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AWESOME time today filming for my guy @arod new show "Back In The Game"...my @cbasports team provided the new basketball court for @joe_smith_academy at Georgia Sports Performance. Make sure you catch the show this fall. A Rod and I have known one another at least 15 years and he's truly one of a kind! Congrats Joe Smith with your new endeavor. #GiveBack #PayItForward

Aside from fixing airplanes, Rachelle is trying to help solve aviations biggest problem: The Pilot Shortage.
It is a known fact that we have the lowest amount of up and coming Pilots. Our ultimate mission and goal would be to increase the number of female aviators.
The I Hart Flying Foundation strongly believes that by offering yearly Flight Scholarship Opportunities that this goal can easily be achieved.
We have Big Harts, Do you?
We are a 501C3 Public Non-Profit. All donations are fully tax deductible and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the recipient.

Please feel free to share this information with any up and coming females that have the dream and passion of becoming a Professional Pilot. Also check out our website (Link in BIO) for more information and we always welcome any comments, questions and/or any new ideas! Also we would appreciate the support and follow on our new IG page @ihartflying 🙏🏻 Blue Skies & Tailwinds Angels!

Sharing some wisdom #payitforward #GaryKeithRon #sny @snytv

Que bonita iniciativa de parte de @calibre50eden ❤️🙏🏼 gracias Amiga @yarel_ramos por nominarme !! Claro que aceptó el reto!! Aquí están los enlaces donde yo doné http://prfaa.pr.gov/unitedforpuertorico/ &
cruzrojamexicana.org.mx y ahora NOMINO A: @ely_quintero_oficial @corneliovega @valentinvegal @clarapablo @krystaalized @villa5oficial para hacer su donación monetaria o de productos y seguir el ciclo de ayudar a los damnificados 🇲🇽🇵🇷 nuestros hermanos en México y Puerto Rico nos necesitan! Animo, estamos orando porque todo vuelva a la normalidad pronto ❤️ #México #PuertoRico #PayItForward

Yesterday was an extremely busy day in Houston meeting all the volunteers in the area pitching in with their time and effort. We also would like to thank some very important people making this all happen.

First and foremost James "Mattress Mack" McIngvale and the entire team at Gallery Furniture.

Secondly we took some time out to meet just some of the first responders and Houston's top of the line heroes. These department's really do an incredible job. Special shout out to the North Patrol Division and all the men and women of the Houston Police Department as well as everyone of the Houston Fire Department.

Also thanks to @iheartradio and the guys over at Sports Talk 790. Great interview!

The purpose of this trip was to give back. When New Yorkers are in need the great state of Texas has always been there to return the favor. This country is facing some tough times and the only way to get thru it is to stick together. Thank you to the great people of #houston and EVERY city in the state of Texas that was affected by #hurricaneharvey for your hospitality, determination and great spirit.

Stay tuned next week for information on the BIG Texas Strong Motorcycle Auction taking place on October 12th and how you can participate. .

#texas #houston #houstonfd #houstonpd #iheartradio #houstonstrong #galleryfurniture
#payitforward #peoplehelpingpeople #orangecountychoppers

One of my favorite ventures I've ever taken on as an Entrepreneur is the Binder Program I began in Feb of 2012.
It all started when an online buddy Chris, gave me some of his old binders bc he had finally gotten his surgery! I didn't fit into all of them, and I was trying to raise funds for my own surgery with my now company @point5cc
At this time being Transgender was a Pre-existing Condition and getting surgery covered was pretty much laughable.
I encouraged people to buy a tee shirt (in 2012 when you could barely find a single tee shirt showing strength and pride in the Transgender Community) to help me raise funds for my own Top Surgery- and in turn I would for FREE mail out a binder! At the time Binders were about 50-75$ and most guys were burning there's post surgery in celebration.
I saw so many guys suffering from top dysphoria who couldn't afford a binder- I wanted to help these guys.
Fast Forward to 2017 where over 1700 Binders have been given away to over 26 Countries!
With the help of donations from people like you and the amazing company @gc2b !
Today I felt like A Binder Santa dropping off over 70 Binders to USPS!
If you need a binder and cannot afford one- check out @pointofprideorg
If you want to donate a gently used binder- or a brand new binder for someone in need- @pointofprideorg
If you can afford a binder- check out the awesome @gc2b
#transentrepreneur #point5cc #pointofpride #point5cc #alionsfears #aydiandowling #givebackfromdayone #payitforward #wecanbethechange #transpride

