Pasticceria il Boccione is the last true Kosher Bakery in the Ghetto. Grazilla Limentani her three granddaughters and niece bake some of Romes best sweet and savory flavors - these recipes have been baking on this corner for two centuries - it is hard to choose what to taste although go for the pizza ebraica - a sweet bread made with almonds, raisins, pine nuts and candies citron

Early morning walk to the Jewish ghetto for some Pasticceria Boccione Jewish pizza #rome #romejewishghetto #pasticceriaboccione #italy #tiber

This bakery in the heart of Rome's Jewish ghetto doesn't need a sign. It's a tiny landmark, run by the same family, and has been producing a limited array of kosher delicacies for more than 100 years. Locals and tourists alike go there for their trademark "pizza ebraica", a sort of dense fruitcake studded with almonds, pine nuts, raisins and candied fruit, as well as for their crunchy cinnamon-almond cookies and luscious ricotta and sour cherry cakes. Those in the know will also ask for a bag of "bruscolini", roasted/salted pumpkin seeds that are a Roman favorite. Two words of warning: don't be put off if almost everything that comes out of their ovens looks burnt; it adds an incredible flavor. The shop closes Fridays at lunchtime and is closed on Saturday. 💛 Pasticceria Boccione, Via del Portico di Ottavia, 1. 👍

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7am trip to #PasticceriaBoccione during my last morning in Rome. This time it wasn’t crowded and I asked what the treat is called. With a heavy Italian accent the lady said “pizza Jewish”. 🍕They looked and tasted exactly as I remembered 😋 crispy on the outside, moist and nutty on the inside. 🥜
Quick lesson about the ghetto: Pope Paul IV ordered its construction in 1555 and instituted many discriminatory laws against the Jews (including what professions they could have). This type of discrimination against the Jews was common in Europe and actually the word “ghetto” is Italian having originated in Venice. Rome’s Jewish ghetto was originally completely walled-in with only one entry and one exit. Needless to say come WWII this area was an easy target for the Nazis who deported over 1,000 Jews from the ghetto in October 1943. Only 16 are said to have survived. #jewishghettorome

This is Pasticceria Boccione, a 200 year old bakery in the Jewish ghetto of Rome. There is no signage and it‘s easy to miss. When I first stumbled upon it in 2010 I didn’t even know it had a name. I just remember seeing how busy it was and thinking, “I need to get in there”. And when I did it all went so quickly. The flurry of Jewish Italian women chopping off squares of sweets and shouting incomprehensible words plus the pressure of the line made me point at the thing everyone else was getting without asking what it was. Next thing I know I’m standing outside staring at this lumpy unattractive piece of biscuit? pastry? It was “Jewish pizza,” 🍕 a common treat after Passover that’s essentially a sweet brick of bread with candied fruits, pine nuts, and almonds. Despite appearances, it was absolutely DELICIOUS. When I booked this trip I knew I had to go back. But...Passover ends 4/7 so I will return after Florence. In the meantime, I tasted something new this morning called “ciambetta”. And it too was delicious. 🤗 Do not pass by this place if you visit Rome. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover
PS: The last photo is not mine. I pulled it from the internet. It is what I remember the Jewish pizza looking like. To be continued.

This place doesn’t even have a sign. Doesn’t need one. People will come anyway. The ricotta cheesecake and the jewish “pizza” are both damn good.
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Pasticceria Boccione 🥧#pasticceriaboccione

Melhor que abrir presente de Natal é desembrulhar as maravilhosas crostatas da Pasticceria Boccione. Ficamos na dúvida se o doce fez jus ao por do sol ou o por do sol fez jus ao doce, mas certamente as fotos não fazem jus nem a um nem ao outro!
A Pasticceria Boccione fica no coração do Ghetto, o bairro ebraico que exala tradição e onde você pode mergulhar em pratos típicos da cozinha ebraico-romana como a deliciosa crostata di ricotta e visciole (na foto a melhor do mundo) entre muitas outras delícias!! Visita obrigatória! #pasticceriaboccione #riccioaroma #riccioconsiglia #dicadoriccio

.torta.ricotta. The famous ricotta cake with cherries baked by the seasoned ladies at #pasticceriaboccione in Rome's Jewish quarter. #torta #ricotta #foodstagram #romafood #wherewomencook #chefslife #pasticceria #bakery #lacolazione per me & @prairiedweller

Sempre il solito!@michelebirtig a caccia di cose buone ! Buonissime #pasticceriaboccione #Roma torta con ricotta e viscole !!

Final selection from Boccione today. It's an ugly but goody... Pizza Ebraica. It's a thick, claggy, crunchy slab of dough stuffed with fruit and nuts. Not something I'd usually choose but weirdly addictive and I'm sad now it's all gone. 😭

Okay so Marco and Loretta know my no gluten and no dessert policies, but yet again I am faced with a dessert nemesis - the ricotta and amarena cake from the Pasticceria Boccione. If you are in Rome and in the Ghetto area do go to this wonderful family owned bakery run by women., not far from the synagogue. The recipe is handed down in the family and they have refused a lot of money offered for the recipe. If you try this cake at neighboring restaurants or bakeries, forget it. This is heaven on earth and worth a trip to Rome. Don't be like those who see the burnt top or one slice and move on to other things in the bakery. This is the pearl. I have waited on line with Loretta to buy slices of cake with both of us praying that the two remaining slices wouldn't be snatched up by the obvious tourists before us. Our sighs of relief reach the gates of heaven as these ignorant souls who have no idea what they are passing up because it looks burnt or not pretty. A guide book probably told them to go there, but you have to taste it to get the real significance of this life changing cake. #ricottaamarena #cake #eatrome #pasticceriaboccione #eatroma #dessert #romandelight #romanghetto

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