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This is the face you pull when you see your team mates, while on your way to crushing a 304km relay race in under 30 hours taking First Ladies team home!

Not sure what this running form is about though...best ask @brainsfromthischick 😂 📸: @from_syd
#ragnarniagara2017 #pdrrladiesxragnar
#pdrr #pdrrladies #nokillsjustlove

Real friends. 😌

Hey everyone, can we get serious for a sec? Please limit your screen time, because it might get you Photoshopped out of awesome photos. Also, my first slideshow! 📸 @from_syd #pdrrladiesxragnar #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #PSA #RagnarNiagara

🚨 REMINDER: This Saturday's run will be leaving from BOND RUNNING (329 Spadina Ave.) instead of the Gladstone! We will be doing a shakeout run for the Goodlife Toronto Marathon, and it is therefore OPEN TO ALL! Meet at 8:45AM and leave by 9AM sharp. Route is up via the link in our site. 🚨 SECOND REMINDER: The #PDRRladiesxRagnar crew has rounded up a sweet set of 15 raffle prizes that are up for grabs after Saturday's run - some are valued at up to $400! Want 'em? Buy 1 ticket for $5 or 5 for $20. All proceeds go to the charity they are running for - the Newcomer Girls' Leadership program @westnh.

The draw will take place post-Shakeout at @bondrunning (you don't have to be there in-person to claim your prizes). Prizes include gifts donated generously from the team's sponsors:

DM @acroanya or @daniellebird to get all the details on the prizes and to buy your tickets! Or, track down one of the ladies during the run on Saturday.

See you on Saturday! #PDRR #alwaysontherun #RagnarRelay

💕for community support 💕for sisterhood // My own situation recently make me rethink and re-evaluate the importance of community support, physical activity, and mental health! Being that said, I'm even more excited and proud of this team! We have raised more than $5000 for West House Neighbourhood New comer program @westnh_nyp ; you can still donate, link in bio// From Tomorrow, we will be running from Cobourg to Niagara Falls. If you don't have special plans for your Friday or Saturday, please come out to cheer for some runners! 😉Toronto portion: Scarborough Village along Kingston road down to waterfront trail MGT until Humber Bay park, where lots of us have spent million hours and spread tons of sweat on in the past couple of years! If you are living along the lake in Pickering, Oshawa, Hamilton etc, please check out Ragnar Niagara Map, maybe the runners will pass your house!!! Give them a high five, a hug, a shout-out, or half banana (no peels plz lol) // you can follow our adventure via social media #pdrrladiesxragnar //

MAJOR FEELS // Over 300km crushed by these absolute beauties! So great to have experienced this race with this crew. The running high is real. @parkdaleroadrunners represented with 2 teams, one ladies, one co-ed. Proud of what we all accomplished. Congrats to all the teams that got out there this weekend!! 🍻

#pdrrladiesxragnar #pdrr #alwaysontherun
Photo: by the incredible @from_syd the real MVP this weekend!!!!

Thanks @niketoronto for the AHHHMAZING support of our #pdrrladiesxragnar team. These running shoes & tights are definitely cat approved 😻. Thanks for all the love!
#justdoit #ragnarrelay #pdrrladiesxragnar #nikeToronto #parkdaleroadrunners

Good things brought to you by good people📢 #pdrrladiesxragnar teaming up with @niketoronto @nikerunning to support young ladies of our community. One wk to go! And we're so close to our fundraising goal of $5k, that will go directly towards the Newcomers Youth Program @westnh @westnh_nyp 🏴check the link in my bio for more info 🏴 📷: @tobiaswphotos

3/3 comin' in hot 🔥
special thanks to pacer extraordinaire @drew82 for the sprinkler fun run and wine tour.
nothing left to do but CHEER for our last leg! #wemadeit #pdrrladiesxragnar #pdrr #ragnarrelay


Be sure to check out ya girl and all her girls in the November/December issue of @canadianrunning! We were thrilled to have the chance to chat a bit about training this summer with the youth of West Neighbourhood House. Also in the publication are a profile on @stevenartemiw's @bondrunning and a feature on the PDRR guys who ran the Kananaskis 100-Mile Relay Race (written by @olmugsy and photographed by @elenithecamera). Not too shabby @parkdaleroadrunners!

Mission complete. Congrats to these young ladies of @westnh_nyp who committed to taking on their first road race in July, and put their summer and fall training to the test this morning. We have been meeting with them weekly to mentor them through training, and here is everyone with medals in hands and beaming smiles across faces. I wasn't there to witness the race in person, but watched it unfold on social and am lucky enough to have been there for much of the journey. Congrats again to all the young women and the PDRR ladies! Here's to your working toward and achieving your next goal! #pdrrladiesxragnar #PDRRladies #pdrrxwnh #STWM #STWM5K #pdrrgirls

This race season I accomplished a lot but none of it was as rewarding as training and pacing a group of girls from @westnh_nyp run their first 5km race. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey, it was a confetti filled dance party from start to finish ❤️🎉🥇 #takechargetoronto #wnh #pdrrgirls #pdrrladies #pdrrladiesxragnar #adidas #stwm

Coming soon to the pages of @canadianrunning mag! Last night these firecrackers from West Neighbourhood House really showed us how quick they've become and dedicated they truly are. Watching them progress has been incredible!

