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Owambe throw back to my phoebe's wedding! Best girl! I wore this white dress made with sugar lace fabric I got from Lagos Island market with Sego Gele. #BudgetFriendlyasAlways.
I must emphasise It was a Beautiful Wedding that didn't break the bank of her guests. She had a surprise collective shower, the planners were excellent, both her and her husband's friends came together to celebrate them. We were many, so individual contributions were minimal . Best part, NO ASOEBI, NO COSTS, NO FRIENDS OF THE BRIDE RULES, NO OVERWHELMING REQUIREMENTS, NOTHING! Just show up with your I.V and Wear what you have (but friends were politely asked to wear white IF they had). We even had lovely souvenirs(at the shower and wedding) regardless of not purchasing any Asoebi. At the wedding I ate till I was FULL! The hostesses treated everyone like they were special, family and friends alike. From the moment I walked in till I settled in, there was an usher to take my "order" and ensure I was served. Then the D.J at the traditional wedding, Gospel tracks back to back! Chai I danced. Infact forget the hashtags and everything in between, that wedding was an intimate one filled with love and thoughtfulness. I learnt so much and I hope every prospective bride will also learn from this my friend 💜💜 welldone @phoebedamiasolo #theweddingcounsellor #pda16 #PDA2016

Segundo Post do pda vai pro meu maior orgulho, pra essa criatura aí que de pequena só tem o tamanho.. premiação com 2º lugar no solo livre juvenil, minha primeira coreo no pda junto com a rainha da p#^#* toda @larissathe❤️ na correria, a gente não conseguiu bater foto as três juntas, mas tá valendo! muito orgulho de ti, pequena. e muito feliz e agradecida com o convite pra participar, larissao! amor que transborda! e que venham os outros posts! #pda2016 #pequenagigante #2lugar #teamlarissao

T U B O B R I D E 💍
@phoebzz in "The OTISI set" being her first outfit for her traditional engagement #pda2016 #tubobride 💕

#sneakpreview #pda2016 #edoprincess congratulations @phoebzz and Dami!
May this be the beginning of a blessed and fulfilling union full of love grace and favour

Um feliz 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ a todos #PDA2016/17 🎇🎉

Been through a lot.
Yet still standing.

Yesterday was spent at Eko Hotel and suites performing at the wedding of @phoebzz and @damilolaasolo .I wish you a happy married life
#pda2016 @dee_larry @larriz_princess
#weddingsinger #wedding .

We SURPRISED them, we cried, we danced, we shared memories, we laughed and most importantly we prayed. This is to wish the Asolo's a beautiful married life ahead. Phoebee, knowing you has been a blessing. Please keep being so beautiful and may God bless your new home loveeeeer!!! #weddingshower #bridalshower #pda2016 #pda16 #throwback 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


Flash back to this amazing Effect , the Fog and the Snow is always a delight to behold . Special effect by @innovatemedia1 planned by @bisolatrendybee decor by @aquariantouchevents #flashbackfriday #specialeffect#lighting#weddingdress #weddingdesign#weddinginspiration #weddingdiaries#pda2016

#day3 at the #trendybeeventsmasterclass It was #victorian for our dresses today, even our mannequin came to slay the #victorian way. Thanks to @cakesbytosan for the wonderful tact-sharing in how to help build a structure for your business also to @funkebucknor Wonderful energetic inspiring woman also to @bisolatrendybee For putting this amazing event together also phoebe the bride from #pda2016... Sorry did i tell you we had a proper ball today? Oh yes we did from the ambience to the pianist to the guest artiste to the food (all the courses) which by the way was exquisite, i was filled to the brim #winks to the #afterparty oh yes we did have an afterparty with an hypeman, jeez almost forgot to tell you i also won a gift , guess what the prize is .... Had fun while learning thanks to the whole #trendybeevents Team, you all were awesome

Candid shots of the future President of the Federal replublic of Nigeria 🇳🇬 @ore_ogundipe "we are loyal Sir" . Memories from #pda2016 #7theyedmedia #NigeriasownEmmanuelMacron #youngentrepreneur #asoebiinspiration

Life is a journey, ceunah. #PDA2016

**** Demain dès 19h30 sur la page officielle du PDA découvrez l'interview exclusive Barro, gagnante de la catégorie AFRO du PDA 2016 !! **** @princebarro NOUS LIVRE SON RESSENTI SUR LA PREMIERE EDITION DU PDA TOP!" " C'est un événement qui pousse beaucoup de danseur à participer au Battle et à faire des videos pour pouvoir être nominer. Suite à ça j'ai eu beaucoup d'ouverture "
#pda2016 #prestigedanceawards #prestigedanceawards2016 #prestigedanceaward2016

Découvrez l'interview exclusive d'Anissa, gagnante de la catégorie hip-hop girl du PDA 2016 !! sur la page Facebook officiel du prestige Dance Awards @anis_sa16 NOUS LIVRE SON RESSENTI SUR LA PREMIERE EDITION DU PDA TOP!" Tout artiste mérite d'avoir quelque chose, les danseurs sont des artistes. Pour moi ils se doivent d'avoir un trophée .

**** Demain dès 10h sur la page officielle du PDA découvrez l'interview exclusive d'Anissa, gagnante de la catégorie hip-hop girl du PDA 2016 !! **** @anis_sa16 NOUS LIVRE SON RESSENTI SUR LA PREMIERE EDITION DU PDA TOP!" "Toute artiste se mérite d'avoir quelque chose. Les danseurs sont des artistes, pour moi ils se doivent d'avoir un trophée !

#pda2016 #prestigedanceawards #prestigedanceawards2016 #prestigedanceaward2016

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