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— a mf power couple
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TVD [7x08]
Well my recent flopped again :/

Nora or Mary Louise?

What's your favorite thing about Lexi?
Julie is on my list of people I hate, and I don't have many. Sorry J🤷🏼‍♀️

I love how woried was Damon about Jeremy aww :))

Q: Damon or Jeremy?

My edit give credit
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— do you miss tvd?😭 // also today's my birthday so I'm officially 17 and I feel so old 😂

the real powercouples
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— jaimey

I'm only going to post once today. I'm currently in the train, waiting for it to leave since I'm going back home to Amsterdam. I didn't have time to make any edits in Paris and this is the last premade edit i have atm. Hope that's ok.
q: kiss, marry, kill with Stefan, Damon and Enzo?

— s6 Delena was such a blessing
q; Are you sad that The Originals is ending?

— Oh my god I can't with these two 😂


[1/8 tv shows - The Vampire Diaries]
Tvd was the first show I've started watching and I have to thank one of my besties for making me watch it. I've loved it since its first episode and I enjoyed it all. I still miss tvd and even tho the story was kinda messed up and it had to end, I really want, deep down in my heart, a 9th season😂 anyways it was such a great show and those who say that it doesn't worth watching are only idiots😂
Q; Who is your favorite tvd character?
A; Katherine Pierce

❦ _
Stefan Salvatore you're best™
#qtod: Stefan humanity or not humanity ?
#atod : Both 😍
#stefansalvatore #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #vampire #paulwesley #paulveder

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