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We REALLY wish we were on a #Greek holiday right now... #PassTheSalad #Feta #Olives #Salad

In my quest to find a perfect birth announcement (and what has also accidentally become my late night insomnia hobby) I have stumbled upon some truly hilarious card options.

Like this actual real life cabbage patch kid. I die. 😂😂😂 I instantly heard Beyoncé sing "if you like it then you shoulda put a lettuce on it". Also the baby doesn't seem all that pleased that he is being served up to the general public as a garnish. Or more accurately- like a giant worm somehow clinging to the leaf after a thorough washing.
No offence to the parents or talent that conjured up this creative little card. I'm half tempted to replicate it just for hilarity's sake.
#passthesalad #imeanbaby #babysalad #announced

Far too much junk food and beer has been consumed this past week, I'm starting to look like a little podgey drummer. Let's get rid of the podgey and just be little haha. #passthesalad

So proud of my bae @scuanne. You might not know this but she got her Masters degree while working a full time job at one of the top management companies in the world. She also had to put up with me which is no small task. Happy graduation bb. Big things to come. #passthesalad

On a regular basis I check social media for a daily dose of motivation. Today I didn't search beyond my camera roll.
Right now I'm simultaneously crazy embarrassed and ridiculously proud! It's both really hard to share and not share these pictures. Here is my ONE MONTH progress check! One month of eating A WHOLE LOT cleaner and moving A WHOLE LOT MORE. I couldn't freakin believe it when I put these pictures side by side!

I can't begin to describe how down I've been feeling about my appearance for the last few months. My clothes don't fit, I had to go buy new pants, I'm walking with my shoulders and head low, finding ways to hide my body and even hating being in pictures. Lets just say I've REALLY been struggling.

Those feelings don't go away just because you're doing better by your body. Just a few days ago I was huffing and puffing about meal prepping. It's hard work man! When it's not a habit (yet) leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging; it's uncomfortable. You better believe I was ready to throw in the towel that particular day. "What am I doing this for anyway, I don't feel or see a difference." I heard all those familiar excuses creeping in my head, "this is expensive, this takes too much time, I'm tired of eating all these damn vegetables!" But I kept telling myself "choose your hard Elena". Yes, it can be difficult to get that workout done regularly and have to cook your food all the damn time, but it's even harder to live uncomfortably in an unhealthy body. Feeling bloated, lethargic and just overall big AF is so much worse than that broccoli.

Now don't get is twisted. I'm not body shaming my curves. I love my curves and being a thick woman...well it's sexy as hell lol. But that belly in this pic isn't a healthy or natural curve my friends.
A few mornings ago I woke up and noticed something different in the mirror. I decided to snap a pic and I immediately knew something had changed. These pictures has been the single most motivating factor to keep going. Today I feel completely inspired by myself. 🙂 The scale reflects 🖐🏼 pounds. But to me this progress reflects daily discipline, daily wins beyond what the mind wants and consistency.

Aloha from me and both of my chins! Wow. #passthesalad #whydidnobodytellme

Proper filter and lighting can fix a poor diet... need to get it back on track 😞🙄 #selfie #gym #passthesalad


Far too much junk food and beer has been consumed this past week, I'm starting to look like a little podgey drummer. Let's get rid of the podgey and just be little haha. #passthesalad

Morning...snack? Because this certainly doesn’t qualify as breakfast but I need a little something to get me going. I need some damn veggies in my life right now though #PassTheSalad #Give MeFiber off to #COTA we go. It’s been raining a bit this morning but I think it’s passed. And these boys race in the rain anyway. #F1

An old recipe that still tastes new on the tastebuds #afavorite #morrocancarrotsalad #mintheaven #allthegoodtogethetasone #passthesalad #healthyeats

Phone batteries died on the way to this place, had no idea how to get back to our apartment, but the food was more than worth it 🍴

#burgers #macandcheese #snickerscrepe #letitbevegan #berlin #couldntmove #passthesalad #letsemigrate #foodstagram #foodporn #instagood #latergram #vegan #sogood

Appearing on every Greek table, regardless of what else is on the menu! 🍋🌿🍅🥒🍈 Highlighting the magic of the Mediterranean diet 😊 because vegetables or salads should always fill half your plate and showcase various colours. These supply #fibre and #phytonutrients which fight disease and prevent excess weight gain. 🥒🌿🍅🥗🍈What a #delicious way to enjoy good health! #foodasmedicine #eattherainbow #vegetariansofinstagram #healthyhills #vitaminloaded #mediterraneanfood #evoo#tomatoes🍅 #onions#cucumbers#olives#fettacheese #yum

8000 miles #cycling in 4 months... I currently weigh the heaviest I've ever been! That's the American dream in action... 1kg gain per month on the road... #fatty #americandream #mcdonaldsbreakfast #prohobo #passthesalad

So here's the thing... these are salads 11, 12, and 13. While that's way more veggies than I'm used to eating, there's actually a salad missing. I totally missed yesterday! So I guess this is now #101daysofsalads to make up for it? Back on the wagon today after feeling absolutely gross yesterday. Veggies are making a difference! Not on the scale but sometime it will happen. Right? Please say yes. #passthesalad #greens #spinach #veggies #bluecheese #salsa #carrots #diets #weightloss #weightlossjourney

Salad, salad and more salad!

Struggling to eat healthy at this holiday resort.

When your choice is limited, it makes it much more tempting to go for a fast food option.

So far I have been resisting, but I must admit my resolve is weakening!

At times like this you just have to make the most of what you've got.
#nutritionwins #holidayfooddilema #whattoeat? #passthesalad #nojunkfoodhere🚫#

All. Of. The. Food. Chicken tot pie (winner winner, chicken tot dinner --errr breakfast), turkey drumstick, apple cider donut and cider, Maine potato, pumpkin cupcake, deep fried Shepard's pie, jumbo corn dog and bacon cheese fries. (Not pictured, but honourable mention: dippin dots and free McDonald's fries). #fatty #passthesalad

Days 9 and 10! To be honest, these were both kinda side salads instead of a meal. Not my best thought. Need to get better about eating JUST a salad for a meal! #passthesalad #100daysofsalads #greens #blueberries #mango #walnuts #diet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle

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