I never thought I would be the type to be as involved as I am on campus, but on an impulse (like I make all my decisions) I signed up to be a #peacejamse mentor. I strongly believe that that was one of the best decisions I’ve made here so far. I’m extremely excited to return in the spring and see what the conference is all about. To my Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Jam Fam, I know I got a Double White Mocha but it does not define me; I needed it, please understand. Lastly, to the random student that photobombed us for a majority of our squad pictures, thank you, but why.

second year’s the charm! @peacejamse #peacejamse

Thank you for having us! @peacejamse #peacejamse

Interested in learning how you can be a #VehicleForPeace and inspire youth across the Southeast region while learning more about yourself? Then @peacejamse is the place for you. Whether you’re going to be a returner to our programs or are excited to see what we are all about, come out to one of our Information Sessions to learn more about our global network of peace creators and what we do here at Florida State. Info Sessions will be Wednesday September 5th and Thursday September 6th at 6:00 PM in Dunlap Success Center Room 2201/2202. We cant wait to see ya. #FSU #FSU22 #FSU21 #FSU20 #FSU19 #FindYourCenter #PeaceJamSE

We had an unforgettable time in Tallahassee for the 10th annual PeaceJam Southeast conference hosted by Kailash Satyarthi! We can't wait to see you all next year! @peacejamse #PeaceJamSE #ChangeStartsHere

Highlights from our weekend spent at the PeaceJam Southeast Conference at FSU! @peacejamse #palmermunroeteencenter #peacejamse #peacejam #TallahasseeYouth #fsu

I attended the 2018 PeaceJam Conference at Florida State University with two of the best teachers in the world and with some of my best friends from our PeaceJam group at RPBHS! From the silly car rides with my teachers and peers, to getting to meet Kailash Satyarthi while lighting a candle with him at the PeaceJam Ceremony of Inspiration, to getting to publicly speak and perform in front of an amazing crowd at Open Mic Night, the PeaceJam Conference was a blast! And let's not forget the workshops and family groups that everyone was assigned, because those were equally as amazing! Can't wait to come back next year!!❤❤❤ #peacejamse #peacejamconference #jamily #yay #kailashsatyarthi #nobelpeaceprize #amazing #peacejam #floridastateuniversity

From marching for human rights in the rain to our #jamily groups to our wonderful nobel peace prize winner to our AMAZING dance moves, I’d have to say that #peacejamse was a success this year 😁💕 It’s always such a positive space and always an honor to be a part of it. See you next year!

It’s not every day that you can say you’ve shared genuine love and happiness with an extraordinary group of people, or especially that you got to listen to and even dance with a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate...PeaceJam, thank you for being an organization that has enlightened me and truly made me a better human being #peacejamse #kailashsatyarthi

what a weekend - thank you peacejam again for an inspiring first year for me, congrats on your 10 year anniversary!! i’m absolutely amazed by its impact on the community & will return. (slide for pics + a behindthescenes look when me & my ‘family’ took a group photo & one of my mentors jumped on us - a BIG highlight)
#peacejamse #mypeacejammoment

peacejam with the peacefam ✌🏼#peacejamse

5th year in a row being a part of at least one #peacejamse event. I love this organization and what it stands for and am so glad I got to spend another year helping Leon High School’s PeaceJam. I’m so proud of what you guys accomplished this year! 💓

came for the opportunity to bond with people from all walks of life including the 2014 nobel peace prize laureate, stayed for those little mini iced cinnamon rolls they had at breakfast #peacejamse #mypeacejammoment #everyonejoinpeacejam #phenomenalexperience

this weekend was so powerful and inspiring! i spent all day saturday and today meeting and doing workshops/service projects with awesome people, including the 2014 nobel peace prize winner, kailash satyarthi. (such an amazing guy, please look him up and get as inspired as i am!!!) also, i encourage every one of you to do some research on peace jam and consider joining the team, it has forever changed my life!!!! #peacejamse #mypeacejammoment

Moments like this make life worth living. Ceremony of Inspiration 2018 #MyPeaceJamMoment #PeacejamSe

peacejam2k18 conference day 1 ft. reuniting w brandon wolf!1! #peacejamse #mypeacejammoment

April 7th, 2018: This has been the cutest trip 🚗✨ I have laughed a LOT, met extraordinary people, heard amazing and inspirational stories... The March we did today (with the purpose of creating awareness of human rights) was definitely, my best part of the day. I really felt the mottos‼️ especially because I wish, with ALL my heart that one day the situation of my country, Venezuela, will change; and the government will start to RESPECT human lives. This made me remember a lot about student marches in Venezuela months ago... and how many many students died... The words of Kailash Satyaharti motivated me, I have to be persistent and maintain the hope of improvement en mi BELLISIMA VENEZUELA ☺️. Acotación 👀: En la unión está la fuerza 🇻🇪. No solo se trata de mantener la fe y tener el sueño de una mejor Venezuela, pero también de TOMAR ACCIÓN y empezar a contribuir para un mejor país. Como empiezo yo? Bueno aquí estoy, abriendo mi corazoncito y escribiéndoles un post dedicado a la democracia, a la humanidad, a la justicia, y sobretodo a mi sueño de una mejor Venezuela. 🙆🏽‍♀️ Favorite Quote: “no power in the world is stronger than the power of you” - K.S

#changestartshere #peacejamse

Perfect ending to a perfect day, day one is officially done!! Exited for day two! #MyPeaceJamMoment #PeaceJamse

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