This afternoon, I decided to rehearse one of my favourite movement of the 1st Piano concerto in E minor by Chopin 🎹 This « Romance » was influenced by the composer's first love ❤️ He said in a letter : «  Because, perhaps to my misery, I already have my perfect one whom I have, without saying a word, served faithfully for a year now, of whom I dream, in whose memory the adagio of my concerto has been put up » . This is what we can call « pure romanticism ». Close your eyes and enjoy ...

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Three Types of "Friends"
The Wise One once said:🙏🙌🙏
Confidant:These people are for,“YOU”they are with“YOU”.They are the ones who are responsible for leading you to your destiny.They will challenge you, confront you, rejoice with you weep with you.They will be there through it all good or bad, they will mentor you to reach your full potential.These people are far and few between. If you have found one or one has found you, you are so very fortunate.Remember, become who you want in your life.You will know if you have a real confidant when you share exciting news, they will rejoice with you, they will weep with you when you are in pain, but also they will help you get going again. If you don’t feel genuine excitement and true emotion, beware, they are one of the other 2 below.

Constituents:These people are 'For' what you are “For”☺As long as you are for what they are for, they will walk with you, work with you,be there for what you are for.You must know this, become aware of this,because if they meet somebody else, that will further their agenda(s) they will leave you and be with somebody else to further their agenda.You must be careful not to mistake your constituents for your confidants.This can happen quite easily when you are down and out.You can truly believe you have a confidant when you were in fact too blind to see,because your emotions were unstable and human needs irrationally took over.If you can at least recognize you are in a vulnerable state,take it easy on what you choose to disclose.When you tell these people your dream they are the types that will leave you to go and carry out your dream.
#lovealwayswins 💛3 TYPES OF FRIENDS💛

Autumn OST!!! I literally wanted for this composition to make the listener close their eyes, and think of warm calming moments just like the visuals. To be taken to a peaceful place mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. Be encouraged people, you may not be able to change your circumstances, but can change your entire atmosphere just by having a complete different mindset. Be blessed 🙏🏾, I hope you enjoy.
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Awakening..... From Prayers on the Wind

By @dean.evenson & @peterali.cedar.earthmusic

“May your love be felt within the shadows, for those who wanted will surely reach the sea...”

Preview of a #newsong on our upcoming album #beyondhere
saltofthesound.com/kickstarter (link also in bio)

Just on my zone #peacefulmusic does it touch ya soul😱😱

its sad how few people have heard of this amazing band.
"absolutely anything" by brand new friend
Please forgive my voice rn, I'm just getting off of a cold)

From #AskAkira 015, live every Thursday at 1pm PST!
Thanks Youtube Hero Aleks for the clips!

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