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Thank you so much @pdnonline for PDN Photo of the Day! Opening tomorrow in #Boston @robertkleingallery @arslibriltd Ars Libri #pdnonline #photooftheday #robertkleingallery #mixedmedia

Thank you @pdnonline for the amazing write up on the @Aeropostale commercial!! #NYC #TimesSquare #Aeropostale #pdnonline

Beauty&Kindness • Donelli WedArt Series #weddingphotographersociety #wppi #rangefinder #pdnonline #love

Lynn Gilbert’s quiet, serene color photographs record the interiors of traditional private homes in Turkey, Syria and Uzbekistan. Mostly empty of people, the peaceful spaces are rich with patterned textiles, lace-covered windows and tile floors covered in carpets. Her photos, along with Didier Vanderperre’s study of Xinjiang, an autonomous region in northwest China, are part of “Along the Silk Roads,” an exhibition at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, that is part of the school’s year-long look at the ancient network of trade routes that linked China, Central Asia, West Asia, and Europe, and were a precursor to today’s global economy. Follow the link in our profile to see more from the @gtmuseum show at #PDNONLINE.

"Bee" Irving Penn. New York, 1995.
Courtesy of PDNOnline #potd #pdnonline
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#ChristopherRussell’s “use of wallpaper-like organic patterns considers the ways we try to represent the natural world in art, design and decoration,” #PDNonline writes in their recent feature of Russell’s solo exhibition, Escape From LA. Read the rest: goo.gl/x0JVEi

Casablanca. A boy and his new goat. The goat is the newest recruit on the landscaping crew for the lawn under the El Crista de La Habana statue.


Found miniatures. Swains General Store, Port Angeles, WA

Self / The guy behind the camera 👋🏼 #hellonewfriend

@creativerecreation Baretto Wheat Gum with @vibram soles 😎 #productphotography

Trevor / Studio portrait 📷 #denverphotographer

Spongebob Identity crisis...

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr. #sunrise #bethelight

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