Festa Major De Gràcia, the epitome of Wonder ❤️ What started out as a celebration on a Catholic holiday, The Assumption, is now a festive neighbourhood celebration - think 50 block parties coming together for a week of festivities; dancing, music, food, Catalan traditions. Neighbours spend months designing and decorating their themed streets with mainly recycled goods to compete for first place. The experience is surreally magical ❤️ 💗 “Where Discovery Meets Gratitude” - Ode to Wonder [A. in acronym below. In Arts and Awareness - with mindfulness and mediations. ‘H.A.T.S. OFF’ Self-Compassion Regime, link in bio]

Festa Major de Gràcia. 💗 “Where Discovery Meets Gratitude” - Ode to Wonder [A. in acronym below. In Arts and Awareness - with mindfulness and mediations. ‘H.A.T.S. OFF’ Self-Compassion Regime, link in bio]

Festa Major de Gràcia ❤️❤️❤️ 💗 “Where Discovery Meets Gratitude” - Ode to Wonder [A. in acronym below. In Arts and Awareness - with mindfulness and mediations. ‘H.A.T.S. OFF’ Self-Compassion Regime, link in bio]

"I call myself a Peaceful Warrior... because the battles we fight are on the inside" - Socrates
Joining the fab #Shewolftribe for #SheWolfWednesday.
This week striking a peaceful warrior captured by the super talented @klodianaalia 😘💋🧡💛
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Even on gray days, you gotta keep shining ☀️#yourprettierwhenyousmile #staystrong #peacefulwarrior

Dear Evan Hanson:
One of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Broke my heart wide open, in a good way. A perfect balance of humor, humility, vulnerability, sadness, joy, and truth. It’s a story about a boy with social anxiety, which I believe if were to be really honest, many of us experience to some degree, including me. It’s about having the courage to speak your own personal truth, needs, wants and desires, despite societies expectations of how we think we should be. It’s about being SEEN and accepted for who we are. We often hide the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, in an effort to protect ourselves, and subsequently create these fantasies or ideals in an unconscious attempt to belong, to be loved, and accepted in community with others. I could go on and on here, but for now I’ll just say my heart aches for all those, including me, who have at times been too afraid to be themselves in fear of not being accepted, and loved.
We live in this seemingly crazy world that is moving fast. In this rapid society, are we really seeing each other, hearing one another, and connecting from the heart? I pray we all learn, in service to our collective growth and evolution in this beautiful world we live in. 💙

Starting this week I’m officially adding another class to my teaching schedule! You can now catch me on Sundays at 7:30 AM at @vedayoga for a level 2 class! And of course, still teaching Monday 6 AM level 1 and 7:30 AM level 2! Thank you @kumiyogini for your wisdom, inspiration, and love. And for providing me space to teach and be taught in your studio. ❤️🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️
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Downward facing dog on this 🐪 hump day! Proud of your form, Barnesie. 🧘🏼‍♂️

It leaves me spellbound to feel this all pervaiding presence, this phenomenal show of lights and forms. All happening in perfect synchronisation, without a hesitation. What a blessing to be part of this cosmic dance and to have the ability to consciously reflect on it.

Often I get asked if I don't get bored spending all this time on my own, declining a social happening just to watch a sunset in silence. Mate I have the best time and a neverending enthusiasm to witness life happening at its fullest. Without having to dissect everything with the compulsive habit of labelling and judging.

Society is seriously trapped in the abstract dream of the mind and its words, watching life through the lens of ideas, not a moment to perceive the moment as it is. Rushing it to the next candy of distraction or sensual pleasure. And not even being present enough to enjoy it, already labelling the situation or worrying because it's not fulfilling the expectations. What a mess!

Watch a flower blossoming, it has no anxiety to make it happen. Same we do by pumping our blood even unconsciously, growing our nails or transforming a banana into flesh. It just happens. What a miracle! But people are busy enough in their own mental diarreah to even notice it.

Darwinian evolution won't take us any further. Neither will material development nor political change. It is time for a revolution in consciousness. Compulsion has already proved itself to take us to self-destructive cycles and suffering. We are the only species out of synch with the organic flow of nature. Trying to lord it over the earth, missing the point that our very body is an extension of the planet. One that will become top soil when the day comes.

Hundreds of billions of stars are dancing together but we still think that one stubborn idea in our minds is the axis of the universe.

Will we wake up?

Say YES. Slow down. Just watch the sunset ☀️ #revolution #consciousness #nature #universe #sunset #connection #wakeup #peacefulwarrior #roadtolove

Curious about mindful meditation? .
"When we bring ourselves to Peace, we bring Peace to the world....." 🕉 "....My benefit of Mindfulness, is your benefit. When I take the time to notice and acknowledge my own suffering, I witness the suffering of the world-- as I am not the only one to have ever felt or experience this turmoil. When I take a moment to heal that state of being, I uplift myself and become of better service to others. When we celebrate the cycle of Oneness in this way, we unite with a greater purpose outside ourselves." -- excerpt from Day 7 of DTE 🌱
Down To Earth, a 10 day online meditation intro is set to launch again on September 13th ✌
🌱 10 days-- 10 emails straight to your inbox
🌱 5 foundational discussion 🌱 5 self-led meditation sessions
🌱 5 guided meditation recordings
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🌱 my full support any time you need it
Let's plant those seeds of Peace & Stillness together🙏💚 .
Follow the link in my Instagram bio for a full workshop outline. Keep an eye on my socials for enrollment opening next week! 🌺💖🌺

Scroll through the pictures to see tonight’s guests!

Join us TONIGHT with @ardavany & @suzannetoro on JoyScore Live. We have special guests Marko Zaror, Cadre Scott, and Angella & Mark Ellefson. We will showcase the joy of being a peaceful warrior, BEing Fit and singing. Our guests will share all their talents, wisdom and joy. Inspiring and uplifting you all into a higher state of Being and Joy. •
Streaming on Facebook Live...We will explore the power and benefits of being fit, understanding the mastery within being a Peaceful Warrior and the JOY that is found in sharing happiness through your state of being and singing. May we all Live in Joy! 7:15PM , (-7 UTC) ...Wednesday Night (August 15, 2018).

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