Mouth breather Mondays.

I’ve had a week to reflect on why last Monday’s freezing rain monsoon marathon bust was the best thing that could have happened to my running. And in light of the fact that one of my besties just ran an equally anomalous @londonmarathon, I wanted to share a few thoughts:
1. If you haven’t yet read the NYT op ed “Why Men Quit and Women Don’t,” give it a gander. My first 25km in partnership with @mel_runs was no exception. This large and badass lady gang of women runners in Toronto (and Montreal and NYC!) is exceptionally supportive – and I could feel that all the way through.
2. I felt, carried and confronted a whole range of insecurities along the way.  I was so nervous that I barely slept the week+ leading up. I was still limping the day before. I almost peed my pants waiting for the porta potty in Athlete’s Village. I was already soaked and my feet were ice blocks on the start line. My watch failed in the rain (cumulative time and km splits were inaccurate). My hip rebelled at 25km. My arms froze into T-Rex formation and I couldn’t open gels. I stopped to pee, drink water (T-Rex styles), walk up a hill, and to talk to my fam/partner and kiss them a bunch of times while trying to drink a Maurten and not succumb to hypothermia. And honestly, I almost gave up more times than I can count or remember. •

As a relatively novice runner, 90% of my battles are with my own ego. Some people call my stubbornness and will “determination.” But like anything, determination needs moderation. Otherwise, determination equals injury. This race taught me that my best IS good enough, no matter the time on the clock at the finish line. And that finishing, uninjured (ish) and still being able to run is worth more (to me) than being wheeled off the course OR giving up when my expectations don’t align with reality. And most importantly, I learned that my cheer squad of loving and supportive family and friends is bigger than I ever thought. •

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me.

Run hard / play hard #PDRR #pdrrladies #strollersquad

babies, blue skies and sunshine. saturdaze...

Indoor climbing with an outdoor view. 🌄❤
Ladies night at @climbinglounge ends with a yoga session and made me long for #pdrrladies runs followed by yoga with @kate_n_evans.
Miss getting strong with all you TO ladies.

Balance. Courage. Perseverance.
HUGE congrats to 3 incredible ladies who absolutely crushed the @bostonmarathon today! @natslomka @mel_runs @ms_stephhamilton - you were 3 of the first ladies I met at @parkdaleroadrunners and 3 amazing athletes I looked up to while training for my first marathon. I couldnt be happier for you all to toe that start line together today and continue to inspire those in our community! 💙💛🦄 #pdrrladies

#pdrrladies still braving those winter warz ❄️#alwaysontherun #pdrr

From running friends to soul sisters and now new moms. 💖@verymissmerry
Felix and Penelope will have the best times together.

Reunited with so many of our faves ❤️

Got this in the mail yest, so I guess it’s real! .
Been keeping my training low pro’ this winter ‘cause I didn’t want to jinx it after a year of injury. It hasn’t been easy, nor has it been smooth. I’ve been able to get in some speed work and hills, long run workouts and a beta test race pace at @aroundthebayrace , but every day is still play-by-feel. Some days I wake up with a limp, some days I don’t. .
I allowed performance anxiety to get the better of me for a while, but I’m in a much better place now. This may or may not be a PB race, but I’m excited and so grateful to be able to experience this course. All I can say is that I’ll do my best 💙💛


Let’s go to the Ex...or run past it!
#pdrrladies #alwaysontherun #cne

good vibes only on a quiet Toronto long weekend 🍫🐰 #pdrrladies

We’re super excited to host the @parkdaleroadrunners starting with the #pdrrladies this Saturday!! Welcome home guys!! #pdrr #alwaysontherun #coffeeandrunning #after20itsnotafart


ATB Shakeout.
Sending energy and strength to those running and joy and good vibes to those cheering.
Make us proud Parkdale💪

Ive missed these lovelies! Its been 8 months and im so happy to be able to swing my arms and run consistently again. Patience, the right support and mindset has made all the difference.
Photo: @lama87
#pdrrladies #saturbaes

Beautiful morning run to the winter stations with some beautiful people #womenbeemotional #pdrrladies 💕☕🏃‍♀️

Lucky to have beautiful parks and sunny mornings to run 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🍀#Pdrr #pdrrladies #alwaysontherun #soraurenpark

Beautiful morning for a run but come soon summer! #pdrrladies

Icy chicks enjoying some Saturday sun🌞#PDRR #pdrrladies #alwaysontherun

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