This mornings weary weather reminded me that festival season is well and truly over. But it's also the perfect time to reflect back on those times. Here's a few of my favorites of my dudes @slowlyslowlymusic at @partyinthepaddock 2018
Over the next few weeks I will be posting a lot more of my work so I hope you like xx

Awed by the raw beauty of Tasmania. What an amazing location for a festival

We are loving the headlines today... plastic straws could soon be banned from sale 🌎 From the start we have always bought paper straws from the lovely @paperstrawpartyshop and they are in our fav colour palette too ❤️ #banplasticstraws

Some call him saggers but we call him swaggers, @jswaggers10 😎 .
#swaggers #pitp2018 #partyinthepaddock #toocoolforschool

We are delighted to announce our second Party in the Paddock of the summer will feature a DJ set after racing from @rudimentaluk on Ladies Day, Saturday 18 August. Book via the link in our bio... #rudimental #partyinthepaddock #comeracing

Doesn’t get any more Aussie 🍻🎶😎 #festival #madcunt #partyinthepaddock #aussie #throwback #cheers #ballsack #balls

TBT, our lovely vollys at @partyinthepaddock this year 💜

What I'd give to be partying in the hills again #pitp #partyinthepaddock 🌈

Join us on Friday 22nd June for Party In The Paddock! An evening of Flat Racing and live music by @hopeandsocial not to be missed!

Little snippet of our interview with our new BFFs at @bakedgoodsmedia!!! Check out our Facebook page for the full shebang! It's jam packed full of inappropriate jokes, nervous laughter and poo stories. ⚡⚡⚡ #nsfw #bakedgoodsmedia #partyinthepaddock #pitp2018

Big boot or tiny people? One of our amazing partners @blundstone found at the centre of all the action at @partyinthepaddock 🙌🌈

Beautiful spot for the first wedding of the season and the sun has come out to play 🌞🍻🥂🤵👰🏻❤️#partyinthepaddock

Winter is finally over and racing is ON! See you on Saturday #PartyinthePaddock #KelsoRaces

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