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At least I got my feet off the ground 🤷🏼‍♀️ #teamlosing

Please Meet & Support our Sunday Share Day Feature:
I lost 146 lbs and counting. I started my fitness journey in 2013. I was diagnosed with 2 different types of anxiety disorders, depression, and PCOS. I have been managing all of my symptoms med-free for 4 years by living the health and fitness lifestyle. I want to show people that if this girl who had no drive, no dreams for herself, and no fight left in her to continue (or so she thought) can completely do a 360 with her life, then so can you... ______________________________
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What a difference only 30 days can make 😱💪🏼! Our teami customer 🙋🏻( who wanted to stay anonymous🙈) needed a real jumpstart to her healthy lifestyle 🍎. She needed a boost to give her more motivation to reach her goals. She started doing our teami 30 day detox program ☕🍃 and was amazed at how fast she started feeling and seeing a difference. First thing that changed was her bloating. It was finally gone! Digestion improved and her metabolism was working faster because she noticed she was finally losing weight! Everyone has their own personal goals, but what is definite is that you can't see changes in your body when you have toxins ❌ blocking the way of your weight loss. We are so proud of her 🏆 for completing our 30 day detox program and excited for her to start Round ✌🏻! If you have any questions about detoxing, weight loss or if this simple tea program is right for you- comment 🙋🏻👇🏼! #thankyouteami #30daychallenge #beforeandafter

Keep pushing forward. #happymonday #mondaymotivation

Today is the beginning of a week that is SO special to me and my little family! 👩🏼👱🏼👧🏼👶🏼 It is #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek and as many of you know - this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. 💛 Every day this week we will be sharing little glimpses into the #infertility world - and today on the blog is "The Truth About Your Infertile Friend" - link is in my bio! 👍🏼One thing I want to do this week is to help every couple out there that is going through this hard trial to know that they are NOT ALONE! Comment below with three hearts like this: 💙💙💙 if you personally have experienced/are experiencing infertility or you know someone personally who struggles with infertility. 👇🏼💗 To my fellow infertility warriors - I promise YOU are not alone. #niaw #1in8

Meet: @fully_committed13 At 358 lbs, I had a number of health issues. I wanted to live a long life of quality years & didn't want to cut my life short due to my own actions. Despite severe foot issues that limited my mobility, I committed to my health. Within 15 months, I had lost 185 lbs naturally (no drugs, shakes, or surgery). I made small changes to my nutrition, exercise, had foot surgery which helped increase my activity, but most importantly, I changed my mindset. I learned how to believe in myself and accept that I don’t have to be perfect. I no longer beat myself up when I make a mistake. I learn from it and move on. I developed a deep passion to help and inspire others so I became a health coach. I'm also a Chris & Heidi Powell certified Transformation Specialist! I just ran my first half marathon in 2:25! To lose weight and keep it off, create a healthy lifestyle by making small gradual changes and accept you don’t have to be perfect. You are capable of more than you know! #wlstories . . More pics of this transformation available on our snapchat; username: wlstories

What is infertility, you ask?
Infertility is letting your hopes soar for a few days or weeks, anticipating that surely this time, you will become parents. But to only have your hopes plummet as you watch your dreams die with yet another negative pregnancy test. It’s going from SHOCK after seeing only one line. To DENIAL as you find yourself running throughout the house searching and squinting for the other. All the while BARGAINING with God to make the impossible possible. And it’s while bargaining with Him, you become ANGRY as you realize that He can, yet He hasn’t. And possibly won’t…at least this time. It’s getting passed the feelings of anger and finding yourself depressed as you CRY over the death of your dreams for that month. And it’s only after hours or even days of mourning the loss of what you had hoped, that you start to ACCEPT that this month was once again not the one. And so then comes the daunting task of picking yourself back up and starting all over again. Maybe with a little more hope or maybe not. Either way, your exhausted but ready to fight. Ready to chase after your dreams one.more.time.
That is infertility!

1 in 8 couples suffer with this disease of the reproductive system. And chances are you know someone who struggles with the heartache and the constant battle to be able to do what is supposed to be so natural and easy, which is grow their family. So please say a prayer for them tonight. Pray for peace to overwhelm their anxious minds...pray for hope to be restored to their hopeless situation...pray for healing to manifest in their bodies...pray for wisdom to know which direction to take...pray for faith to be strengthened...and pray for the five stages of grief to soon end as the desires of their hearts are finally fulfilled.

