Turmeric is one of the most powerful healers with antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It is commonly used in Asian food (it is the main spice in curry). ➰〰️➰
Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and is basically good for everything. I recommend making a habit of using it raw at least 3 times a week. For several years I have been using it in powder and I started to purchase the root only several months ago (now you can find it everywhere!). Well, let me tell you, the root is definitely much better and I love to eat it raw in my salads. We also use it to make recipes like paella, hummus, quinoa etc. It is a magic root, let’s see why:
It is great to
1. modulate inflammation,
2. reduce pain,
3. have a healthier cardiovascular system,
4. increase eye health,
5. help with digestive problems;
6. increase cognitive health!
7. Normalize sugar levels
8. Prevent anxiety
9. Support hormonal balance and fertility
A study conducted in India concluded that Curcumin (the active phytochemical component in turmeric that is responsible for its bright yellow color) is an effective treatment for people with major depression. This study showed that curcumin may work just as well as Prozac!
Turmeric is ideal in case of chronic disease, immune system problems and to detox.
It is a great supporter of fertility because it protects the liver which, as the master detoxifier, plays a key role in hormonal balance.
Studies showed that turmeric may be helpful for those dealing with:
* endometriosis
* uterine fibroids
* ovarian cysts
* premenstrual pain
* amenorrhea
To experience its anti-inflammatory and gut health benefits try make sure to 3 teaspoons a day.

September marks my one-year FAMversary!
Around this time last year, I was struggling with a host of “mystery symptoms” and was spending hundreds of dollars trying to find a diagnosis. Last September I was driving home from work, stuck in traffic, mulling over all my health issues when I got a gut feeling. You know the ones—they come out of nowhere and hit you hard, but you know they’re right. My intuition told me that hormonal birth control, which I’d been on for 12 years to “regulate” my cycles, was causing all my problems.

The next day I picked up the Period Repair Manual by @larabriden . By the time I was 1/3 of the way in, I had already made the decision to kill the pill. By the time I was done with the book, I decided I would never take hormonal contraceptive again and I was going to start using a Fertility Awareness Method. I immediately ordered Taking Charge of Your Fertility and began learning. I’ve never looked back. While this year has, without a doubt, been the hardest year I’ve ever endured, it’s also been the most enlightening, empowering, fulfilling year I’ve ever had.

The Sympto-Thermal Method is a form of Fertility Awareness that requires tracking and charting your cervical mucus/fluid ("discharge”) and taking a daily basal body temperature (BBT) immediately after waking each morning. Using this method allows the user to determine the opening and closing of their “fertile window” while also giving tons of body literacy and empowerment! With this information women and couples can actively avoid or achieve pregnancy.

For more in-depth info on this method, check out this fantastic blog post by @fertilitycharting (link in bio!) or watch the @famtasticfertility youtube channel episode titled “Fertility Awareness Method, Easily Explained” for a quick overview!

My year started with FAM and it became a foundation for growth, strength, and health. Quitting hormonal birth control was like turning on a light in my foggy brain. Starting FAM was like illuminating an entire path to who I really am.

Sometimes you just need a reminder of how far you’ve come. #pcos #polycysticovariansyndrome #healthylifestyle #fitness #fitnessmotivation #happy

Gammon, mash, peas and sweet corn (and homemade gravy for me because the Mr doesn’t like it)

Throwback Thursday to the photo on the left. That was the start of my keto journey. Here I am 9 months in and in some of the best shape of my life physically, mentally and literally. I am sooooooo proud of how far I have come down over 70 pounds and I have about 100 more to lose but I know I can do it. Anything is possible!!
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I’m a disabled homeless youth, help me afford a power chair and trip to Boston Children’s Hospital in November! Link in bio

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I'm going on day three of no sleep. Ever since I transitioned off of the anti-depressants my doctor told me would help, my sleep has been awful. I'm exhausted during the day and then when I finally fall asleep, it only lasts for an hour or two and then I'm up. It's beyond frustrating.
I've been taking Ashwagandha to try and help balance out my cortisol, but for the moment it doesn't seem to be helping. Or maybe it'd be even worse if I stopped taking it. I don't know. I'm so sleep deprived I can't think straight. My body is exhausted, yet I can't sleep. It's maddening.
There has to be another type of supplement out there that helps balance cortisol so I can sleep. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
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Thought of the day!
If you don’t enjoy something ... change it
If you can’t sustain it ... change it
I mean just because Brussels are good for me still doesn’t mean ima eat them 💁🏽‍♀️ (don’t trust premature veg kiddies)
What I’m trying to say is don’t force yourself to do something just because you feel like you have to!
Find something that works for YOU and stick to it

