4th in the Wynn $1600 for $139.000 guys!
Happy with a good end of the series
Thanks for the support!!
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#FlashbackFriday [July 14th, 2017] [Swipe left 👈🏽to see more]
I can't believe how amazing this win was 2-weeks ago @doverdowns where I hit a nut flush holding A♠️J♠️. I believe this might be the biggest pot I've ever won playing this game because I don't play high stakes, but I do enjoy playing this game, but I stick to my limit and not play out of my comfort zone. Okay! Hand analysis now: I was in middle position, more like UTG+3. Button makes it $25 preflop. SB folds. Then BB, UTG, UTG+1, Hi-jack, and Cut off all call. Therefore, 7-handed and flop comes 5♠️9♠️J♦️and everyone gets it all-in after this flop. However, BB was first to act and made it $35 and everyone calls until Button makes it $85 and BB shoves for $98 total. UTG & UTG+1 both fold and it's on me where I jam now for the rest of my stack which was $125. Immediately, Hi-jack & Cut off both fold so it's 3-handed now where it's just the Button, BB, and myself (UTG+3) who are all-in for our stacks with a side pot. Now 4th & 5th streets are 4♦️and 2♠️. I was so ecstatic that I hit the nut flush because I know I'll be scooping it all. 🤑Apparently, Button had pocket Queens and BB had Q♠️7♠️. Now I know why things where getting so out of control in this particular hand. I won all pots and scooped everything for $650 pot, which is the highest I've ever won at any single hand in this game. Once again @actionjunkiepoker AJ♠️ held up! 🙌🏽 This was a great 2-hour pit stop on our way to Ocean City, MD.
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