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It’s interesting how life always seems to come full circle with it’s lessons. A big one I’ve been learning the last couple of years (literally) has been “finding joy in the journey” (coming to a tank top near you very soon). Time is FLYING by these days because I still can’t believe it’s been that long. But I think that’s also a big part of the lesson. When I first heard the saying it intrigued me, but it also really pissed me off (which was another hint as to why it might be a lesson I needed to learn). I didn’t want to worry about joy in the journey— I wanted to get the journey over with as fast as humanly possible so I could find the joy in the destination— when all of the hard stuff is over.
But that’s just not how life works. If you’re constantly seeking joy in what WILL be, or what you want to be, you will never find it. I used to believe that change was the only constant in life, but I now know that the journey is also a constant in life. We’ll never reach the end of it... until we die. As hard of a truth as that is to swallow.
The sooner we learn to embrace the journey, the sooner we can start to enjoy it. I think joy is more of an acceptance of our forever incompleteness and impermanence and imperfections as human beings.
All of which, are totally fine. Because we ARE human— that’s our purpose in life. To live and to love each other being the best human — fully flawed and wholly broken— only we can be.
Because when you accept yourself, you can love yourself. And when you love yourself, you can love everyone and everything around you— whether you’re in the middle of the journey or at the destination. And THAT love is where you will find the joy. The true, unshakable joy of living. 💗 Joy in the journey tank will be available for pre-order soon. Stay tuned. XXO @cameron_merrill #gracefulrebel #joyinthejourney #diaryofatwentysomething #journey #joy #preorder

Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion. Life will be beautiful.
-Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

And we’ve reached the top! The 7th chakra is the Crown chakra, located at the top of the head, sitting like a crown, radiating upwards. In Sanskrit, Sahaswara is translated as “thousand petals.” This energy center is truly magical. It is associated with enlightenment and spiritual connection, our sense of beauty and our life purpose. .
A balanced crown chakra enables bliss, liberation from limiting patterns, and awareness of higher consciousness and the sacred. We are able to transcend our limitations and access clarity and enlightened wisdom. When the crown chakra is imbalanced, we can feel disconnected to the spirit, obsessive or cynical, greedy, materialistic and close-minded. Physical symptoms can manifest as sleep disorders, depression, mental fog, chronic fatigue, endocrine disorders and migraines.
The crown chakra is very important because it helps the other chakras stay open. However, it is important to note that you must balance your root chakra before attempting to balance your crown chakra as you need a good foundation to remain grounded. Work through all of your chakras from the root upward to stimulate energy flow and harmony.
Simple balancing rituals for the crown chakra include meditation and chanting and Yoga poses like lotus (pictured), Plow, Supported Headstand, Seated Forward Bend and Savasana.
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Oh, sweet Savasana! Final surrender as we closed this JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS workshop series. .
Thank you to all the beautiful yogis who joined on Friday nights this month. 🙏💗.
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Emotional days call for Stress Away! What’s in your diffuser when you have high stress?

DOPE!!! Thank you @a.suppi @peaceloveyoga.natalie
This arrived today and I’m so excited to have a piece of home 🖤
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Currently working towards my dream...⭐️ Spending my bank holiday weekend coming up with lesson plans for yoga classes which I am going to start teaching very soon, so keep your eyes peeled my lovelies. I have found the most perfect little place to teach out of and I can’t wait to share it all with you very soon 🌸💫🙏🏼💛

#restorativeyoga in the hammocks tomorrow morning at 915am followed by Zen Fundamentals aerial yoga at 1030am #elevatewithaly #elevationfloatingfitnessstudio #zenout #peaceloveyoga #idahofallsfun #idahofalls #aerialfitness #aerialyoga #flyhigh

I’m typically the first to post about the hard things we go through in life. To point out the difficult experiences, and use writing as a way to make sense of (and cope with) the pain of everyday life experiences. Because the ‘unspoken about’ moments in-between. The moments of feeling lost and lonely— longing for something you can’t have or see— are really, really difficult.
Emotionally. Mentally. Spiritually.
But one thing life has been showing me lately is that we don’t always have to choose the hard way. There’s an easier route— but it’s not always easy in the sense that we don’t have to put in the work. It’s ‘easy-er’ in that we can be proactive and choose joy instead of pain. We can surrender to the task at hand— to whatever the universe is asking of us, and just @nike it. 💪🏻 (thanks @abedenbaugh for the inspiration 😽). I’ve posted before about struggling to find joy in the journey that is life. And until this moment I never believed it was truly possible.
But now, I do.
The last two weeks have been filled with so many blessings— new friendships and experiences that have reminded me why life is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. That living doesn’t have to be hard... but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy.
As most of you know, I use @graceful.rebel tank tops as a means of self-expression, sharing and solidifying these little life lessons as I learn them. I’ve been dropping hints as to what the next design launch will be, and here it is. I never launch a product or speak to anything unless I have fully embraced it into my own life, and today that happened with finding Joy in the Journey.
The tank/shirt will be available for pre-order soon. I hope you have a beautiful #friyay. And I hope you look for, and find, this kind of unexpected joy in your weekend. 💗✨
XXO - Cam #gracefulrebel #diaryofatwentysomething #joyinthejourney #joy

We've been told that it's National Wine Day! To celebrate, we hope you enjoy some cabernet after namaste. Or perhaps some vino after your vinyasa. Maybe even merlot after your power flow? (OK... we're done.) Happy holidays! ;) #NationalWineDay #AshevilleYogaCenter #Vino #Vinyasa #Cabernet #Namaste #merlot #PowerFlow #IGyoga #YogisofIG #Yogimeme #PeaceLoveYoga #YogaEveryDamnDAy #WineDay #DrinkAllTheWine #DoAllTheYoga

Kindness Rocks! Happy Friday! Smile. Be kind. Be good to those you meet today! #peaceloveyoga #hapoyfriday #lasvegasyogi #healthylifestyle #humankindness #liveurbestlife #loveyourlife #tgif #kindnessrocks

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