I am incredibly GRATEFUL to be able to share that my @bwmcfitness account was RESTORED!!!!! On September 2 I discovered my account had been disabled due to not following the terms. After 2 years of pouring love, sweat, and tears into my page to build what became an amazing community where I strived to inspire parents, that with a little creativity fitness is possible with a family, I was devastated to see it disappear overnight.💔
While I worked to restore my page, I started a back-up account where I quickly learned there were numerous accounts that had been disabled the very same day. This was both unsettling to know it happened to many others, but also comforting to know I was not alone. Some have been restored, while many are still working to be restored. These accounts were here to INSPIRE, and I hope they are back very soon!🙏🏼
I believe everything happens for a reason. Although it’s been a painful 2.5 weeks, I have learned many important lessons from this experience that I plan to share in hopes that this does not have to happen to others.
At the beginning of June, I learned that Instagram was deleting posts that included copyright protected music. Although I have not been told directly by IG that this caused my account to be disabled, I recommend only using copyright free music or music you have a license for in your posts, as well as deleting posts that include copyright protected music without a license. I plan to research this area and share more.
The last picture I posted before this happened was from our trip to the Great Wall, and I included this quote, "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero." The symbolism behind this quote is powerful now looking back, because it's meaning is that one must overcome difficulties to get to their goal. This picture is also from that same trip. We were exhausted from the journey, but grateful we had made it.✨
Thank you to each and every one of YOU! I am touched that many of you found me on my back-up account and offered encouragement, while I also discovered new & beautiful souls that were a true blessing. All of your support inspires me, and I am so grateful for it. I love you all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

"Never settle. Always make tomorrow better than what today turned out to be. The only one that controls your life is you and if it's a race, you will always win. Believe."
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I really enjoyed giving a talk about sustainable development at the @tedxguc Alloy today. It was such a nice event.
#payitforward #picoftheday #renewableenergy #development #egypt

Helping Harvey victims in Rockport get a good night's sleep. #boxdrop #boxdropcc #payitforward #veteranowned #familyowned #harveysucks

Thank you Utah Pipe Band for supporting the walk to end alzheimer's! #utahpipeband #bagpipe #Walk2EndAlz #showyourpurple #giveback #payitforward @utah_alz_assoc

Building A New World Together! After all, we are co creators! Are u in? https://show.co/EnmyDm4#Awareness #awakenings #5d #payitforward #newage #newworld

Remembering to pay it forward and playing your role is KEY. I appreciate everything you've done for me, or that we've done TOGETHER. #teamworkdance #payitforward #payyourdues #believeinyourself or no one will... #TeamWaxy #WaxyVisionXcmvision415

Sometimes it's nice to show people that you care and do tiny little things that show it 🤓💚 #spreadkindness #payitforward #dogoodstuff #karma #itfeelsgood #geeklife #weekend #positivevibes

NEW VIDEO! Our NC squad is doing a #payitforward campaign. This week they made #punny treats for Public Safety! youtu.be/jjXiUJKgXvE

A lower sample piece of the brandywine that had the big stem. The smell reminds me of sensi star. Kinda bland. Can't wait to try the others tho!! 🔥🤘🏻
@dungeons_vault_genetics definitely has a really nice smooth comfort high tho.. for the no terps. Definitely a good morning smoke tho. At least this one. Not to heavy, and just the right amount of brain numb to start the day. Wake and baked with this
#diamondfurcoat #phenohunter #thewolfpack #resinfarmer #resinextractor #afghanitraits #soilgrown #organiccannabis #highsociety #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #newyearnewstrains #givethanks #payitforward #blessed #420 #710

What's better than a Pineapple Black Tea Lemonade when it's a million degrees outside? When the lady in front of you treats you ❤️It's amazing how one little #randomactofkindness can totally brighten your day ☀️😍#payitforward #kindness #generosity #sonice #treatsomeone #starbucks #teavana #pineapple #blacktea #addicted #yumyum #getinmybelly #refreshing #summersnotoveryet #hotasballs #sunny #sunshine #summerlovin #hamilton #hamont @starbucks

We added two new items to our site! Check them out at www.siliveartsync.com

All orders support Mexico and Puero Rico

Saturday run DONE👊🏻 Day 275 of #run365withjen was a quick 5.6 solo loop around the neighborhood. I changed up my route a little today & went on a new street...this woman & I almost collided on the sidewalk in front of her house. We both apologized & as I started to run off...she said, "Hey...you are that #runstreak girl!" I said, "Yep, that's me☺️" and she said, "Right on, keep up the great work!" As I continued my run....I thought-well that was really sweet😍🏃‍♀️! Thanks so much for the love cute woman on Ensenada Way...I'm not sure how you know me-but thank you for the awesome encouragement! That truly filled my cup🤗 Let's all take a minute today to encourage someone in our lives...make a point to tell them they are doing a great job. She sure inspired me to pay it forward today with a nice comment or two. Be sure to get your Saturday workout done friends & somewhere along the way, shout out a few words of encouragement to your running partner or even a stranger you see putting in work! #payitforward #justdoit #noexcuses #nodaysoff #happysaturday #thankful #encouragement #spreadlove 📸credit @sydmaravillas

The beat struggle is always real, but nice work @koldkuts80 . Thanks for making Sushi Breaks part of your routine and for helping Hurricane Harvey victims get food back on their table -- you can still grab a copy of Sushi Breaks for $10 and help the Houston Food Bank with flood relief -- Link in Bio -- #hurricaneharvey #floodrelief #hiphop #turntablism #scratch #vinyl #12inchvinyl #beatjuggling #dj #djs #djlife #scratchvinyl #payitforward (@get_repost)
Dvs Sushi Breaks Tap beatstruggle! @djbecause
#beatstruggle #houstonstrong #sushibreaks

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