Can’t wait to play W.T.F. with @cssamson100, @deepkatenine and the rest of the family! We have some pretty awesome @fullsail graduates who are going after their dreams and one of our favorites started @lethalchickengames! They had a Kickstarter for their first game What The Film and I was happy to support! It was funded and they found out this week it’s going to be in @target!!! 🎯 How cool is that? (Their second game was just funded too!) I got my package the other day. After taking this picture @mrmikothemix stole my peg legged chicken thinking it was his! #paulaabdul #fssmmbs #proudteacher #lethalchicken #iguessitshisnow

Paula freaking Abdul tonight! Make sure if you’re not an educated dancer that you EDUCATE yourself on her! Paying tribute to an amazing multi-talented choreographer and dancer.
7:15pm $10 EmpowerStudios in Ludlow
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Today marks the 30th anniversary of Paula Abdul's debut album Forever Your Girl. It features pop-R&B hit singles "Knocked Out" "Straight Up""Forever Your Girl" "The Way That You Love Me" "Cold Hearted" and "Opposites Attract." Billboard tracked its U.S. album to be among the top 5 best-selling albums in both 1989 and 1990.

This Lower Body Combo from Barre Above’s new Fusion 28 release literally works your entire body! Talk about efficient! Focus on keeping your knee caps facing forward in the squat and side leg lift so you keep the work in your abductors and glutes. Let me know if you give it a try! #barreabove #fitness2music

The Hollywood Reporter goes inside a VIP screening of #KevinMacdonald's documentary hosted by #LenaWaithe and #JustinSimien and also attended by #DonaldGlover, #RobertPattinson and #TraceeEllisRoss.

Just as the credits started rolling, #RuPaulCharles bolted for the exit to #WME’s #BeverlyHills screening room, too emotional to hang out in the lobby for the reception. #LaverneCox stayed but first had to run to the restroom to dry her eyes. Donald Glover, in gray sweatpants, hovered in a corner, sharing his reactions with screening hosts Lena Waithe and Justin Simien.

Filmmaker Kevin Macdonald’s #Whitney documentary screened Friday night for the first time on the #WestCoast since its world premiere at the #CannesFilmFestival May 16, and despite the starry names in attendance — Robert Pattinson, Tracee Ellis Ross, #DanielKaluuya, #LilRelHowery, #TikaSumpter and #EJJohnson were also on hand — it felt less like a scene and more an experience. Like a cathartic therapy session. “It was brilliant,” #LeeDaniels told The Hollywood Reporter. "Because it was so personal.” Revelatory, too.

#Macdonald, for the first time, uncovers through interviews with #Houston's family members and inner circle that the superstar singer suffered sexual abuse when she was a child and that the perpetrator was female cousin #DeeDeeWarwick. (She died in 2008.) The trauma of that mixed with family drama like her parents' respective affairs and divorce, a lesbian relationship with best friend #RobynCrawford that was never truly accepted by her church-going family, and a turbulent marriage to #BobbyBrown all seemed to haunt Houston for most of her life, those close to her say.

The bombshells and the shade — Houston and her mother both dis performers #JanetJackson and #PaulaAbdul — have already garnered a fair share of headlines coming out of #Cannes. Though it's nothing compared to the media's coverage of Houston's demons and downward spiral. But #Simien says he only feels like leaning into her story more now after seeing the doc. #TheSavageRoom #Savage


#PaulaAbdul ‘Rush Rush’

Paula at the 1989 American Music Awards 😍 I love this outfit so much oh my god 💖💖💖 #paulaabdul #80s #1989 #americanmusicawards #ama #bighair

Paula at The 41st Emmy Awards 😍 I love this outfit, and the black version of it so much. #paulaabdul #emmys #emmyawards #80s #1989

Paula and Arsenio ❤ #paulaabdul #arseniohall

Backstage at "The Total Package Tour." (Thank you crew members for blocking part of Paula's name in the picture. 😂)
#paulaabdul #totalpackagetour #singer #dancer #choreographer #tourlife #wcw

Here’s a fun Countdown to Nationals Throwback: our current Intermediate Dancer of the Year @cody_copley with @paulaabdul! We are loving all your memories- keep sharing with #hollywoodvibe to help us countdown to our 20th Anniversary Nationals!! #paulaabdul #hvnationals #socool #throwback #20thanniversary

W O M A N C R U S H W E D N E S D A Y ... Everyone at ADA is super pumped for our 25th Anniversary event at the @boweryballroom today! But that doesn’t take away from us celebrating our #WCW. Today, we’re shining a light on one of our own 🌟 , Melissa McCabe, Senior Manager of Global Digital Sales & Strategy. Although based in Burbank, we were able to grab her for a quick interview while she’s in town brightening our NY office!
What was your first concert? “Paula Abdul. My duet partner, Joy, was featured in the Forever Your Girl music video and we took a limo to the concert for Joy’s Birthday. It was awesome."
What are your Top five current artists? “Not great with ‘top’ but here are artists I’m currently digging... Meshell Nedegeocello, Amber Mark, Masego, Tsar B, Jorja Smith, BONES (UK), Rituals of Mine”
Tell us a unique or quirky habit of yours? "I’m obsessed with Murder, She Wrote and Angela Lansbury in general. It’s no secret. I watch the show weekly and thanks to Jean McCabe and Brandon, I now own the full box set and watch religiously. Another quirk-- I go down rabbit holes. I see a show, a video, a performance that makes me feel ways and I want to know EVERYTHING about it. I then usually spend hours (seriously) researching how they produced it, review behind the scenes, view their various other works, etc. I bought an impromptu ticket to Sleep No More last night and as you can imagine, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve already researched my two favorite performers from the show. We have mutual friends. :) How do you get inside the mind?"
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