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I Let Go The Negativity of 2016. Did u? #HappyNewYears2017 #PeaceNblessings #FalayoooGang

Still feels like a dream ✨💓
#pinningceremony2016 #peacenblessings

two of many amazing young, beautiful ladies from senior homecoming last night!! Love these sidekicks of mine!! Also I am fasting social media because I noticed that all of my free time is going into it and I want to enjoy my life haha!! #peaceNblessings

Alright friends and family! Tonight I get set apart as a full-time missionary! So I will be handing over all my social media accounts to my mom and sister to take care of for me (possibly occasionally post a picture or two) for the next 18 months! If you would like to email me while I'm gone my email is going to be gemma.dimon@myldsmail.net and I would LOVE to get emails from anyone and everyone! I can't promise I will respond because I have a limited amount of time once a week :) but I'd just like to end and let y'all know that I know this gospel is true. If I didn't I wouldn't be leaving my family and life for a year and a half to let the people of Alabama know that families are forever. That they have a Heavenly Father who loves and KNOWS them personally. We have a savior who chose to came to earth and suffer for each and everyone of us so we would have the opportunity to repent of any and all the mistakes we make in this life. To know that we CAN be forgiven. That sorrow does not last forever. That we can live with our father in heaven again with our families. And most importantly I want them to know that they can do it. That yes this life is hard but as we work together as saints, as brothers and sisters, we can further the Kingdom of God upon the earth for everyone to know the joys of the gospel. I'll see y'all in 18 months friends :) #alabamabirminghammission #thehardestthingiveeverlovedtodo #sistermissionary #peacenblessings

Happy Birthday to me ... #27 #peacenblessings
Photocred: @mccoyjason

Daddy daughter time makes my heart melt. Merry Easterings to all n shizzle. Enjoy the long weekend and don't work too hard. Step back and enjoy life. X #familyiswhereitwillalwaysbeat #peacenblessings


Thanks sja for all the mem.... lol jk you made me cry almost every day #peacenblessings

BE FEARLESS✨✌🏽 “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
•‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ • #peacenblessings


One mans overlooked blessing is another mans happily ever after! Good Morning! Put a smile on someone's face today! 😉🤗 #PeaceNBlessings

Breaking ⚡️ Fast! All Vegan! I earned it, ok. Brunch anyone? #PeaceNBlessings


Keep seeing its #selfie day so I had to join in on the nonsense before the day ended! Been on my #selfie tip alot lately #ElevationBySeparation has definitely been the move to make all the while giving myself #roses along the way. #Latepost #Malibu + #Wine = #GreatTimes #GoodVibesOnly #MalibuWines #Bday #celebration #TaneeTheTO #chocolateoverload #vegetarian #fitchick #locqueen #locksoflove #Melanin #poppin #lover of #life and all things #positive #PeaceNBlessings

.... Morning😊 #PeaceNBlessings

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