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💥Jody said: "This is my girl Megan! She is AMAZING, strong and extremely beautiful! I got her permission and I just had to share her results! She's a cancer survivor, thriver and fighter!
Used IRT shampoo and S3 pills for 1 month! 😱 Her hair continues to grow and just amazes me every time I see a picture of her!
Chemo can change you but MONAT gives you life again! 💜
I too am a cancer survivor, thriver and fighter. MONAT has completely given me back what I lost. I feel beautiful again!"💥Naturally based, botanical, free of harsh chemicals and salt systems, paraben free, sulphate free, silicone free, non gmo, gluten free, vegan, cruelty free. There is NOTHING else like Monat on the market. Comment, DM or email me (link in bio), or search me on Facebook by using @lisadutchakmonat and I will be happy to provide you with a free consultation and more information 🙋😊

You guys! This doesn't seem real.❤️If you haven't watched our Vlog yet then you totally should! Link in bio!! I had sooo much fear and anxiety the entire week leading up to our pregnancy test. It is ALL I could think about. I mentally prepped myself to put off our fertility treatment for a few months and to start back up this summer because it's been so hard on me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You can see how nervous I was in the first picture and how emotional I became when I saw the results. You guys.....we are pregnant!🙏🏻 I am still in tears as I sit here and write this. I am just soooo grateful and I don't even know how to put into words how happy my heart is right now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND LOVE!!! I haven't responded to messages, texts, calls, or emails yet but I plan to. I'm just trying to enjoy this moment. 😘💕Like and comment below! I'll respond sooooooon. 🙌🏻❤️✌🏻Photographer: @brittneylizphotography


Well day off work today so I've decided to fast. I have a Aqua fit class @12.45pm. Was going to see if I can do 24hrs fasting, but if I can't I'll have scrambled cheesy eggs... Have a great day everyone!! #keto #fasting #tomorrow #weighday #pcos #ketowarrior #baconandgrease #greaselighteningfuel #healthyme #isthisadiet #exerciseday

I think this is a perfect onr to convey how a lot of us feel about our PCOS, but please remember you are NOT broken you are evolving, like a butterfly, and you will get through it #pcos #pcospositivity #pcossupportgroup #pcosttc #pcosnotbroken #notbroken #fightlikeagirl

@thelarafam these guys are my favourite YouTube family & they have their own story of infertility. It's so inspiring. They made this video today with other woman's infertility videos. If your interested please go watch!! @jazmynlara @thelarafam #miscarriage #tryingtoconceive #tryingforababy #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttc #ttcsisters #ttcafterloss #infertility #pcos #pregnancy

Tidak kah rindu kehadiran sang buah hati , mau sampai kapan untuk menunda datangnya sang buah hati kehamilan itu dijemput bundaa bukan hanya di dalam angan saja bundaa usaha tidak menghianati hasil butuh temen curhat? butuh solusi? insya allah kami bisa membantu silakan hubungi kontak kami BBM : D386ADC8 WA : 085852103761
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PCOS är mer vanligare än vad man tror, men inget som man pratar högt om då symtomen vid PCOS är jobbiga. Men nu vill jag berätta lite kort.

Vanliga symtom på PCOS är att:
1. Du sällan eller aldrig har mens.
2. Du har mycket hår på kroppen till exempel i ansiktet, på bröstet, magen och låren.
3. Du har finnar.
4. Du har lätt för att gå upp i vikt.
5. Du har svårt att bli gravid.

Jag har alla förutom nr 5.
Det är inte bara att man har lätt att gå upp i vikt utan jag är även den som upplever mer hunger än andra som inte har syndromet. Jag har väldigt svårt att känna mig mätt och belåten.
Man har annorlunda av nivåer, hormoner som reglerar såsom ghrelin och leptin, som påverkar mättnadskänslan. Hetsätning är något som jag har lätt till att göra.

Viktökningen orsaks oftast av insulinresistens. Att få höra utav läkaren att resten av mitt liv behöva tänka på allt som man stoppar i munnen varje dag var tungt, men man får göra det bästa av det.
Visst har man motgångar och bara vill ge upp och inte vakna. Ångest och nedstämdhet finns i mitt liv med. Men heller inget som man pratar högt om? Varför?

Att gå ifrån 125kg – 70kg har fan inte varit lätt, svåraste någonsin i mitt liv.
Hår- det pinsammaste av allt som man absolut inte pratar högt om! JA jag har skägg, skit jobbigt, rakar mig varannan dag.
Vad skall man göra åt saken? Slängde ut 8.000kr på laser som inte riktigt fungerade, landstinget ville tyvärr inte bidra.
Men tabletter för viktnedgång kunde dom bidra med late fan. Men det tackade jag nej till!
Sommaren längtar jag inte efter för det innebär ännu mer rakning. Bosätta mig i badrummet. Jo visst vaxning, 1,000: - var tredje vecka. Dom pengarna har man tyvärr inte.
Det finns så fruktansvärt mycket information om PCOS, så intressant att läsa forskning om PCOS – allopregnanolone.
Gå gärna in på sidor och läs om PCOS!

Döm aldrig en överviktig människa och tror inte att vi kämpar! För det gör vi, varje dag.

Varje individ har ansvar för sin egen hälsa och sitt eget välmående.