Want a yummy moist peanut buttery muffin? It’s like I could read your mind and by the way- you are welcome. These are perfect for breakfast in the morning with your eggs in place of the usual high carb bagel.
I had one this morning with my spinach eggs and a hot cup of ☕️. I made them with gluten free flour but left directions for you to make yours either the same or with whole wheat flour. The link to the recipe is in my profile 🔝

Leave me an emoji if you get as excited as I do over all things peanut butter. 🤗❤️

Prendete 300gr di tonno 🐟, 4 cucchiai di sesamo 🥄, 125ml di yogurt magro, succo di limone 🍋 , menta, olio evo e sale👩‍🍳 Porterete in tavola un piatto gustoso e originale, per una ricetta leggera che non rinuncia al gusto 😉

Tutte le istruzioni per preparare gli spiedini di tonno al sesamo nero e salsa allo yogurt sono nel link in bio ⬆️

#Throwback to Customer Chai Results in May 2018
7lbs Loss In 3 weeks, this customer was struggling to lose even 1lb for so long 😅 with chai she lost 7lbs!!!!! Fantastic results with some patience!!!
☕️Just one cup a day!!!
Suitable for all over 18!
Shop @gourmettea.co👈🏻🍃
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Siapa pun tak bleh terima bila doktor bgtau...
🗣 " Maaf.. hasil periksa kami.. puan ada masalah......... ! Dan peluang utk hamil agak susah ! " .
Sedih kan ?? Geram kan ?? Kecewa kan ??
Namun pd kak Ima smua tu tak mustahil slagi kita yakin rezeki tu ketentuan Allah. Yg penting jgn give up.. doa slalu.. usaha.. sedekah dan tawakal.
Sperti listra lover dlm video ni... merekaa smua pnah rse menanti smpai 8.. 12..19 tahun. Wlaupun ada mslh susah nk lekat.. nmun mereka tetap usaha..
So.. kalau korg ada rse2 give up.. frust giler2 tuu.. please jdikan mereka sbg inspirasi.
Dan klau korg nk tau lbh lgi.. apa yg merekaa amalkan? Meh wasap kak Ima skrg ! Insya-Allah kak Ima akn bantu korg ikhtiar.
📲 http://www.wasap.my/+60176928395/inspirasilistra

Your PRESCRIBED Contraceptives are doing more HARM than keeping you from getting Pregnant🤔Do You even KNOW what you're taking? 📌Now, you've got Unexplained things going on with your Body , that You can't explain but those Contraceptives know.... Wonder how Cancer is widely spreaded against WOMEN!
#Repost @blackvegantube (@get_repost)
11.5 Million Women women and girls in the U.S. use the #BirthControlPill , but 35% of them are prescribed the PILL for NON-CONTRACEPTIVE / #PMS reasons like #HeavyBleeding #Cramping #IrregularCycles #HormonalAcne #Bloating and more. MEANWHILE, the Birth Control Pill, which is now classified as a GROUP 1 #CARCINOGEN by the World Health Organization (WHO), masks their symptoms—seeming to provide relief—while causing #INFLAMMATORY conditions like #FIBROIDS #PCOS #ENDOMETRIOSIS #INFERTILITY, #GUTISSUES auto-immune conditions, neurological, psychiatric, and other issues.

Click Link In Bio To Watch the FULL VIDEO On Our App 📲


20lbs away from goal weight I set for myself, when I started this journey I told myself I wanted to loose 70lbs..... I’m 7 months in and have lost 50lbs.... #cantstopwontstop #ketodiet #lowcarbdiet #pcosweightloss #pcos #youarewhatyoueat #healthymindandbody

Tea tonight was cheese, spring onions and beans on sweet potato jacket with pink slaw, gherkins, crispy kale and bistro salad #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworldjourney #slimmingwordmotivation #slimmingworldweightloss #swfood #swweightloss #slimmingworldgoals #pcos #pcosweightloss #pcosdiet #pcosstruggler

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