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What does it mean to have freedom?
Well for me, freedom is the only power in this world that enables the average people to become the best version of himself and live according to his wishes and without constraints.
DM me should you want to know more. On this note, happy Monday. Stay blessed.
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A successful life involves maintaining a good balance of all things.

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Biloxi Mississippi Getaway Vacation Dates March 22-25th. Bring your bathing suit and your dancing shoes. Its gonna be a Movie

Perfect blues 🇮🇹 Photo by @giuseppe_chironi

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The odds of you being alive are 400 TRILLION to 1, a human has a higher chance of winning the lottery 10 times over than even being alive at all, yet people still complain about fuckin’ anything they possibly can find an excuse for.
I don’t know how old you are now but in 2-3 years time are you going to feel amazing and happy with yourself when you think “Fuck, I wish I just started and attempted to do it years ago”

No, you’re not going to feel amazing or happy thinking that, you’re going to be miserable and feel like shit, and that’s just going to continue more and more and make you more miserable and unhappy the longer you do fuckin’ nothing about it.

Thats probably 95% of the reason you’re so miserable and unhappy right now even!
So it’s time to suck it up, stop making DUMB fuckin’ STUPID excuses and start researching HOW you’re going to do it, right now, today start.

You will NEVER hear an excuse come from my mouth because I know how poisonous they are, and when I hear people complaining about their life & situation or throwing any excuse they can find for a reason to hide they’re just lazy or don’t want to do it, but then continue complaining “I wish I had more money, I wish I was rich” •
Honestly, what the fuck does complaining do? It’s you convincing yourself everything IS SHIT, and YOU ARE A FAILURE, and you CANT do it because you have NO IDEA.

1000000% you will never ever ever make anything if you complain about everything and make an excuse for everything. •
1000000% you WILL achieve EVERYTHING & ANYTHING you want the second you STOP complaining and making an excuse for everything.

I got ditched on the day before my first ever expo, I had to drive everything in by myself, set everything up by myself, run the whole Sunday by myself, then pack everything up by myself, 1 meal a day, standing up for 12 hours straight for two days. Every other booth had minimum 3 people with them but not ONE TIME did I complain about my situation. I made it thrive for me and researched how people react face to face instead of a phone screen.

Grab life by the face and you tell it where the fuck YOU want it to go

I wonder where we’d be if we listened to those who doubted themselves....🧐🧐🧐

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