As promised.... measurements! 😧 there's always 10 inches between my waist and my hip/belly area. I really carry my weight around my lower stomach because of PCOS so I'm looking to hopefully reduce that but I'm aware you can't spot reduce fat so I'm sure I'll always have a much smaller waist then I do belly area. I'll update this next Monday and see if anything has changed! I've decided to do it once weekly so fingers crossed if I put the effort in each week the numbers should drop 💃 my plan today is to get the housework done and then go for a long jog/walk whilst Zac is at nursery since it's such a beaut of a day 🌞 I hope everyone has a lovely, productive and sunny Tuesday! #weightloss #measurements #weightlossjourney #plussize #curvygirl #thicktofit #fitness #fitfam #jog #run #motivated #motivation #cardio #gym #healthy #healthychoices #healthylifestylechange #pcos #weightlosswithpcos

Harta, Tahta dan Kedudukan Tak Berarti Tanpa Kehadiran Sang Buah Hati. Yuk Dijemput Kehadirannya Bersama Kami...! mengatasi semua hambatan kehamilan,miom,kista,penyumbatan saluran tuba, Torch,sperma encer,azospermia,PCOS,haid tidak lancar, ejakulasi dini, keputihan, obesitas dll

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A light breakfast today as my tum is feeling a little off again 🙄 I am putting it down to stress so tomorrow I have stress-free plans for my day off 👏🏼 #gemstyle #breakfast #poorly #weightloss #losingweight #pcos #pcossupport #pcoscysters #pcosfighter #health #healthy #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #ttc #tww #ttccommunity #ttcwithpcos

Choc chia pudding
Today's breakfast. The sprig of mint was added to make it look less like a bowl of poop!
This is really easy. I made it last night so all I had to do this morning was plate up and eat.
3-4 tablespoons chia seeds
1 large tablespoon cacao
Half teaspoon cinnamon
Half teaspoon maple syrup
250ml coconut milk
A few walnuts for the top (I forgot these today!) Mix everything together and leave for at least 20-30 mins or overnight. This recipe is meant to serve one but I find it's plenty for two breakfasts (or a snack/dessert). #pcos #pcosdiet #weightloss #pcosfood #breakfast #cacao #chia #chiaseeds #wheatfree #whatsonyourplate #chiaseedpudding #chocolateforbreakfast #quickfood #easyfood

Bunda2 harus menunggu berapa lama lagi untuk mendapatkan momongan ????? 2 tahun =-( O.o , 3 tahun =-( O.o , 5 tahun O.o =-( , 10 tahun =-( O.o , 15 tahun =-( O.o , 20 tahun =-( O.o , atau bahkan sampai 25 tahun lamanya ????? Yuuukkkk segera konsultasikan semua keluhan bunda tentang masalah yang membuat bunda tidak bisa hamil.
📲Add PIN D822F897 📲WA/Line 085755622940 . Yuk silahkan bund. Gratis bund.

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#Repost @soul_cyster_chronicles with @repostapp
Yoni steam starter kit! Ha! 😋
These were a HUGE part of my healing! I now do them 2-3 times a year for maintenance of a healthy womb...first steam of 2017 (well overdue 🙈) Yoni steaming will support your natural feminine cycle, and help you to heal, relax, and detoxify both physically and emotionally.
Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body
Significantly reduce pain, bloating and fatigue linked to menstruation.
Decrease menstrual flow
Reduce dark purple or brown blood
Regulate irregular or absent cycles
Increase fertility
Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse & endometriosis
Treat chronic vagina infections, and maintain healthy odour
Relieve symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse

How does it work?
The warmth of the steam works to soften and open the pores of the vagina. When the herbs are placed in the hot water, their medicinal properties, including volatile oils, are released and carried to the surface of your skin, and to the inside of the vagina, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream and, ultimately, into to the uterus.
The steam increases circulation, thins mucus, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and buildup. In doing so, we support the uterus to function at its best.

Best done regularly (once a month) if suffering from any dis-ease of the reproductive system. DM any questions about Yoni steams, or anything not covered above..peace, love & light 💓
Herbs by @thatveganspot
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Mau tahu enggak bagaimana caranya bisa positif hamil dalam waktu 1-3 bulan ?

Mau tahu enggak gimana caranya menghilangkan KISTA, MIOM dan Penyumbatan Tuba tanpa harus di Operasi berkali kali dg biaya tinggi ?
Mau tahu enggak gimana caranya melancarkan Siklus Haid, menghilangkan Keputihan, PCOS, Toxo, Rubella dengan cara mudah ?
Mau tahu enggak gimana cara mengobati suami yang kena masalah Azoospermia (sperma kosong/mandul), Oligospermia (sperma encer), Asthenozospermia (sperma kurang gesit), Teratospermia (sperma bentuknya tak lazim), Varikokel, Ejakulasi Dini, Lemah Syahwat dll dengan cara cepat, sehat dan Tepat ?
Mau tahu enggak bagaimana caranya menurunkan Berat Badan 5-10 kg dalam 2 minggu tapi badan tetap sehat dan bugar ?
Konsultasi Gratis kok ... -------------
Hubungi admin konsultasinya:  🚼_________________________🚼
| BBM: D7CE4871
WA. : 081252090341 🚼___________________________🚼
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It's easy to make, so you can say it's fast food 😆...and it just tastes good 😋
Beef tenderloin with fresh ripe and juicy tomatoes and half a avocado

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