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Weekend Vibez - Tag Someone! 🌙

Depois do café,
eu me expresso.

💉🎀kawaii 😈demon🎀💉
Good afternoon, my dudes~!! 💞 I hope you're all having a great week. I've been doing a lot of outside work trying to get a pool set up in the back yard, ahah. It's so exhausting for a lazy ass shut in like me ; U;💧💧💧 I can already feel my arms getting swoll tho 💪🏻💪🏻 yee boi.
Ima start doing QOTDs again btw !! 🌸🌈💜 starting right meow~!
✨{QOTD!! What is your favorite activity to do during the summer?}✨
Mine is swimming 🏊🏻💞 I loooove to swim, aaa ^~^
🖤White out lenses: @geolenses 🖤
🍥Magnum classic wig (in 'baby pink'): @ardawigs 🍥
🍭Makeup: @nyxcosmetics liquid suede lipsticks 🍭

I actually managed to do an okay cut crease 🦉

baby I'm a psychopath, a sweet serial killer

i like this

This dress is from @zaful 💜discount code : eldolls. Le verdict est tombé ce matin : une place pour la résidence Grandmont. (Oui pour ceux qui savent pas je vais à la fac de tours en septembre) On a chouiné, on a stressé, j'veux pas aller la bas. Puis finalement, je pense qu'on a trouvé mieux plus près :) je visite un appart mercredi yuhuuu. (C'est sur à 95% j'suis conteeeente)

💰Get £12 OFF when you spend £80! 💰🎉

Erhm... we are bottom right 🙈✊ Which one are you?
Tag your squad!
@kokopiebrand #rogueandwolf #fashion #gothfashion #pastelgoth #grungy #gothstyle #gothhumour #gothsquad #blackwins #blackalways #allblackeverything #altfashion

Home Sweet Hell 🥀there's a little Christmas tree in the top window :)


Let's Get Wet; Narsista Monokini & Wicked One Piece | SHOP KILLSTAR.com We Ship Worldwide! 🌙

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Frankenstein flower pots by KatBones on Etsy 🌺 @katbonesart

Inspiration 🥀

Today's outfit 😊💕

Go plan a day at the beach this weekend and get that vitamin d ✨💕☀️

Design by Ko ko Architects

Having lunch in the sunshine ☀️ #summer

From @paulapocketclub: Paula Pinho Martins Nacif is just a #gURL on the ⓌⓌⓌ2601.png ¬internet1__#$!@%!#__2601.png ¬
#tfw u look away from ur #selfie &&there's אָאָאָкιɾɾɽɾאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָтняυтнɽαιяאָאָאָαи∂ιитσυяωι-ιf אָאָאָαи∂∂αтαɾιgиαℓɾאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָאָ{marked unread }}
Tag #postvision if you want to join, follow if you want to know.

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