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If you look closely you will see a person standing on the peak. The walls on Senja are massive! Shot with a Huawei P10. Im in love with this thing! @huaweimobileno #huaweiP10

TBT Indore Event ...crazy night it was at sky Sports bar n lounge ✌🏻🙌🏻#djanes #djcheshtakhurana #djlife #djstyle #musicislove #passionforlife #crazy #indorediaries❤️ #staytunnedformore

Happy to announce my official collaboration with @djiglobal #mavicpro #djiglobal - Imagine having your own little island like this in arctic Lofoten. This fjord freezes solid during peak winter ❄🇳🇴 #ad

From @sanvixyuansah - Sendiri resapi !!!
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Been having a nice mellow time in Uluwatu just catching up on editing and having a good time with good people❤️

#RenaultSYMBIOZ te ofrece una nueva visión de viaje. La conducción autónoma te permite reinventar tu tiempo a bordo #PassionForLife

The other day I had the startling realization that everything in my life I’ve resisted the most has also changed my life the most.

First, there was kundalini yoga.

After cancer, I was losing my mind and rabidly angry. I’d literally lose my shit in restaurants and grocery stores over nothing. My now-husband would whisper, “People are staring,” and I’d glare at him. “I. Don’t. Care.” Not many people know this but the worst part of cancer is actually after treatment.

It’s like a war ended and only then do you have the time and emotional capacity to survey the wreckage of your life, your body, your mind.

The proper social-worker term is “finding your new normal,” but let me tell you there’s nothing normal about finishing cancer treatment.

I was bald, boobless (implants yeah, but they’re not the same), and so deep inside the hole of my suffering that all I wanted to do was run away.

This desire to run away was nothing new in my life. It was my coping mechanism.

But this time couldn’t. For life reasons, I had to stay.

Somehow I discovered kundalini yoga, and although there were times I’d literally storm out of the room during one of the exercises, always skipping the post-practice meditations, slowly the practice changed my life.

During one DVD, there was a part that involved spinning around in circles, arms stretched to the sides like a bird, and the teacher joyfully said, “wherever you go, beauty follows and healing happens.” I remember wearing a pale pink turban with remnants of lost hair stuck in the threads, feeling like an alien, out of my body, out of my mind, but when the teacher said those words, I believed it.

I wanted it to be true, and I told myself, one day, I would heal myself and uplift people with my very presence.

The second thing was... (continued in comments) 📷 @spell_byronbay


Day 18 & 19 of #JWBsept17 by @juggawitchbitch #selfloveseptember #tarotchallenge

What do I need to forgive myself?
What can I learn from my biggest mistakes?

Ace of Wands⚡
Three of Swords

Forgive myself for believing the lie that having bold ambition is a bad thing. Take that Ace of Wands and don't look back! ⚡

Agony is a test of how much I am willing to put into life.
#artoflifetarot #passionforlife #aceofwands #goethe #firey #selfactualization

Success is never owned. It is rented and rent is due every day. (Everyone who loves working hard, feel the pat on the back. Well done!) Thanks to @evelinecharlesacademy for sharing these wise words. ❤️

Rise and grind at 4am tomorrow for my Australia team's official launch and I'm so friggen excited!!! The fact that I'm launching my team when they're 14 hours in the future, on the complete other side of the globe, and running my business literally through social media and WhatsApp is so mind blowing to me!
I have social media to thank for bringing me this opportunity and I can't wait to see who I get to share it with next!! If your job doesn't excite you, doesn't fulfill you or doesn't pay you what you're worth, we need to talk. My hustle writes my paycheck and passion is to help anyone and everyone who needs this business and these products as much as I did!! But for now - bedtime. Tomorrow we take on the world!! 💋🌏

Life has no remote, Go and change it!

#Repost @renault_co (@get_repost)
#RenaultSYMBIOZ te ofrece una nueva visión de viaje. La conducción autónoma te permite reinventar tu tiempo a bordo #PassionForLife

A hazy Paradise at Mt Rainier

The best story tellings happen under the stars ✨❤ #nightime #universe #magic #instagood #nightsky #earthchild 💆‍♀️ #sparkle #stars #earth #positiveenergy #connections #passionforlife

— Amor… ¿qué te gustaría recibir de regalo de cumpleaños? 🙂
— Algo superior amor. 😃
— No se diga más…😎 #CambiateALaCalidadEuropea y conoce la Nueva Renault Koleos en nuestra agencia en Boulevard Liberación 4-77 Zona 9. #PassionForLife

✅Green Screen effects and CGI's now available. We about to start 🚨 doing all kinds of camera 🎥 Tricks 🤡 up in this mf. 💯 #wallydigital #filmmaking #proshit #nextlevel #passionforlife 🇬🇭 🇺🇸 🇱🇷📺🎞🙏🏾💪🏾🎶🍞 #linkup #blazekahlifa

From Thursday nights league game. Their 3rd baseman had a hell of glove. I hit two shots at him and he snagged em both for the out. It was a close game as we battled with the first place team that night. So my 3rd at bat I needed to redeem myself because I was not about to have an oh-fer game. So I made sure I hit a ball over the infield, I caught it off the end a little bit. But It still had just enough juice to leave the field. It was an exciting game ferreal!! Special thanks to Ryley Rarruka for coming out and smashin wit us💪🏽🙌🏽

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