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Bestselling author @alessandratorre4 on the red carpet for the premiere of Hollywood Dirt. #cannes #grandpalais Sign up on www.passionflix.com to watch this movie now. #passionflix #passionishere

Relaxing and chatting about PassionFlix before our flight to Cannes! We're headed there for the Hollywood Dirt movie premiere at the New Romance Festival! I can't wait to see it on the big screen there!
French readers, if you haven't grabbed your edition of Hollywood Dirt yet, go grab a copy at your local bookstore or favorite e-retailer!

Earlier this week @passionflix released the movie Hollywood Dirt by @alessandratorre4 I still haven't had a chance to watch it but hopefully I will soon! I can't wait to see what they do for all their other book to movie adaptations. 🎥 📚
Day 23: Book Adaptation #MoonlitReads #PassionFlix #HollywoodDirt #AlessandraTorre #booktomovie

Jax och Gia blir film i november!! Ja, så står det på hemsidan för Sylvia Day. Äntligen lite mer romance i tv-rutan 🎉❤🎉 Älskar ju Netflix, men kanske att Passionflix kan vara något för mig. "Turning your favorite romance novels into movies and series..." Låter inte så dumt, tycker jag. 😀 Kommer det till Sverige måntro 🙄 /Sara #sylviaday #afterburnaftershockmovie #afterburnaftershock #contemporaryromance #passionflix

@paul__armstrong Thank you for your well-written article in @forbes mentioning all three of my kids and their good work. @elonmusk and @teslamotors @kimbalmusk and @thekitchencommunity @toscamusk and @passionflix https://www.forbes.com/sites/paularmstrongtech/2017/06/19/these-women-raised-six-silicon-valley-ceos-heres-how-they-did-it/ Photo from @vanityfair red carpet #oscars Nice Monday morning surprise. #mayemusk

This scene was so sexy and beautiful. OMG! The chemistry between them here 🌊🔥😍😋 #passionflix #Hollywooddirtmovie #HollywoodDirt

Look who I found on set! It's the amazing @el_adriangonzalez I just love him so much😍 @afterburnseries #sylviaday #passionflix


#Repost @passionflix ・・・
@toscamusk @passionatejoany @alessandratorre4 being photographed at the premiere of Hollywood Dirt. We were so excited. #cannes #grandpalais #passionflix #hollywooddirtmovie

The emotions in this scene! I loved how they filmed this, and how amazing the chemistry was (there is two more very hot and sexy scenes in the movie, but I don't want to spoile it for those who have not watched it yet.) #passionflix #Hollywooddirtmovie 💞🎀

@theofficialshaymack had the pleasure of filming this earlier this year!
#HollywoodDirt is streaming now on #PassionFlix 🎬📽 #filming #booking #workingActress #stwTalent #setlife #actorslife #shaunadandco 🎭😎

This weekend's reading & movie plan. #hollywooddirt #passionflix

First of all, waaaaaaah!! Wlabaaihabslsoxwbemlroehwvejwlauaghw!!!! Her voice! Her accent! 😍😍😍😍😍 Now, that that's out of the way, I can be a little coherent. My heartbeat's still not normal though. Haha. Anyways, I finally got the time to use my #Passionflix subscription and watch this movie. Tbh, I haven't read the book but I'm pretty excited starting with a clean, blank page regarding this story. First word and my ears perked up. That beautiful accent narrating drew me in. And then I saw the face behind the voice, I think I found my new girl crush. Summer. Emma Rigby. Her voice, that perfect sultry bedroom voice, then her cute-sexy beauty, oh my heart!! 😍😍😍 I can go on like a lunatic stalker but let's move on to the movie itself. To say I like it is an understatement. I'm kinda happy w/ not having read the book & diving into this film w/ a clean slate. I don't have any expectations, except maybe to have a good time. And that I got plus a whole lot more. One of the reasons I love reading is 'cause I can submerge myself into a myriad of emotions & I can truly feel the connections between the characters. I don't often get that with films. But since Hollywood Dirt is not only based on a book but was also produced with readers in mind, I got what I wanted: emphasis on emotions & the bonds between the main characters. It's raw and passionate and all things lovely. A few things could be improved tbh (the scene transition for one) but as the first offering, I am more than happy with this. I love it and for sure would watch it again! And oh, I love the songs and the musical scoring! I'm grinning like a crazy Cheshire cat once again remembering some scenes so Imma end this blabbering here. Congratulations, @Passionflix team! You did a wonderful job!
Piggy Rating: 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐽 (4.5/5)

Cole and Summer 💗 #passionflix #Hollywooddirtmovie #HollywoodDirt (credit to Passionflix on facebook)

Masterclass « de l’écrit à l’écran » avec Colleen Hoover et Alessandra Torre
#festivalnewromance #FNR2017 #newromance #passionflix #hollywooddirtmovie #adaption

I can not get over how beautiful Emma was in this scene! I looove the make up, the hair, the clothes...EVERYTHING! #Hollywooddirtmovie #HollywoodDirt #passionflix

Right now they are filming The Trouble With Mistletoe, and that movie will be out in December. They will start filming A Brothers Honor in October/November. After that I think they will start filming for Matchmakers Playbook and also Driven. And then they will probably do a lot of movies in 2018 😚 #Passionflix

Make sure to check out #hollywooddirt on #passionflix NOW! #alessandratorre wrote a BEAUTIFUL book and #summerjenkins & #colemasten are an incredible couple! Check it out! ❤️😍🎬🌟🐥🔥💋💗👏🏻#bookboyfriend #lovestory #originalmovie #streaming #countrygirl #cityboy #passion

NY Best Selling Author @AlessandraTorre4 chats with Noah about her book #HollywoodDirt coming to life as a movie on @PassionFlix. Link in our bio! (YouTube.com/iHollywoodTVOfficial)
#iHollywoodTV #EXCLUSIVE #AlessandraTorre #PassionFlix #author

I'm loving the @passionflix site. Pretty cool what their doing turning books into movies. My mind is spinning with all the books I'd want to see. And this “Aftershock” trailer looks sexy as hell. Even giving fifty shades a run for its money! 😂 #instagood #instavideo #aftershock #sylviaday #passionflix #goodreads #booktomovie

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