Think warm thoughts...think warm thoughts. Or just hide in a super warm greenhouse conservatory and you’ll be fine 🌵

Happy Friday night y’all! I’m currently snuggled under a blanket on the couch with a hot cup of my favorite tea—rooibos—and a box of cookies—soft baked chocolate chip—on my lap ready for movie time. The next part of the prep where Derek and I agree on a movie is the hard part because he likes action and comedies and I like indie flicks and dramas.
But years ago we came up with a sweet strategy: one of us picks three movies that we’d be up for watching and then the other person picks which one of the three. Works so well and keeps us from both saying “ehhhh.. what else?” over and over, lol.
I’ll let you know what we pick. In the meanwhile, what was the last movie you saw? 📷: the awesome Krista of @higherfocusstudios
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Alright, guys, it happened - winter seemed to fly in overnight! I don't know where the year even went. But colder weather means I get to shoot adorable couples in fur wraps on their wedding days, just like Natalie and Dan! Bring on the Elsa vibes!! ❄❄
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I've wrapped up my wedding season and I'm looking back trough all the incredible weddings I got to be a part of. Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful, intimate, important days.

I love vacation and that the fact is I only need to make two decisions. Where are we eating and which pool should we go to 🤷🏼‍♀️hmmmm #lancasterpaweddingphotography

Can you even believe that it was fall like 2 days ago? I can't say I'm not a little bummed, BUT at least the snow is pretty mixed with all the fall colors. Anyways, I delivered this gem of a gallery earlier today and I still can't get over the beautiful light we had that day!

Yes, always yes to dogs at your portrait session! 🐶💕

One of the most special moments of your wedding day is right after you put your dress on and have a special moment with your “person” (yess. I’m referring to a greys anatomy quote 🤷🏼‍♀️) This sweet bride had her mother in law share a moment before she was ready to walk down the aisle. Don’t forget to include time in your schedule to sit down and relax just before you say I do, you won’t regret it! .
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Hey Pals! It’s #fridayintroductions so here’s a picture of my face and some interesting things about me!
Did you know: when I was 5 I won a pageant and spent a year as the Lebanon County Lil’ Dairy Miss? Complete with a crown and sash! I went to appearances and gave kids stickers and temporary tattoos. I also was in the newspaper a few times and thought I was hot stuff. That was also about the time in my life that I decided I was going to be queen when I grew up. Not a princess, a queen. This girl wanted the power 😂😂 some things don’t change. Please tell me I’m not the only one that was like that. Anyone else have high aspirations as a 5 year old?
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Happy Friday! -
For those of you who don't know, this is me and my boo. My fiance. My other half. The one who makes me smile ear to ear. Who supports me more than anyone. The one who makes me who I am. -
It's getting colder out, which means seasonal depression is just around the corner. If you're one who suffers depression year round, or at all, you know how important it is to keep busy this time of year. So you don't get stuck in the rut of not wanting to do anything and slowly tumbling down that dark tunnel of depression. -
For creators like me, we often spend our days alone, working at home. So to keep busy and to push ourselves with no one around us is ten times harder. -
My fiance and I both suffer. And my God I am so glad I have someone who understands just how crippling it is, and pushes me to keep my head up and stay afloat. -
So for anyone out there, I hear you. You're not alone. Stay busy, and keep that head of yours up!
📷 @kristyhoadleyphotography

Winter came early for this engagement session! ❄️ I had so much fun running around my hometown with these two!

Even though they’re Philly fans 😜 it has been such an amazing wedding today in the SNOW with these two ❄️❄️❄️

Tis the season to hide your hands in your partner's coat!
These two were such troopers since their engagement session, after having to be rescheduled three times due to rain, fell on the day after the first snowfall. There was lots of pocket stealing and body-warmth sharing in the place where they had their first date. I can't wait to document their stunning fall wedding next November at Penn Oaks Golf Club.
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First kiss with the sweetest couple @excelsiorlancaster✨ Florals: @blushfloraldesignstudio

Clients who are willing to do their “fall” engagement pictures in the snow are the best kind 🌲❤️

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