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So cold and gloomy today, I need a foot rub #feetfet #prettyfeet #paytoobey #venmome 💋

Every word from My mouth leaves you entranced, begging to $erve and $ubmit to My will.

I’ll just be leaving this here and then I’m going to bed. But I will be on Niteflirt all night long though.

Everyone have a safe and happy St.Patty’s Day! If you’re drinking you owe your Princess a drinker’s tribute (and also drink one for Me when you’re out!), and also make sure you get a designated or a taxi. I’ll be on Niteflirt sporadically for the rest of the day and night.

New ass worship clips up on all My clip sites! Link to the Niteflirt one in My bio!

Twitter has shadowbanned Me for the time being so make sure you are following Me as I use twitter more often.

Goodnight to all My good boyfriends and girlfriends.

This is how I blow you sluts a kiss goodnight. 😂

I get quite a bit of people in My DM’s trying to talk to Me or asking how to tribute. It’s all spelled out in My bio and here it is even plainer. If you can’t figure it out I don’t know how to help you. I also don’t believe I should have to think for My future submissives. If you want to know why you don’t get DM’s back, this is why. Follow directions.

Always question yourself as a submissive.

You don’t deserve it, keep $ending. 😂💰

Got interrupted just as I was about to do My makeup. Waiting for more privacy so I can start filming again. Right now I’m editing what I have and reading. My good boyfriends and girlfriends know what to do in the mean time. Amazon GC or 🔴pay to the e mail in My bio. 💵👑😘😘

When your backdrop isn’t wide enough and doesn’t hide a goddamn thing! 😭 Oh well, the show must go on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am worth more than what your puny wallet can hold. Just try and meet My worth. $end and $ubmit. 👑💎

You’re so pathetic I don’t even need a cock to cuck you with. Face it, your girlfriend can’t wait to stop having sex with you. 😂

I love it when I have a great rapport with a slave. 💜💜 He really helps bring out the brat in Me. 😂

Don’t get mad in My comments about something you can’t afford. I have no time for you weaklings unless you are paying Me. If you need acknowledgement that badly then get rid of your ego and tribute your Princess like you should or you’ll eventually get blocked.

So excited to get this so soon and thank you to the good little paypig that made getting this possible. I’ve been wanting to do a CEI or facial clip for a while but didn’t have an ejaculating dildo or anything and didn’t know what to do. Problem solved!

Lick them clean. 😘💙

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