Ever wondered how to get over a practice slump?? Go spend a week on a beach and do nothing but read and look at the ocean!!!!! It works. -I did a lot today feels good to be back.
-today I temporarily took out the heart factor in my practice session. It can be so hard to remove myself from my playing (I love it how can I Not express that). Actually I find it hard to remove myself from many things in life. I’m still learning... in becoming an unbiased observer, just the arms and legs to the machine, I felt the importance of the lower half of the bow in this opening. The weight on the underside of my arm. Keeping my bow in the string makes it easier to turn around with an accent. I became more aware! -first vid I tried to look and feel as stoic as possible. It allowed my to really feel the strings.
-second vid I added a smidge of myself. -I think this accelerated my learning process and made me consider technical aspects of the emotions I’m embodying.

This would be better if I actually used some vibrato!!
-more variety in gestures
-sometimes my bow lifts out of the string when it shouldn’t -I love Bach

Celebrating the end of the semester by practicing some Bach! I’m excited to get back to Bach this summer. I’ll probably play this differently tomorrow but for now, this is fine (day 1). -direction always
-more shape in the phrase
-delicacy at the ends of phrases
-lol double stops in second half particularly beat 1 of m 5.
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This gd opera has way too many fifths. I believe this is one of the most challenging things we’ve played this year. I didn’t record the wicked thumb position part, but I did practice it. - more contact with string crossings in the second excerpt.
-guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that I’ll have to do duck hand on the fifths - intonation on the 16ths is not what I want it to be
- madame pinky sat on her throne the entire time!!! Aka my pinky had clear contact with the stick for the entirety of both passages.

After 20+ years in the advertising business I felt I needed a break to spend more time doing things that can really make a difference, personally and for the world in general. So I quit.
In the 6 weeks since, I've spent a ton more time outdoors, cooked a lot more for my family, explored the Bay Area, donated blood, traveled back east to visit with family, and gotten my butt back into the gym. One thing I had planned to spend time doing but had not until today is volunteer my time to organizations working to improve my community.
I spent this morning at Tandem, a group dedicated to early childhood learning. For three hours, I stacked these adorable story blocks.
I'm grateful to have this time to feed my soul, give more of myself to my family, and to hopefully make even just a small difference.
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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” // Alvin Toffler

{Daily Post} "Despite the pain in my feet, I smiled. I waved to strangers I didn’t know because their signs made me laugh. As I passed, I thanked the local firefighters standing by in case they were needed. A stranger watched me put on my knee brace by mile eleven and asked if I was okay; I smiled and nodded. The further I ran the more I came to realize, I was far from alone. Not only did I have other runners around me, I had the community by my side." Submitted by Amanda // The link to read the rest of the post is in our bio // #PeaceLoveProgress

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{Summer Book Nook} Find out more about one of @maggiekshaw's favorite books to read at the link in our profile. Let us know if you add it to your summer reading list! #PeaceLoveProgress

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