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Solar went home yesterday!!! This little girl has had quite an adventure already in her short life. She was found literally just born in a driveway and her brother in a yard also just born nearby. They still had their placentas attached and the kids that found them got them to a safe place at our local shelter. Those kids are heroes and we want to have them out to the property and give them some "future rescuer" shirts! There aunt Tracy called me and the mission in to help the bottle orphans. So we went to get them that day and asked about a mom?!?! My grunts got the address for where the puppies were found and went and located mama dog in distress and still very pregnant!! Since she was a stray they took her with them and then headed straight to the vet. She was x-rayed and we all saw 10 MORE PUPPIES! There she had four more pups with some meds and then needed an emergency C-section for the other 6 puppies. They all went home with my grunts and life was good, until mama broke with PARVO. She went to VSS and the puppies stayed with my grunt 24/7 for weeks to be tube fed and tried to save from parvo.
We lost four precious pups of the twelve and just a day ago, Andromeda. We are not sure why Andromeda was called to the bridge other than she just wasn't growing like the others and may have had something bigger wrong than we could see? Solar however has always been one of the biggest and most vocal/mobile. She is a true definition of PITBULL STRONG. She is now a special baby of a special family who flew all the way here from across the states yesterday to pick up their new baby girl. We will be excited to see Solar grow and thrive!! These rescues are because of YOU all out there, my team of grunts can't save them without your support and donations. So thank you for being their superheroes!! Love,
#solar #eclipsepups #macbigfosterbro #adopt #foster #rescue #parvosurvivor #parvosucks #pitbullstrong #iampitbullstrong #macsmission #macthepitbull #thankyou #superheroes #ripandromeda #happylife #rescuelife

3 years ago, this lady survived parvo. ❤

So my boy came back positive with parvo 😪 ... last week he hadn't ain't for like three straight days he had no energy to run like always he lost a lot of weight the vet put him on IV fluids for a few days & we've (family) been keeping up with his medicine he's doing great now #lilchapogood #parvosurvivor 🙌🏼 #fairviewanimalhospital

Our little Pudding is feeling better & heading home with her mommy 💖

Go well you little lump of cuteness 🐶💕 #sidewalkspecials #puddingpants #adopted #parvosurvivor

Dora went from almost dying because of the parvo virus to landing a forever family! She truly is a great dog and deserved a great big family! Happy Gotcha Day Dora!

La mejor paciente #parvosucks #parvosurvivor

This little bugger came into outlives. Introducing Sterling! It's a boy! He's got quite a story behind him and he is such a love.

I thought I picked the calm puppy out of the litter, but turns out I just picked the sick one 💕 #hescrazynow #parvosurvivor #dalmatianpuppy

Happy Friday ☀️Welcome to the rescue life little lady ❤ congrats @reidkastyn on your new addition #NYCRescue #ParvoSurvivor


Missing my daddy while he’s away at work and not feeling well at all. #getbetterdaddy #daddysdog #wilsonpickett🐾 #pickettpets #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #cattledog #parvosurvivor #dogids #daddysboy

#tot! This was me still recovering from multiple lice baths and surviving parvo! I didn’t have a great start in life but, once I got rescued by @winnipegpetrescue and then adopted things got much better for me! ❤️🐶

A year ago today I brought home this little guy that turned into this giant shithead. It also marks almost a year since he got sick where I spent weeks giving him IV after IV to try my best to make sure he kept waking up from all of his never ending naps. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world cause I couldn’t imagine what the last year woulda been like without him #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #bully #pitbullmom #loveyou #sourpatchpuppy turned #sourpatchdog #dontbullymybreed #croppedears #croppedearsdontcare #parvo #parvosurvivor

Just got discharged from the hospital, enjoying scratches from furdad. 🐾 #nicetobehome #furbaby #furdad #puppylove #cutenessoverload #instapuppy #parvosucks #parvosurvivor #yourhumanlovesyou #likeaboss

3 years ago, this lady survived parvo. ❤

Very proud to say that after a rough week of being at the vet for two days and two nights, after have tested positive for Parvo 😔🐾🤧😷🤒🤕🤢 I fought it threw and with the help of all my doctors and my family, I am in my way to over coming this horrible virus 100%. I am still with a small percentage of this icky virus in me but I am making a huge progress in making up for all the eating I missed out on while I was sicky. Although I am not allowed to go and explore the world right now, I hope is not forever because the whole world is waiting to be explored by me. Over all, I’ve gained my weight back and gaining... all I want to do is play with all sorts of shoes, sleep when I get tired, eat all my yummy food, and love my family because they love me too! #rambosworld #rambodiaz #parvosurvivor #ickyvirus #kickingparvosbutt #chocolatelab #labsofinstagram #labstagram #chocolatelabpuppy #labradorretriever #labadorable #ilovemymommy @neli_d21 🐶🐾🤒🤕🤢💉💊💪🏻💪🏻👩🏻‍⚕️⛑🍚🍠🥕🍗🌡

La mejor paciente #parvosucks #parvosurvivor

Update on Luna! ❤️ Shes good as new! Thanks to the amazing people at @salishvet Luna is looking better than the day I got her! She’s eating and drinking on a normal schedule again, running around and destroying everything, and giving all the licks and cuddles to anybody who will show her the time of day! I’m so greatful to have this pup in my life and so glad to see her stronger than ever! Thank you everyone who supported and prayed for our little family! #parvosucks #parvopuppy #parvosurvivor #lunatheblacklab #blacklab #mydogscuter

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