JESUS IS LIFE // Two of our sweet bloom kiddos’ parents met Jesus tonight @passioncity! 💜 #weprayedforsalvation #webelieved #thankyoujesus #pcc_bloom #weloveourbloomfamilies

We could never get through this without the support of our family and friends. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. Our morning started strong with a sweet visit from @_rbarber. My brother and sister(in-law) @shariphillips4209 came to take Eva and Asher for a day in Atlanta. This allowed Devin and I to swap shifts so I could go help Maddie get ready for her senior prom. Our @passioncity family from #pcc_bloom came to love on us. @bluestar0_3 @courtneyflowers1 @sweetbabyjays13 @ohmybeloved
We are beyond blessed and thankful for the love and support from everyone. Those near or far. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

SISTERS ->>> T E A M ->>> bloom FAMILY
We love SISTERS who serve Jesus as a TEAM and are a part of our bloom FAMILY!! Thank you, Jesus for these two sisters, @chandler_faith and @madisonmechling! They are amazing leaders in bloom and we couldn’t love them more!! You can find them loving on and leading our bloom kiddos during the 11:45 @passioncity gathering every Sunday. (and aren’t they cute, y’all?!) 💜💁🏻 #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders #easter2018 #latergram

Happy Easter! What a weekend! I wasn’t very good at getting the obligatory family Easter pic- but these pictures sum up meaningful aspects of my day. My two littlest.. My oldest serving.. (Asher is in Illinois) @crowdermusic Leading with one of my favorite childhood songs..’Because He Lives’... sure made me miss my mom and dad. I’m thankful they are in heaven and I will see them again.
Serving the families of our house #pcc_bloom was another perk of my morning. @edyrouse and I needed an Easter photo in front of the beautiful art. ❤️ she has influenced my family so much and I adore her. She leads Bloom and loves people so well.
The truth of Easter has revolutionized my life. My perspective in difficulty. It’s been my peace in the storm specifically this year with Eli’s epilepsy . It’s my assurance that the author of life has our lives in the palm of His hand. All is at rest. I in my Savior am happy and blessed...🎼
I hope your Easter has been meaningful and surrounded by truth. That you have accepted the most beautiful invitation from a life-giving Savior, Jesus. #jesusislife #elikicksepilepsy #49days #godisgood #putsomedirtonit 💪🏻

Tonight our two year olds LOVED worshiping with the bloom band! Your bloom kiddos will want to be sure and join us tomorrow at 515 or Cumberland! We are celebrating that JESUS IS ALIVE!!! @jilee17 @jd_myers @madi_turner @jackdiven @passioncity 🎶🙌#pcc_bloom #bloomdanceparty #ShoutHosanna #JesusisKing #welovebloomband #weloveourdoorholders #weloveourbloomfamilies

Happy Palm Sunday! #pcc_bloom

I love that our bloom kiddos @passioncity are singing 🎶 God you’re so good 🎶 as their parents are in the gathering hearing how good He really is and celebrating people’s stories of coming from death to LIFE thru baptism! #pcc_bloom #gettothe5 #baptismsunday #welovethebloomband

J O Y F U L H E A R T // To know Lauren is to love her heart to serve Jesus! Her radiant smile lights up every room she enters, especially in bloom! These hands have held and fed many babies, changed hundreds of diapers, and served Jesus by loving on our bloom kiddos so parents can experience Him at @passioncity! Thank you Jesus for Lauren and our incredible bloom Door Holders!! We love you @lulunitz! 💜🙌#pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders

P E A C E M A K E R // One of our bloom standards is to be a peacemaker. Sarah Boley is a great example of bringing peace to all the littles in bloom at our @passioncity 5p gathering! Sarah, thank you for all you pour out to the families of our House! Your heart is gold and we couldn’t love you more! 💛 @sphilly10 #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders

H E A T H E R // One of the strongest, most courageous, beautiful bloom Door Holders @passioncity who has faced the trial of cancer with so much faith that has moved mountains! Jesus, thank you for giving Heather the supernatural strength that we have prayed for during chemo, the good reports we have believed in, and the health we are trusting you with in the days ahead as she starts radiation this week.
Heather, we are cheering you on! Your story of God’s faithfulness has touched many lives, including mine! You are so loved, valued, and cherished, and it was such a joy to see you back in the House tonight! 💕 #heartswithheather #pcc_bloom #withyou #weloveourdoorholders

My Asher bringing the Big God Story tonight in Bloom! Teaching the 4 & 5 year olds how Jesus calms the storm. ❤️ #trainemup #teachthemyoung #pcc_bloom #proudmom

What a wonderful interview last week with astronaut @astro_kimbrough (Shane Kimbrough). So much information that I did not know. God is amazing and intentional. Bloom team!! The best team to serve on. #pcc_bloom #weloveourbloomdoorholders #atriparoundthesun

T H I S!!!! One of our bloom Door Holders attended middle school Winter Weekend and made the best decision of his life to make Jesus his #1!
Asher, we love how you invest in our bloom kiddos every week and are excited to see how Jesus continues to write your story! @passioncity @pcc_students #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders #jesusislife

We love when husbands/wives serve together to welcome the families of our House @passioncity! Super grateful for this power couple! Welcome to the bloom Leadership Team, David!! You are going to CRUSH IT as a bloom Captain! @bonniebtaylor @dtaylor1226 #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders

If @nasa ever needed a team in space to love on babies, this #pcc_bloom has got them covered. Such an amazing day @passioncity with @astro_kimbrough #atriparoundthesun has been amazing, challenging and perspective shifting! 💪🏻🔥👏🏻

our behind the scenes HERO // Susan is not only an amazing Coach in bloom at the 11:45 who brings so much peace to our babies, she also spends several hours each week “behind the scenes.” You know the kind of person I’m talking about. She discerns and prays before the need is discussed, schedules all 18 bloom rooms, and follows thru with a helpful plan. She is also the best wife and superhero mom to her kids! Thank you Susan for seeing families, loving our babies, and supporting our bloom team in ways that people will never know! We love you and are so grateful for you! 💜@Susanmartindierberger #latergram #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders

Emily, you are one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met! Your joyful heart exudes Jesus and your beautiful smile is a reflection of His love to us all! A highlight of my week was spending time together, talking, laughing, and dreaming about how we can continue serving @passioncity bloom families at Cumberland and 515! @emilygross3 💜 #latergram #pcc_bloom #fullheart

I love the opportunity that bloom @passioncity affords us to not only see families, but also allows us to build intentional relationships with really amazing people! @mfrey778 you are so loved and we are cheering you on and believing His best for you in this season! 🙏🏼💙 #latergram #pcc_bloom

Calling all of our bloom Door Holders @passioncity...have you registered yet? This is one of our favorite Saturdays of the year! #usconference #pcc_bloom #weloveourdoorholders

Will you join us in praying for our 4 year old friend Eli? His mom, brother, and sister are some of our amazing bloom Door Holders @passioncity. He is at CHOA this week enduring some tests for next steps toward surgery. He is such a brave, courageous little boy, and he has the best mama and daddy, brother and sisters! We love you Eli and are praying for you and believing amazing things for you! ❤️🙏🏼 @sphilly10 @cboynton12 #elikicksepilepsy #pcc_bloom #weloveourbloomfamilies

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