Man. 2 weeks couldn't have come fast enough. #snuggles #teatime #comfy #saturdaynightvibes #pdxlesbians

I had this Monday off work. Sleeping in and then walking through the park on a sunny day to get coffee... 🖤💟🖤💟 #bestmondayever
#queerpromotor #pdxlesbians

Mermaid in the sun #pdxlesbians

Sometimes people handle their emotions better than I can. Some people can just ask a feeling to leave. Sometimes they call it by name. Sometimes people forget.
Sometimes people mask it in better scents
in better conversations
In better company.
Sometimes people leave their body. Sometimes people leave their home. Sometimes people try everything. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it partly goes... Sometimes it partly comes back. Sometimes I feel everything. Sometimes I'm numb. Sometimes today is great, sometimes yesterday was better. Maybe let's talk tomorrow- we will get together sometime soon. Sometime later. Sometimes they're excuses, sometimes they're cries. Sometimes I grow. Sometimes I just survived.
But there's always a sometime, and sometimes you have to lean into it. Until sometimes turns into some time- when you were there, but now you're here.
For some time.

We leave her alone for one night...#pdxlesbians

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