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10 mile ruck w/35# pack and 40# sandbag. #goruck #DFQ #pathfinderrucktraining

8.5 mile mountain ruck completed thanks to @craigabruner and @bareridge for the great company!
#pathfinderrucktraining #highhamptoninn

Much suck was embraced today. I completed the #PATHFINDERrucktraining coupon ruck challenge: 8 miles with a 40# pack and a 60# sandbag. #pathfinderforward #pathfinder013 #ruckup #embracethesuck

Another weekend of adventures complete! Great time at #RLB006 Thanks #teamspearhead for all that you do! 🇺🇸

Knocked out 7 miles tonight - 18# ruck for @amyhen34 and a 41# ruck for me. #dieliving #getafterit #PATHFINDERrucktraining @goruck

Off for a 4 mile pre workout ruck 👍#goruck #rucker #pathfinderrucktraining #endure #getoutside

Duct taped and maced before 7am. Guess I'll have my coffee now. HAPPY SATURDAY y'all!! 😎
#GORUCK #Constellation #urbansurvival #PATHFINDERRuckTraining

Is this the day we post the wolves??? Or the weird bugs imitating GRTs at every GR event trying to get into "TWO lines"..."TWO ranks"..."TWO columns"..."TWOOOO"! 😃 #GOODTIMES!


Roster 12-404 Yareth Coutiño - I started rucking after I signed up and completed GORUCK Light class 1058 in 2015. I then continued to complete Rucking University Class #3, participating in another Light and my first Kill that 5K. Totally fell in love with rucking after that! I started PATHFINDER Forward Class 012 a month late but I was determined to finish and completed my first class at the end of July. I really enjoyed meeting new, awesome people through the PATHFINDER program and rucking challenges that I decided to sign up for another class. Ready to crush some goals through PATHFINDER Endure Class 013 & be successful in the Austin Tough in August.

Roster 13-114 - I'm Chris Oda (the guy giving the sweet piggy back ride). I was first introduced to GORUCK through Ingress and did my first event in June 2016 with Big Daddy and Joel as my first Cadres. Since then, I've done 4 Ingress x GORUCK challenges, 2 Lights, and 2 Toughs. I've taken some time off from rucking and I'm looking forward to using the PATHFINDER program to get back into it. Next event is Mog Mile in Seattle!

Hi! Roster 13-315 Sabrena Lary here. I don't really have much to say about myself. I had to take a break from my usual rucking/hiking/OCRs because I subluxed a bone in my foot and also tore a muscle in that same foot while participating in the Massachusetts Tough Ruck (26.2 miles) this past April. I have friends nearby that are doing PATHFINDER Endure, so I registered for PATHFINDER Forward as a way to motivate myself back into rucking and fitness.

Roster 13-248 Ryan H. Engle, Honolulu, HI. I've completed one Tough - Class 1261 with Cadre Geoff. Half the class dropped during the welcome party and only 4 of us finished. Looking forward to PATHFINDER Ruck Training and doing the December Pearl Harbor Tough.

Roster 13-422 Jordan Carpenter, 30 years old, Memphis, TN
6 years U.S. Army
Got fat and sad after that
Started F3 in March 2016 in Knoxville, TN
Helped launch F3 in Chattanooga and Memphis
Training for custom F3 GORUCK in November 2017

Roster 13-137 - My name is Jeff Harkinsins, I'm 33 years old and live in Oxford, Al. I got in to rucking last year in November when I did my first GORUCK Light in Birmingham, Al. Since then I have done one tough, a scavenger, and shadowed a light; I will be doing Constellation in Atlanta in October and the Veterans Day
T/L in Columbus, GA.

Roster A6-134 Christopher Mee Palm Beach Rucking Crew. I like classical music, hot air balloon rides, long walks on the beach with heavy weights and driftwood logs-fueled by caffeine, anger, ego and Desitin. Teammates have pulled me through Toughs, Lights and a Constellation, next stop-GORUCK Heavy!

Class 013 roster 12-155 Arpád István - Former strongman competitor, 10 years in the US military (Marine Corps and Army), finished Forward last class, signed up for Endure this time. Signed up for my first GORUCK Tough/Light combo in September.

Roster 12-146 Kristi Devenyi finished Forward and is back for Endure! This fall, I have the Mog Mile Tough/Light to look forward to. It will be my first Tough, and I am so excited with how PATHFINDER is building me up, physically and mentally, to take on this challenge.

Roster 13-328 William W Elliott - Newbie to rucking, but have done some hiking in my day. Bushcraft/survival instructor count for anything? 😁

Luke MC, Roster 11-199, repping the Palm Beach Rucking Crew for Class 013 Endure. I've done an event or three, and am currently training for my first GORUCK HTL (9/11 NYC). Bolts or bust!

The Name is Jason Parish Roster 13-414. I'm a father of 2 a Law enforcement officer a Rucker and a member of F3nation.

Roster 13-105 Robert Paasch - I bike, run, ruck, OCR, live on the edge- anything that'll make my heart race.

John Goodson, RN. PATHFINDER roster number 13-247, Class 013. Just switched from jogging to rucking, and I'll never look back! Seems like I'm alone in Boone, NC, but I'll never be alone in PATHFINDER!

Roster 13-153 - My name is Kourtney Hamilton. I recently started rucking as a way to get more into shape and more active after losing 90 lbs. I've still got a lot to go but my brother, an Army vet, suggested rucking and I've fallen in love. We've both joined the class to prepare for our first GORUCK Light this year!

Roster 13-116 Eli Haslage - I am a medically retired Army veteran. I started rucking last year as a way to become more active and lose weight (so far I’m down 20 lbs). I completed a half marathon and two GORUCK Light events so far, with another half marathon and the Mog Mile Tough scheduled for September.

Roster 13-320- Jason Hunt - Jason is a full-time wilderness survival instructor and best selling author of #BushcraftFirstAid. He's been practicing martial arts for over 30 years and logs most of his miles in wilderness environments where he leads students on various types survival and bushcraft adventure courses. He's taken up rucking with PATHFINDER and GORUCK as a way to regain his waistline and engage his family in a
healthier lifestyle.

Forward Roster 13-130 Katie Green - Hello all! I'm entirely new to rucking - I came across this program in a blog and it sounded awesome. I've only done two local OCRs and no GORUCK events...yet. I'm coming up on my 40th birthday and want to re-establish habits I had formerly as a college athlete, as well as find some of that camaraderie. Basically, it's time and I'm excited to start this adventure and meet members of this community. Not registered for any particular event yet, but keeping an eye on a few options. Most recently I've been biking - just finished RAGBRAI, including a 105 mile day.

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