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When Kate McClure ran out of gas, a homeless man used his last $20 to fill her tank. Now, she's raised more than $35,000 to help him get back on his feet. ❤️ #payingitforward #humankindness

When Kate McClure ran out of gas, a homeless man used his last $20 to fill her tank. Now, she's raised more than $35,000 to help him get back on his feet. ❤️ #payingitforward #humankindness

Today my sisters @serene_arlene, @briannabananuh & I walked the streets of downtown and passed out food and water to the homeless. I've never felt so blessed, grateful or proud of them two, @that_onemermaid or @bennycuervo for all the team effort in making this happen 😁. I post this not to be applauded or praised for doing a good deed but because I was inspired by someone (@bjsims7 ) and I hope to do the same for someone else. It was a team work effort. You all are amazing! Now let's eat and enjoy family and life 🙏🏽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💘🍗🍽🍾! #Thankyoujesus #allpraisetohim #jesusmadethispossible #blessings #payingitforward #familyfunday #feedthehomeless #weleftnotesineachbag ❤️#gratefulforlife #love #inspiration #thanksgiving2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃🍽 On Tuesday, Lions went around the neighborhood to pass out food and warm clothes. When we passed by the tents next to the railways, one student said, “ They’re nice people. No one should deserve this.” Certainly, no one does. We give what we can. Let’s be thankful for what we have, even the little things count! #thankful #payingitforward

#PayingitForward at the local Starbucks to this lucky guy who was behind me! If you know my passion for ice coffee you can’t be surprised! #GivingThanks let’s see how @kconry8 is paying it forward!!

You probably have had Fair Trade Coffee, Tea or Sugar. But how about clothes? There are manufacturers working to ensure a living wage is paid to their employees and while your FT purchase supports this, it also contributes a bonus payment to support employee growth in education, school supplies for children, community investment and other programs nominated by the staff 💓 Thank you for understanding the importance of fair, living wages here and abroad and the strength of #payingitforward 💕

Traditions. Being able to give is a blessing to the receiver and a gift to the giver. #toomerlegacy #payingitforward #inspiration


Con familia extendida enjoying a nice evening....! 🙏💪🇵🇷‼️ #blessed #payingitforward ##artphotoworks #artphotoworkspr #akiestamos #akíestamosflorida

Cheers to a new me! Not only for the first time EVER did I workout on Thanksgiving but also the day before and I am about to hit play now!
You can do so much more than you believe you’re capable of and I am living proof of that. All you need is the right mindset and the right support system. Thankful forever that I’ve found both 💕
So raise your Power in a Glass aka pre-workout and let’s crush this together 💪🏼

How I wake up feeling every day when I count my blessings and realize how hard I've worked in life to be the woman I am today! #blessed🙏 #fitchicks #grateful #hardworker #payingitforward

These guys are on their way. We all know the holidays are the hardest time to stay on track with our nutrition and fitness. .
Good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Registration for my Fitness By Christmas Accountability Challenge is still open with a few spots left. .
Join me and some other ladies who are prepared to sweat those sweet potatoes and turkey off and slim down for Santa 🎅 .
There’s a special stocking stuffer for the next two people that sign up for the challenge.
Not sure you’re up for the challenge? Monday I’ll be hosting a behind the scenes look into what you can expect from my challenges including transformation stories and photos of those already in my fitness family.
Drop your favorite holiday emoji below or message me to join to learn more about accountability challenge

Enjoying this beautiful afternoon with the boys. Double duty today while pet sitting these guys and also working on my upcoming accountability group. .
Helping people and helping animals is truly my passion and I get to do it all from the backyard 💕

♥️ 304.736.3552 #payingitforward #teamjulie

Paying it forward.... Who would like to attend this coming Monday's Warriors game. I have a pair of tickets to give out. Make it a great Friday everyone. #grateful #blessed #payitforward #payingitforward #dubnation #dubnationrealtor #dubagent #youragent #thebaysagent #warriors #oakland #nba #sacramentokings

So honored to be starting a holiday tradition of paying I️t forward with my Lil fam bam. ✌🏼❤️Came across so many beautiful, sweet, and grateful people along our journey yesterday. If Arabella absorbs only one moral throughout her life, let I️t be kindness. 🙏🏼 I️t is everything. #MOWSF #drivingwithturkeys #arabellajames #1yearold #fowlerfamilyfun #payingitforward

Happy holidays from LaunchX! It’s important to remember that it isn’t always about people doing favors for you to help you and your company get ahead. What you do for others makes a much greater impact in the long-run. This year, we’re thankful for #reciprocity and #generosity and #payingitforward. #reciprocityring #thankful #grateful #holidayseason #flashbackfriday #fbf

Amazing story, what an awesome man. To read all about it head to www.irishangel.info it will be under Military.
No veteran should have to be homeless. But read this heart felt story of a homeless Marine who came to the aid of a lady by spending his last $20 for to buy her gas. Such a selfless man. True Hero. #irishangel #military #marines #payingitforward

Will and I would love to help you obtain the most important gift of all...your HEALTH! Getting rid of 64lbs for two years now has changed our lives and we have helped so many reach their goals and would love to help you! We have 5 Black Friday specials thru Cyber Monday for YOU available! #liveyourbestlife #payingitforward #healthcoaches #whatsyourwhy

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