ppl r asking fr my opinion, BT I dnt hv anything to say at all. Am tight lipped🙊anyway my opinion dosen't matter, it won't change anything.. N more opinions means more confusion,I dnt want tht cz too much has already been said on this "topic".. My further comments will be fuel in the already ignited fire😾watever is the true fact I will accept it like everybody else, whether or not I like it. And honestly, this topic is becoming far too stretched out n boring🙀ppl redia are exaggerrating it too much🙏 I love both sidlia n varia, so my decision dosent really count cz am not in any specific team😳but one thing is very funny acc to me, alia hanging out with her ex Ali dadarkar is abnormal? Cant two ppl continue to remain friends and in contact after breakup? Does breakup means the end of human communication?and a mere "picture " dosent say it all.. It's jst a pic, we dnt knw the real reason n story behind the pic.. The real truth can be something else thn wat we r seeing or rather wat "she" is letting us see👀she might hv runned into Ali suddenly n couldn't avoid, might be forced to take tht pic,it cn also be tht she was faking tht she was enjoying n having fun, or she jst wanted to be friends with him, or something else.. There cn be so many freaking reasons!!she is mature enough to choose her frienfs, and her best friend was also there in the pic.. So how cn we judge someone by jst a pic??? See.. I always think I wont say anything BT I end up saying way too much!! 😂🙄plss dnt bother whatever crap opinion I jst said.. Forget it ppl😝hope things will be fine with sidlia n ppl will stop judging them unneccesarily without knowing the proper reasons and concentrate more on their professional lives.. #sidlia #mymains #baes #peaceplease

when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace 🌌 #peaceplease

„Kde láska trvá, ani smrti niet.“
#l4l #PeacePlease

"Peace Begins With A Smile"
#PostFlightSelfie #JeddahDiaries #CrewLife #PeacePlease ✌🏼🤗✈️


Beauty of my city 😍
The epic place of war nd peace !
#epic #histroical #dhauli #stupta #bhubaneswar #peaceplease #budhha #buddhapetstore #odisha

The whole a them take reprising for...peace!!! #maypen we need to wake up.. #we've #beensleepingfortoolongnow. #Peaceplease... We don't want that #piece.

❄️[Happy living]. Thanks to my best friends @metis87 for the freezer and @pippozzzzz for the video.

👀[Lasciate che la curiosità coinvolga ogni giornata. Non dimenticatevi del/la bambino/a che siete stati/e perché sarà il mantenimento di quel ricordo che consoliderà l’uomo/donna che sarete].

🇫🇷 The Love Wall! ❤️💙 #paris #culture #love #peaceplease #france #lovewall

On a apporté la démocratie qu’ils disaient... Que dieu les protège 🙏🏽 #freedom #2017 #400ansenarriere #chaos #lemondepartencouille #😢 #paix #peaceplease

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