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you will be damn missed :((

I have nothing to post but this, which was made like a year ago! I made it for my fanfic lmfao. @olympiavalance you’re so cute 😍

Mom have a heart of gold ♥️#pattiemallette #lovewins

September 19: Pattie ❤️ #selenagomez #pattiemallette

cute baby justin with his mom😘😘#pattiemallette #justinbieber #belieber

Justin Bieber'ın annesi Pattie Mallette,Selena Gomez için şu sözler yazdı;
"Bu aşktır.İnanılmaz örnek olduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.İlham verici.Xo"
#selenagomez #pattiemallette

Patty, the most beautiful woman😍
#justinbieber #pattiemallette



Hi my sexc boiiii 💞💞

I love @justinbieber with messy hair... idk why BUT I LOVE IT SM



let me love you - by DJ snake @djsnake featuring Justin Bieber @justinbieber is now certified 6X PLATINUM in Italy!1!1!1

Dangggggg 😍😍😍



Morning 💋☺️😊😚🤗

Girls wonderful and powerful 💪😍❤ #pattiemallette #haileybaldwin

Justin unfollowed all belieber accounts.. congratulations you all played yourselves. Why can’t you just respect his decisions, it’s getting so ridiculous at this point. He loves us all to death but yet we treat him like he doesn’t matter ?!? I don’t understand and I’m not one of those people who calls themselves beliebers yet is leaving the fandom over a tattoo. And as me and the millions of other people that have already said it, IT was HIS decision not yours!! Get in through your heads please and thank you. We don’t need drama filled so called “fans” here so you may gladly leave ! I want to see him happy, that is all I ever want ❤️ and I want him to be able to engage with us again but all of your actions aren’t helping

you’re welcome

do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown

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