#PeaCcce&;Positivity ☔💧Stay Real

Walking through the jungle and stepped into some amazing shit
My presence alone is just a high
(Ha, made you blink) 💫.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤.

There's feelings being caught, I suggest you pick your lines wisely 🌹
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌♥.

You may have weaknesses, but God has strength🍃. You may have sin, but God has grace. 🙏You may fail, but God remains faithful!🙏👑. Have a blessed Sunday yall 🌹♡.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤.

There's so much to be grareful for 🍃.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤.

: Go out and Go for Gold own the moment 👑.🕊🍃.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤

#PeaCcce & positivity

The will of God will never take Us where His Spirit won't protect Us ♡🍃 .
#HappySunday 🍃😊
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤.

I tried to tell you keep it REAL or Keep Moving _
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤.

If you expecting me to fall, hold your breath, cross fingers 😏. God Is within me , I will not fall 😁
#PeaCcce & Positivity ✌❤.

Tell me do you want a kidney or liver from me 💁.?
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤

They told me open up more , I told em file damaged💁☝. #PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤

Ain't my Fault that you wasn't heaven sent ☝. 🌺.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌🙏

I'm not what happened to me . ☝ I am what I choose to become .
_Teddymax's words.
#PeaCcce&;Positivity ✌❤

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