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cheers with beers! #lesbians #pdxlesbians #wildfang #pbr 🤘🏼

Working with kids makes you wanna be a kid sometimes! 💁🏽
#oregonpark #pdx #pdxfall #pdxlesbians

You're the reason soul mates were invented. Happy 2 years @cute_little_pepper_shaker I love you. "We first made eye contact sitting across from one another in a room full of people. We looked up, smiled at each other and looked away without speaking a word. Under normal circumstances that would have been the end of our interaction. But there was nothing normal about our connection, and you must have realized that, because you spent the next month stalking me until you got my attention…and then the next year making me chase you until you conceded that I’m even better up close and personal than as a stranger on the other side of the room.
Trudy, you are crazy and kind and complicated and so easy to be with. You hold my hand through anxiety attacks, let me cry when I’m angry, make me laugh when it doesn’t seem that there is a thing in the world to laugh about. You make me realize that there are no boundaries when it comes to happiness. When you walk through the door at the end of a wonderful day, I’m even happier because you’re there to share it with and on the days when I feel like nothing has gone right, I realize that I’m wrong because I have you and everything about us is so incredibly right.
From this day forward, I promise to pretend to kill spiders for you. To be your spell checker. To leave you the last beer, unless I really needed it. I will love you through sickness, because we all know what I signed up for, and in health. I promise to smother you with kisses and compliments until you wonder what it is that I’m after. I promise to be your quiet cheerleader and your biggest fan.
I cannot wait to grow old with you. To watch you turn into a grumpy old woman. To yell at neighbor kids to get off our lawn together.
You are perfect. I’ve known it from the moment that we finally first spoke. Not for everybody, but for me. You are the other half of my soul. You are the parts of me that I cannot be on my own. You are the pieces of my heart that I never knew were missing. Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same."
#lesbiansofinstagram #sogay #pdxlesbians #happyanniversary #gaymarried

My Pdx Pride was pretty great! Once again, we're a community of love, solidarity and kick ass parties... Can't wait for Seattle Pride with the crew. #pdxlesbians #portlandpride #begayaf #lovewins🌈


Infamous bathroom #pdxlesbians #ccslaughters

Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite humans. I love you so much buddy! And miss you beyond words. Hope you have an amazing birthday today Leah, wish that I could be there to celebrate your life today. Can't wait for our next reunion tho. I love your face off! @leahrad7 🎂🍾🎉🎈 #happybirthday #bestie #bromance #pdxlesbians #missyou


Great day for wheelin and shootin😎 #pdx #jeepwrangler #jeeplife #brownscamp #oregongrown #pdxlesbians

Keep your feet on the ground when your head’s in the clouds...

It’s my favorite time of the year🖤☠️🖤 #lesbiansofinstagram #pdxlesbians #halloweenmakeup #skull #pnw #rotwithme #transboy

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