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Cewek ini namanya Andele Lara, dia itu beauty blogger yg disebut2 mirip ama #rihanna. Sebenernya dulu udah booming sih, tapi beberapa hari ini dibahas lagi pas dia colab sama #patrickstar. Gimana nih gengs, mirip banget kan? 1 - 10 berapa nih kemiripannya? 😂
#andelelara #rihannad_gh #lookalike #hollywood

cooldown in the ocean 😋🏝 found patrick on the ground... ⭐️ foto credits: @lisa__sonntag

these new emojis are hit 🤬

late memes. what’s good?

spongebob, it ain’t Halloween yet but 🤷🏻‍♀️
- I wanted to post this on the 31 but i don’t wanna wait that long
ac mine
#omgpage #spongebobsquarepants

Here we got a late night meme for your late night dreams. But as for the caption, yesterday I went to this other schools homecoming with my friend and fuck was it disgusting. The amount of heterosexuality in the air was toxicating. I did not see 1 gay couple, I saw maybe 5 people that weren't white and the number of cowboy hats I saw was 3 too many. Like my school isn't the most diverse place ever by any means, but at least we have more than a dozen ethnic kids.


For bookings contact bookings@glammakeupstudio.nl

For bookings contact bookings@glammakeupstudio.nl

hol up. wtf?

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