Nom nom nom nom. When we do tacos we usually use lettuce leaves as the shells but they didn't have organic, so I bought hard shells instead 🙊 #noregrets #tacothursday #everydaytacos #pcos #pcossucks #pcosweightloss #pcosweightlossjourney #chronicillness #weightloss #health #healthylifestyle #pcosfood #pcosmeals

I am obsessed with this Dandy Blend! Obsessed! I’ve seen this product around the last couple years, but was always afraid to try it because of previous heinous experiences with other dandelion products. I’ve been trying to be more vigilant about caring for my adrenals ( adrenal fatigue is common with PCOS), and cut out the coffee I am starting to become dependent on. This dandy blend has been a lifesaver to me. Adding unsweetened creamer really makes me feel like I’m drinking a latte. Anyone looking to cut coffee, definitely check out this brand. #justafan #adrenalfatigue #caffeineaddict #liverhealth
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I love peanut butter. What about you guys? This picture shows my transition in my choice of peanut butter as I started eating keto and cleaned up my way of eating. The @kraft_brand Sea Salt one is my absolute all time favorite. In my new video 📽️ I review each and give you a bonus trick on how to always avoid the annoying seperation that happens in all natural peanut butter. To check it out click on the link in my bio. .
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Pure Deliciousness!!! 🙌🏾
Feeling 100% better today! I don’t know what I ate between Sunday and Tuesday that literally tore me up! I have never pooped so much in my lifeeee! Sorry, TMI, but your girl went through a rough patch!!! Anyway, I’m good now!
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Ok NOW my luggage is packed! Although we get our shake prepped for us daily, I always take back-up! Im kind of addicted and will do whatever it takes to make sure the nasty symptoms of PCOS and Chronic Anemia stay away! \________\__———::///—-/////
ahora si ya mi maleta está lista para viajar! Aunque nuestra compañía siempre tiene batidas preparado cuando nos levantamos yo siempre acostumbro a traer demás porque para mí esto es imprescindible, puesto que me mantiene sin síntomas de PCOS ni de Anemia crónica! •

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Breakfast for lunch kind of day. Eggs, pico de gallo, and mushrooms.

| D I N N E R 😋
It's beef tenderloin 🥩 with cucumber 🥒, mushrooms 🍄, carrot 🥕 and fresh spinach on the side.

The beef has 125 calories per 100 gram and I ate 172 gram. 125 / 100 = 1,25 x 172 = 215 calories.
Cucumber 🥒 has 15 calories per 100 gram and I ate 79 gram. 15 / 100 = 0,15 x 79 = 11,85 calories.
Mushrooms 🍄 has 28 calories per 100 gram and I ate 25 gram. 28 / 100 = 0,28 x 25 = 7 calories.
Carrot 🥕 has 36 calories per 100 gram and I ate 30 gram. 36 / 100 = 0,36 x 30 = 10,8 calories.
Fresh spinach has 23 calories per 100 gram and I ate 3 gram. 23 / 100 = 0,23 x 3 = 0,69 calories.

🌸Tip 57 - Be Prepared When Eating Out!🌸
You can still enjoy eating out whilst still following your PCOS food plan it’s all about preparation and not giving in to peer pressure!.
Find below👇
• Have a browse through the menu at home prior to going out this will give you a bit more time to plan.
• Look at the gluten free section first on the menu .
• Go through all ingredients to ensure it’s also dairy free & soya free (you can also ask to see a more detailed list that’s for allergy purposes of all ingredients of that meal).
• You can ask to not include a particular food / ingredient within your meal or swap it with another. .
• Avoid any refined sugars and watch out for what’s in soft drinks (I go for sparkling water with lemon).
• Include protein if your having complex carbs to keep sugar levels stable. .
• Include at least one healthy fat to reduce cravings (e.g avocado).
• Bring along a small container of any extra nutritional add ons for your meal that you can mix in (flaxseed, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts).
• Take your supplements with your food.
HELP! Everyone’s having a starter?.
• A great choice for me is olives in olive oil or sundried tomatoes plus you can share!.
HELP! Everyone’s having a dessert?.
• What I have learnt that this part is truly psychological. Are you still hungry? Do you need to eat a dessert because everyone else is eating one? Will this help your PCOS? If they don’t offer any fruit and only have desserts that go against your food plan then you can always wait until you get home and have some dark chocolate or enjoy a naked bar (Cocoa Orange is my fav!) so you can still have something sweet with nutritional value. .
My go to meal at @nandosuk - Quinoa Salad with Chicken and sparkling water with lemon.
• Chicken breast (plain).
• Quinoa.
• Sweet potato chunks. .
• Avocado chunks.
• Sweet baby plum tomatoes.
• Cucumber.
• Mixed salad leaves.
• Seeds and grains.
• No feta cheese ❌(inform to not include).
• Flaxseed (which I add in).
• Pumpkin seeds (which I add in).

What do you see here?
Bird food?
Whole food?
Boring food?
Feel-good food?
I used to be 1 and 3.🤦‍♀️
Changing your OWN mind about how you see food, how you see nourishment, how you see pleasure...also changes how you see your OWN health. .
1 small honey crisp apple
1 cup veggies
2 tbsp garlic hummus
Fun Fact - Cucumbers contain multiple B vitamins known to help ease feelings of anxiety and buffer some of the damaging effects of stress.👍

One of the TOP practices that has truly helped me throughout the week is to prep as much as I can in advance.
This doesn't mean you have to cook everything. But you can do a little cleaning, chopping, prepping and a smidge of cooking to save yourself!!😉
As soon as you get your grocery haul home from the market;
- Wash all produce
- Chop, slice, peel - Place in containers for easy access throughout the week
Even further, you can portion out your snacks and quick grabs in smaller containers or even baggies. When you open the fridge looking for something to eat, you will be more apt to grab a prepared "healthy" snack if it's already...ready to go.🍓🥦
If you have a busy beginning of the week, cook, bake or grill some of your protein. It too will be ready for you to make meals when in a rush or pressed for time. .
Often I will have my hubby grill some of our protein for the week. I'll use it for lunch or dice up chicken with veggies for the kids dinner or even have a fully prepared meal for nights at the ball park.
Keep it simple. It WILL save you and help keep you on track.
Again, let me know if this was helpful or any questions you may have.😁

Almost a decade apart!! The picture on the right was a month after having Bryce when I started drinking ketones and the left was almost TEN years before!! #momstrong .
Want to learn more? Click the link in my bio or shoot me a message girl!!! 🔥🦄

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