Smiles for 3.1 miles! We're out there every Wednesday with the ladies of West Neighbourhood House getting stronger, quicker and a more confident by the day. Last week we scoped out the starting line of the Waterfront 5k -- the starting line these ladies will be toeing in just over a month. If you see us training or on the race course, throw us a cheer!

Each Wednesday we're getting stronger and running farther. It's been a joy mentoring the girls of West Neighbourhood House as they take on this new challenge and set their sights on crushing a fall race. #PDRRgirls #PDRRladies #Parkdale #pdrr #PDRRladiesxRagnar

Throwback to last December and our very first Ragnar Relay meeting. After discussing the general logistics, we tossed around the idea of doing more than run, but also using the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Seven months later, after $5,000 raised, 304km run, an "Almost First" baton earned and friendships forever strengthened, we're now two weeks into our training group with the young women of West Neighbourhood House's Newcomer Youth Program. Thank you again to all of our supporters, and to all the lovely PDRR ladies who've come on board to mentor the girls! #PDRRladiesxragnar #PDRRladies #PDRRgirls #PDRR #tbt #throwbackthursday

Hey everyone, can we get serious for a sec? Please limit your screen time, because it might get you Photoshopped out of awesome photos. Also, my first slideshow! 📸 @from_syd #pdrrladiesxragnar #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #PSA #RagnarNiagara

🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ #globalrunningday #pdrr #pdrrladiesxragnar #throwback #niketoronto #getoutandrun #squad #alwaysontherun #wnhs

#FBF to exactly 2 weeks ago when we were setting off to live in a van and run a relay until we reached Niagara Falls.
Van #2 couldnt have done it without @oh.em.jerry @drew82 who kept us safe, paced us for upwards of 20km each, alongside in the middle of the night, great laughs, kept our best interest always in mind and the tunes playing!! @from_syd worked just as hard, if not more than anyone on the team, being back and forth between the 2 vans, sleep deprived and still perfectly capturing every moment, the different feelings and aspects of our 304km journey.

Thank you, van #2 loves you!!!! Ps. That knight rider busta rhymes song still plays in my head :) Photo: @brainsfromthischick #pdrrladiesxragnar #RagnarRelay

a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. [Does a van and 28+ hours count? Heck yes!]
a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
When I agreed to take @verymissmerry's place in #pdrrladiesxragnar team, I wasn't quite sure what I was signing up for. 304kms later, I couldn't be happier or prouder of having said "yes". Yes to running a lot, being sleep-deprived, cold and tired. But more importantly, the bond, the love, the community that grew out of this crazy relay is unparalleled.
Yes to getting out of your comfort zone.
Yes to saying 'yes' and figuring things out later.
Yes to surrounding yourself with women -and men - that lift you up, empower you and believe in your unlimited potential.
Yes to making a difference and raising money so that other women can also experience the power of running and the community that builds around it.
Yes to living life to its fullest.
Special thanks to @from_syd for capturing these moments so beautifully.
And @melanie.bw & @acroanya for leading our teams and being the awesome captains.
Lots of love to our support crew and van dads super stars.
#pdrrxragnarrelay #strongwomen #community #pdrrladies #niketoronto #justdoit

#TBT to one of my favorite moments from last weekend's 304km relay....was when @birdamyflying ran across the Toronto waterfront (aka home turf) and reached the end of her leg at Humber Bay Park accompanied by an amazing entourage of pacers @danielblether @stevenartemiw, cyclists @ms_stephhamilton @ladyscorcher @stevepurf @kuya_xl @jj_rosalie @ladygraceofegan @sarahjeancurtis etc and our one and only stick woman @acroanya, and was handing over to the next runner @rachelward32. Ahhhh what a heart warming moment!!! I keep replaying this over and over in my mind. Still on a high off all the love, support and good vibes! Thanks for all your support everyone! #pdrrladiesxragnar #pdrr #crewlove

Still vibing on the Ragnar Relay experience. The obstacles, achievements, love, sweat and tears. Our goal was to challenge ourselves, have fun and to run for a bigger purpose.
Our work this summer with the WNH Newcomer Youth Leadership Program @westnh_nyp @westnh will be the culmination of what we accomplished together on race day.
We hope to instill a love of running, a sense of community and good sportsmanship to the girls we coach and train this summer. That's the real win.
#WomanCrushEveryday #WCW
#PDRRLadiesxRagnar #goodtimesoutside #pdrr #pdrrladies #niketoronto #golcanada #ragnarrelay #ragnarniagara #fuelsimply #justdoit #zoommomo #elevatewomensrunning #strongertogether #betterforit #goodsport #alwaysontherun #squadgoals #badassladygang
Photos: @from_syd

Congrats Melissa and the Entire Parkdale Road Runners Team!
#Repost @melissad_rmt
RUN // Leg 4 (run 1) complete! 9.2km of hills, hills, hills! Great way to kick off the day! Love this team. @parkdaleroadrunners @niketoronto @mec @mec_toronto
Photo: @from_syd
#PDRRLadiesxRagnar #goodtimesoutside #pdrr #pdrrladies #niketoronto #golcanada #ragnarrelay #ragnarniagara #fuelsimply #justdoit #zoommomo

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